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  1. No job offers

    Yeah I have England Spain and Italy loaded. It's not that I'm even expecting a big move but a decent mid table English club would be decent. But n, all I see is ex players and I kid you not, Marvin Andrews becoming the Liverpool manager? WTF?
  2. No job offers

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had this. I'm manager of rangers, won the league the past four years, cup wins and decent runs in Europe. But not once has another club voiced even an interest in making me their new manager when a vacancy arises. Just compared to last years game this seems a bit odd? I'm no too bothered right now as I want to win ten in a row but in future yes. Is there something I'm missing?
  3. No Stadium.

    ah thanks mate, didnt realise that you could turn them on!
  4. No Stadium.

    If this is in the wrong section then of course move it. What it is, is that i dont seem to have any stadium or fans round the side of my pitch. I dont know why, and i dont think its my laptop specs as its a brand new laptop. Just curious as to why i dont, and if anyone can help, thanks.
  5. No mine doesnt go black, just freezes completely. The stopwatch doesnt move till you move it onto something else which the 3d pitch is not involved with.
  6. Hi, sorry i apologise as i was mistaken on that issue. My actual problem is the new patch... everything appeared fine until it got to the match. The 3d match engine just freezes the match, everything stays still. The match only continues on when i click onto something else like match analysis or something which doesnt involve the showing of the players running around etc.... ? Help please?
  7. So is no one from SI going to comment on the issue of the new patch not working on my macbook. Page before this, not the only person suffering this problem.
  8. How is it you get pictures in the background of your game rather than just the plain white or black screen?
  9. Yeah i have the same issue, and now am very annoyed i'm having to lose all game data to uninstall the game and re install it. Very DISAPPOINTING.
  10. Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated. I decided to update to the new patch today, which yeah downloaded and installed fine etc etc. However my match doesnt work. The whole match just freezes on the match screen(i mean the actual pitch with players on it) and nothing continues. However if i click it onto match analysis or any other thing that doesnt involve the match pitch and players it does work. HELP?!