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  1. Transfers need a revamp I reckon only because most days it seems the fee is the last thing that gets sorted out as in the player normally agrees terms then the clubs negotiate a fee whereas FM have it like you need to agree a fee before talking to the player
  2. Haven't been on the thread in some time so I don't know if someone has already made a similar thread but it would normally be around this time we'd start getting some news about some new features for FM21. Obviously with there being a pandemic things might've changed I'm wondering will we still get a mid-late November release for FM21 or we looking at something a bit later this year
  3. Outside of the option to sack the agent when the player comes asking for a new is there any way to get the player to sack the agent or do I have to wait until he next asks for a new deal
  4. Managed Jorgensen on previous FMs very average for me not as good as his stats suggest
  5. For a while I normally just go for signings which are based on who's the best on the transfer list etc without thinking how they fit into my system. Been using a tiki taka style based of Peps Barca, inspired by take the ball pass the ball. This time round I want to sign players who'll fit into the system rather than just off stats/status. So what would you say are crucial stats in terms of a high pressing tiki taka style ?
  6. I'm sure a few of you have seen this documentary on Peps Barcelona. I thought it was a class documentary which had me thinking are there any tactics on here which is based on Guardiola's Barca side for FM20 ?
  7. I had a wonderkid who was unambitious didn't do any mentoring (don't know how to) but I got a lot of coaches who's personalities are either Model Professional, Model Citizen, Professional and Fairly Professional and his personality has changed to fairly professional so I suspect having the right coaches helps too
  8. Ok this might be a bit of a broad question and it might have something to do with their hidden stats can you ever make an inconsistent player consistent on this game. Case in point in real life Adama Troare. I have a talented striker where the coaches say he needs to work on being more consistent. I suppose a lot depends on your coaches and the players personality. I've tried to have a full makeover of coaches so majority of them are Model Professional, Model Citizen and Professional. My training facilities are great I think that's one of state of the art Lastly his personality type is resilient which is one of the better ones. Is he worth persisting with will I get more consistent performances for him or are there other factors I'm not considering ?
  9. Yes I'm newly promoted into the premierleague and thanks for the replies. Food for thought definitely I'm doing alright I'm 13th in January but the goals conceded is a massive problem
  10. Ok so this is the system I've played for a while and I've got to the premierleague and I'm leaking a ton of goals I was wondering if you'd tweak anything or is it more of a case where I need a bit more quality in TI's - Attacking Slightly Shorter Passing Work Ball Into Box Play Out Of Defence Counter Press Counter Distribute to CB's Much Higher Line of Engagement Urgent Pressing High Defensive Line FB(a)------ BPD------BPD---- FB(a) --------------------HB(d)---------------- -------------Mez(a)------DLP(s)------- W(s)----------------AF(a)------------IW(a) Anything you would tweak about that system or should I look to bolster more with quality additions
  11. This is more so about championship clubs getting promoted to the premier league have you noticed computer AI rarely give it a go transfer wise which is why more times they get relegated straight away. I know loads of signings doesn't mean safety (Fulham) but most teams get promoted stick with the team that got them promoted and just sign 1 or 2 average players. Majority of teams will get rough £30mil+ if promoted would be nice in future FM's to see promoted clubs try and give themselves a chance of safety
  12. Season 3 Transfers In Kimpembe Berge Piatek Transfers Out Xhaka Aubameyang Lacazette Was actually quite happy with my business, didn't really want to let Auba and Laca go but neither were willing to sign a new deal so I had to sell wasn't willing to let either go on a free. Auba to china 30mil and Lacazette to Real Madrid for £50mil is good return. Meant a lot of pressure were on Piatek and Nketiahs shoulders but they both came through with good totals. Premierleague An incredible season where we became champions Liverpool pushed us all the way (they're a different beast on this years FM) despite only losing once in the 37th game I actually only finished 2 points clear. 20 goals for Piatek, 8 Nketiah, 16 Pepe and 11 for Martinelli. The goals were spread well within the forwards with the midfield also chipping in Champions League Got knocked out by PSG in the quarters and sadly it wasn't even close 4-1 aggregate really need to push on in Europe the season before I got knocked out in the last 16 FA Cup Beat United in the final 3-2 wasn't really fussed that much as we won the league but still nice to get one over United Carling Cup Got knocked out in the third round by Stoke on pens, not really important but still annoyed nonetheless as it's Stoke I don't think I'll add much in the summer maybe one top player I really want the young crop to come through and will give them every chance but Willock hasn't really developed under me. Maitland Niles, Martinelli, Saka, Nketiah and Nelson are pretty much in the squad and developing well
  13. Season one finished managed to finish 3rd in the league so CL football is back at the Emirates, lost to Benfica in the semi final of the Europa League as well as a quarter final defeat in the FA Cup to United Got a massive £125mil transfer budget with 600k wages so it'll be a big summer for the club still want to promote the talented youngsters but I'll be adding some quality especially at CB and probably try and offer a cheeky contract for Eriksen. Bit of a clearout needed. Ozil, Mustafi, Sokratis are all at massive risk and maybe even Xhaka and Luiz (depends on signings) I don't want to be involved in a top 4 race that goes down to the last day as it did this season going into next season the aim is to chop away at Liverpools 22 point lead over us
  14. weird to be selling all of them Saka, Smith-Rowe and Nelson are good enough to be regulars. Willock, Holding, Chambers and Niles can easily be squad players or even more depending how you develop them
  15. My actual name only thing I change is I add 10 years to my age so I'm 38 rather than 28 for a bit of realism
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