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  1. I really was expecting someone to respond with because they're good lol, on a serious note I find Spurs more unbeatable than United
  2. Huge huges dilemma so I've been leaving contract negotiations with the DoF (Wenger) and it has got to the summer and no deal agreed with Ozil so now he's in the final 12 months and Juve showed interest which I rejected now he's unhappy and doesn't want to negotiate do I cut my losses sell and go all out for Bernardo Silva or do I keep him and hope during the season he says he's happy which would mean he wants to negotiate a new deal ?
  3. Never have and never will do a Spurs season, even when I done a Southampton season I got offered an interview for the Spurs job couldn't decline it any quicker
  4. Well my decisions been made for me Lukaku injured for 2 months
  5. Anyone getting much success with Sanchez up front playing him as a complete forward in a 4-1-2-3 and to be honest he has been pretty average with January coming I'm wondering if I should go for Lukaku or stick it out with Welbeck, Alexis and Giroud until the summer and possibly go for someone better than Lukaku Decisions
  6. Do you disable the first transfer window ? and what are your reasons for doing so or not doing so, I prefer to disable it and work with the squad I've got until at least January
  7. When you get a scout report on someone you often see inconsistent performer, I was wondering if there's any training that can be done to change that ? Do you even bother signing players who have that on their scout report ?
  8. Thanks mate will definitely take a couple of things on board
  9. Alright so I managed to finish my first season with this tactic but I need help in where to improve it, bit of a background story I finished 7th just outside the playoffs but the second half of the season I only won 5 in 23 but in the first half of the season I was 2nd, I had the 5th best defensive record conceding 46 in 46 games and whilst the attacking wasn't bad I felt that's what essentially let me down with 62 goals in 46 which was bettered by 8 teams. The problem was too many draws 18 in total as much as my wins Mentality: Standard Team Shape: Flexible TI's: Pass into Space, Shorter Passing, Play Out Of Defence, Close Down More --------GK----- FB(s)--- DCB(d)--BPD(d)---FB(s) ----------------BWM(s)--------------- ----------DLP(s)-------BBM(s)------ W(a)------------------------------IF(s) -----------------TM(s)------------------
  10. Djibril Sidibe for me
  11. Easily one the more enjoyable saves, talent in abundance, talent coming from the youth ranks, young side, fully expect more people to start a Monaco save in a few weeks
  12. I'm in December of the 2020/21 season surely I can't be too far from it I'm looking forward to it but also dreading it
  13. I'm about 4 seasons deep and it's only really Oxford who is a nailed on starter even got capped and ended up in the Euro 2020 team of the tournament, Powell is a squad player for me, Quina is still highly rated by coaches but is average with the chances he gets and Samuelson is the same as Quina to be honest
  14. Wonder if this has happened to anyone else but in my save I managed to get West Ham into the CL two seasons running and because of that I was on the clubs favoured personnel the one season I don't I get removed from this list why is that ? Victim of my own success ? I thought it might have been because I sold some club favourites but I only sold Adrian So how come this has happened