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  1. What exactly is this and what can I do to fix this, seems half my squad are unhappy with it
  2. What do you deem a good player rating we see it on here when describing a role they must have good work rate etc but what number do you deem good ? My rule of thumb is usually over 15 but if you're a lower prem side is that practical to be judging players on 15+ ratings ?
  3. Ah sorry I'm playing 4-1-2-2-1 or 4-3-3 whatever way you see it as
  4. This has been bugging me for sometime maybe I'm doing something wrong so I'll get a message about a player needing some rest and depending on when my next game is I'll get them to do no pitch or gym work for a few days normally 3-5 days and then a few weeks later that same player will need another rest, I can't keep giving him a rest every couple of weeks surely
  5. Its one of the pre made FM tactics so it'll be exactly how the games direct counter attack is
  6. So I've chosen one of the pre made tactics for the save I'm currently doing direct counter attack coming upto January I was wondering what you lot think are key stats to look out for when looking for players who can play in this tactic ?
  7. mine isn't there, it shows everything but board requests, affiliated club and balance
  8. Maybe I'm being daft but I can't seem to find the board requests on this one so where you can ask for improved training facilities etc
  9. During pre season if you've had a lack of transfer activity you should be asked by the press why that is with some of the answers being you want it that way etc, but where I'm going with this is there should be an answer where you can apply pressure on the board to release more funds similar to what Rafa and Mourinho are currently going through, answers like this squad isn't strong enough or this squad can't compete at the min should be answers that either pressure the board to release more funds or at least get them to organise a boardroom meeting when you discuss it
  10. As some have said I use my real name, height etc only thing I do is add a few years to my age for realism, don't see many 26 year old managers about
  11. Hard not to spend big at Arsenal they have so much money haha but I did try to bring through youngsters whilst making one massive signing a year
  12. Would be best to post your tactics so we can see if it's a tactical problem but I've always struggled to get consistency from Dembele whenever I've managed him
  13. Managed to sign him on my Arsenal saved think it was 90mil up front and another 20mi through instalments him and Dybala are the hardest to prize away from their clubs
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