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  1. FM18: Blackburn Rovers - Arte et Labore

    What formation do you find suits this Blackburn side the most ?
  2. League 2 Save

    I’ve always wanted to do a league 2 save or even lower because I feel it’s another aspect of football to feel, where’s the next to no money, no long term contracts etc but the motivation is never there but I really want to try it something nice about getting a small club and moulding it on and off the pitch. If anyones tried a lower league save if so what have you enjoyed most ? Why did you start it ? I hope reading other people’s experiences will help me get the motivation to commit to a save
  3. Where have all the wingers gone?

    A bit like real life not many natural wingers about, many that play on the wing these days are inside forwards and playmakers
  4. Work Permit

    I've had it but I can't remember the terms, is there somewhere I can check
  5. Ok I'm a fair bit into the season where regens start coming through, now I have an 18 year old who I signed but can't play because of work permit issues, Do I send ask for an affiliate club and send him there or keep him for 3 years where he'll gain British citizenship
  6. Firstly I try to mimic how they play in real life, if I'm doing a team I have no clue about say a league 2 team what I'd do is look at my players to decide the shape, so if there's a lack of wingers I might go 3 at the back. I'd keep the tactics simple so I might just add one or two which I'd like my team to do then see how the first couple of games go and adjust accordingly. Also if the team has a team guide on here that helps Hope that helps
  7. Mesut Ozil

    I played a 3-4-3 similar to what they do in real life had him playing AM(a) done wonders got in double figures goal and assists
  8. 'Easy' tackling

    That makes more sense, thanks
  9. On opposition instructions you always get the option of easy, normal and hard tackling I was wondering has anyone ever used easy and when would it actually be appropriate to use it, seems like a pointless option for me
  10. Guide for staying up

    Some good tips here even some so obvious I didn't even think about it such as improving your training facilities
  11. One on One finishing

    Shooting is 3* not bad could be improved my training focus is balanced and attacking movement
  12. Maybe it's just my strikers but does anyone think strikers miss one on ones a lot. I mean clear through on goal and blast it wide ?
  13. Team To Build A Dynasty ?

    Schalke & Leeds
  14. FM18: David Brooks

    Started a Sheff Utd one again recently just for him, this time round he has struggled badly in the premierleague scoring 1 in 21 and 6 in all competitions, stats do seems to be steadily improving though
  15. Guide for staying up

    This isn't a guide it's more of a page where I want people to give advice or tips on what they do to try and survive when getting promoted. It can be hard for a team especially if they haven't got financial backing, what kind of things do you do to ensure you've given yourself a good chance of staying up ? More staff Change of tactics Signing experienced players Let us know