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  1. If I was a betting man I'd say the Spurs researcher had thick fingers and accidentally typed 110 instead of 120
  2. Hi, regarding Spurs I replied to your private mail before I saw this one. As advised the Spurs changes will be implemented in the winter data update.
  3. Hi, thanks for your post and the evidence to back it up. Hojbjerg's stats were set by the Southampton researcher. I'll review and make changes for the winter update, depending on how he performs between now and then.
  4. This happened in my game too. Although in a friend's game it wasn't happening, so appears to be a bug of some sort.
  5. Hi, thanks for the feedback. The loan extension issue was previously raised and should be fixed in time for the offiicial release. Regarding his stats, they were set by the Real Madrid researcher. I'll review and almost certainly make some significant adjustments in the winter data update depending on how he plays between now and then.
  6. Kane has become an exceptional penalty taker over the last few seasons. Even if the keeper dives the correct way it's rare they can get anywhere near the ball because his power and accuracy is so good. Also the penalty taking stat is reflective of the current situation and not an all time stat. That said, I think Noble deserves 20 on his too as he is also an exceptional penalty taker.
  7. Hi, I have had the same problem in my Spurs save. I'll have his reputation lowered.
  8. He picked it up on international duty after the season had started, but before he signed for Spurs. @Pete Sottrel - what are your thoughts? My understanding was that injuries that made a player miss the first game of the season was the cut off and not the end of the transfer window?
  9. Thanks, I'll look into these. Regarding Pleat, I don't think he scouts for Spurs officially but he has provided input every now and then. As the article above highlights, it was more a call from Levy to Pleat to get Pleat's opinion rather than having Pleat specifically scouting Alli.
  10. Hi, this isn't a data issue and my understanding is that because Davies didn't come through the youth ranks at Spurs, and isn't English, he isn't classified as homegrown for European competition.
  11. Hi All, Son's stats have been increased this year. As others have stated I've been broadly happy with the way he his career pans out under the AI. They are often pan out close to real life (which is always my goal) and are usually slightly more positive than real life. I think there are two key things that need to be considered when it comes to Son's performances. 1 - If you're managing him then you have to play a system that suits him to get the best out of him. As recently demonstrated in real life, Son comes into his own when counter attacking. I think his composure h
  12. That's a tough one to answer. I first noticed it in the Premier League around the start of the 2010s. I've always felt that Fergie's best ever title was 2012/13 because that Man Utd team was so comparatively poor compared to its predecessors. It was also the year Spurs got (at that moment) their record Premier League points haul and I can safely say we simply were not that good that year. Perhaps that was further cemented the following year when Spurs were downright poor for most of the season and managed to finish 6th. It was also then I noticed the other leagues. Obviously Italy ha
  13. They are. But I just can't bring myself to want any Suarez team to do well! Brazil vs Uruguay would make an excellent semi final too. I'm looking forward to the England vs Colombia game. I think it's going to be a close run thing and I think both teams are evenly matched.
  14. I think the football has been quite entertaining. I also think it is good when a number of larger traditional nations bite the dust earlier, as long as there are still some around for the latter stages. And we still have some potentially tasty games coming up. Brazil vs Belgium will be fascinating as will France vs Uruguay. In the SF a Brazil vs France or Belgium vs France would be pretty tasty. I'm really enjoying it. As for the quality, I've said for years that the general standard of football has been declining. Whether this is down to money, the fact that defenders can't defend
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