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  1. Cheers, I'll make sure the players in the match day squad that day have it in their bio going forward.
  2. Hi SD, Thanks for taking the time do a compare. I'm relatively happy with Son's stats in terms of realism. He is the sort of player capable of the brilliant but also the ridiculous and he is very inconsistent (which is a malaise that affects a few Spurs players unfortunately). My biggest gripe with Son is his lack of bravery and he often has a poor first touch. His finishing with both feet is superb, but I feel his composure is fairly standard (similar to Robbie Keane, who used to score great goals but also fluffed one on ones more than he'd score them). As for Mane, each Researcher has to rate their players as they sit fit but also how they fit in as a first teamer in a top performing team (which Liverpool are). In isolation I agree that Mane is over rated in the game and I wouldn't set his stats, CA, PA as the same as the Liverpool researcher. My personal view is that Son is more a intelligent player and has better technique than Mane. But Mane is far more aggressive and mentally and physically superior to Son.
  3. Hi Sophos, It's based on lots of inputs. I watch as many games as I can (either physically or online), but I also have contacts with close links to the club, listen to others who go and watch the games when I can't etc. Unless it's obvious (which is very rare) it is very difficult to predict what level a youngster will end up as. My main thing is to try and get the basics right, such as position, appearance, what their natural foot is, what their basic first touch and passing is like etc. But even that can be difficult as youth players are often shoehorned in to non natural positions. But as good as judge of potential as I think I have, you'll always get a Harry Kane (who was highly rated at the club but no one foresaw him becoming one of the best in the world) and you'll always get the highly rated young players who don't go on to make it.
  4. Hi SD, I feel we can more accurately assess where his potential lies now that we've seen more of him. Once Dier returns to fitness we'll get an idea of what Poch thinks too because Winks will either replace Sissoko or drop to the bench as third choice. You're correct on the DM. Dier starts in line with his midfield partner and rarely strays from him, even when his partner pushes up the pitch. Winks is the same. In our diamond formation Winks has been playing in front of the back four though but I don't think amazingly well. When we play decent opposition he is too exposed there defensively. Wanyama may need game time or he may be done. Time will tell but I'm not sure he'll get much game time for Spurs, especially if Winks has jumped him in the pecking order. I've heard great things about Parrott from someone at the club. He is very highly rated there. Don't be surprised to see him make a first team appearance in the next 12 months, or even appear on the first team bench late in the season if we have nothing to play for.
  5. @SD Hey SD, thanks for the feedback. Winks has a good CA at the moment (England international level) with room still to improve. The problem with Winks is knowing where his long term future lies. I fundamentally disagree with you about how good he is in the DM role. He is definitely a square peg in a round hole at the moment and is in the team due to Wanyama's decline (how shocking was he yesterday?! Only one game, but the signs are that his stats will need a serious overhaul next release) and Dier's injury issues. I've been impressed with Winks discipline and I do think he is playing a very mature, sensible and limited style on purpose. I'm looking forward to seeing how he it all fits in once Dier is fit as I believe Winks is more suited as box to box and affecting the game further forward. As for his PPMs, I don't want to restrict him yet as he is under orders. For example, right now he seems to play short simple passes, recycling possession (highly frustrating at times as quite often he'll pass backwards when not under any pressure at all but it's all that resting with the ball Poch likes to implement). But when he first burst onto the scene he'd often play the ball forwards as fast as he could. The other day he had a game where he was unshackled and he started running with the ball and making late runs into the opponents box.
  6. @SD Hi SD, it is always good to get feedback so please go ahead! It's probably too late for this round of updates but any errors can be resolved for the next FM release. You may find some of your observations have already been updated but not yet released. FYI though, personality isn't defined by me but by a combination of attribute scores.
  7. Thanks Pete. If it does mean taking people on, then I'll ensure it is removed for the next data update.
  8. If the PPM means that the player will dribble more often on the left, then you're right. If it means that they will run with the ball some distance when unchallenged then that is something different all together. I guess I could use some clarity on that because in tactics you can set a player to run with the ball more often AND dribble less. The two aren't contradictory as one is a player running with the ball often into space and the other is actively taking on opponent players in tight spaces. And just to be clear, Davies does run with the ball very often. He'll often cover 30 or 40 yards with it. But he'll only dribble if someone is covering behind him and only in the final third.
  9. But he does often run with the ball down the left. But he rarely dribbles anymore unless level with the penalty area. I believe this to me more a Poch instruction though as our full backs are left so isolated they are told not to take risks when running at opposition players.
  10. Thanks, I'll make sure this is updated in the next data release. If we ever get to our new stadium.....
  11. Not from the tests I've done. Have you experienced something different in your games? I play two games. One as Spurs and one as a LLM. In my LLM game the Spurs net spend over the first 3 seasons is £15m. In my game as Spurs manager I get around £25m to spend each transfer window, despite winning the league and Champion's League. But I'm only three transfer windows into that one.
  12. Thanks for your feedback. But we'll see what happens in January. I believe Levy will deliver some good financial news to spin the fact the stadium has been so delayed. Financially Spurs are in a very strong position, primarily because we don't have a net spend on players that goes back seasons. All that money has been sunk into infrastructure, rather than us having to borrow money.
  13. Spurs finances are closely guarded but they have provided a more recent update than June 2017. https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/2018/october/club-statement-new-stadium-and-financial-update/?utm_campaign=672901_261018 NL&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Tottenham Hotspur Football Club&utm_term=Club statement - link&dm_i=444I,EF7P,OD9EP,1MQIT,1 The key thing is that Spurs don't have much of a transfer kitty at the start of the game and they don't. Finally debt may or may not increase to £600m. I personally believe we won't get anywhere near that level but at the same time it will transpire we will have to delve into the facility further to complete the stadium. However, there is also a possibility that won't happen as we have massively increased operating profits in recent years and yet do not have a net spend on players. Most of that money has either been sunk into the stadium or we literally have hundreds of millions sitting in the bank that is already earmarked to pay contractors upon stadium completion.
  14. I don't necessarily disagree but how do you define professionalism if it was a one off? Another example is Teddy Sheringham. He was an absolute **** head and loved a night out and yet he was also a great professional, as demonstrated by the longevity of his career and how he took care of himself off the field, with the latter seemingly contradictory to his party lifestyle. That said, I still think this is a bug. After his drink driving I did lower Lloris's professionalism. He doesn't have a 20 against any of his person data attributes so I can't really see how he can be classified as a model citizen.
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