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  1. During pre season if you've had a lack of transfer activity you should be asked by the press why that is with some of the answers being you want it that way etc, but where I'm going with this is there should be an answer where you can apply pressure on the board to release more funds similar to what Rafa and Mourinho are currently going through, answers like this squad isn't strong enough or this squad can't compete at the min should be answers that either pressure the board to release more funds or at least get them to organise a boardroom meeting when you discuss it
  2. TheBigBoss

    What's your manager name?

    As some have said I use my real name, height etc only thing I do is add a few years to my age for realism, don't see many 26 year old managers about
  3. TheBigBoss

    Fabinho - The impossible transfer

    Hard not to spend big at Arsenal they have so much money haha but I did try to bring through youngsters whilst making one massive signing a year
  4. TheBigBoss

    Personality Types

    Thank you
  5. TheBigBoss

    FM18 - Moussa Dembele

    Would be best to post your tactics so we can see if it's a tactical problem but I've always struggled to get consistency from Dembele whenever I've managed him
  6. TheBigBoss

    Fabinho - The impossible transfer

    Managed to sign him on my Arsenal saved think it was 90mil up front and another 20mi through instalments him and Dybala are the hardest to prize away from their clubs
  7. Not sure if there is a thread of this but I'd like to know the list of personalities of players with the best to the worst, sometimes I want to tutor players and I see a couple of players personalities and I don't know which one is best
  8. TheBigBoss

    FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Has anyone attempted the head coach role which is now in place at Arsenal so leaving the transfers and contract renewals with Raul Sanllehi
  9. TheBigBoss

    Ideas for a save?

    Leverkusen, a fun young squad, try and stop the Bayern dominance
  10. TheBigBoss

    Head Coach

    You've seen it at Arsenal now but it's becoming a common theme the head coach role where he focus' on the team matters only, whereas the director of football or chief scout handles transfers and contract renewals, I was wondering if anyone does this on FM ? Leave the transfers to the director of football how have you found it do they find good players or is it something you'd never do
  11. TheBigBoss

    Score a lot concede a lot

    Is box to box better ?
  12. So I'm Crystal Palace and I'm performing beyond expectation sitting 10th in the league one problem is that I'm conceding too many although I scored a lot in 33 games I'm the second highest scorer in the league with 64 goals but I've conceded the most by some distance with 68 goals. Here are my tactics I was hoping ahead of next season I'll concede less Standard/Structured 4-3-3 Run at Defence Play out of defence Close down more DFB (d) DCB(d) DCB(d) FB(a) DM(s) DLP(s) CM(a) W(a) TM(s) W(a)
  13. 9 finishing is incredibly harsh
  14. TheBigBoss

    Marcelino's 4-4-2

    I'm using this shape but I've got inverted winger (a) it's working a treat in my Valencia save won 13 lost 2 in the league them losses coming away to Bilbao and Barca both away, even managed to beat Madrid 3-1 at home. In terms of TI's I went with Pass into space, whipped crosses, play narrower, much higher tempo and push higher up
  15. TheBigBoss

    Valencia CF

    How have you coped with the loan departures at Valencia ? Finished 3rd and I've only been given 300k, this is going to be tough