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  1. Not sure if you'd consider them a bit higher than mid table but West Ham is a great shout very good forward line and an all round solid squad, play attacking football which the fans crave and can you finally bring them a trophy
  2. I need help, my away form is an absolute shambles in comparison to my home form which is one of the best in the league, these are the tactics I use for both home and away games any ideas to what I should do ?
  3. A file of Football Manager 2019 is locked by Reimage real time protection and cant be updated please close this program and try again Closed steam down a number of times yet this message keeps coming up what do i do
  4. if there's a page which can give a breakdown to team training I'd appreciate someone linking me to it but before I have a few questions which I hope can be answered 1) players are unhappy with low levels of team training ? What do I do add more teamwork based stuff 2) defensive unit feel they're not getting enough training ? This is strange because I feel I do quite a lot of defensive work 3) players needing a rest so often ? I rotate when I can but even then they still need resting a lot Thanks
  5. What exactly is this and what can I do to fix this, seems half my squad are unhappy with it
  6. What do you deem a good player rating we see it on here when describing a role they must have good work rate etc but what number do you deem good ? My rule of thumb is usually over 15 but if you're a lower prem side is that practical to be judging players on 15+ ratings ?
  7. Ah sorry I'm playing 4-1-2-2-1 or 4-3-3 whatever way you see it as
  8. This has been bugging me for sometime maybe I'm doing something wrong so I'll get a message about a player needing some rest and depending on when my next game is I'll get them to do no pitch or gym work for a few days normally 3-5 days and then a few weeks later that same player will need another rest, I can't keep giving him a rest every couple of weeks surely
  9. Its one of the pre made FM tactics so it'll be exactly how the games direct counter attack is
  10. So I've chosen one of the pre made tactics for the save I'm currently doing direct counter attack coming upto January I was wondering what you lot think are key stats to look out for when looking for players who can play in this tactic ?
  11. mine isn't there, it shows everything but board requests, affiliated club and balance
  12. Maybe I'm being daft but I can't seem to find the board requests on this one so where you can ask for improved training facilities etc
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