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  1. he certainly didnt mean that

    It’s got worse since FM17 I hope they fix it on the next patch unlikely though it seems to be a match engine problem
  2. FM18: David Brooks

    Had the pleasure of managing him in my save scored 18 league goals in the first season in the prem sadly it wasn’t enough Sheffield United got relegated and I got the sack. Gutted I now won’t see out his development
  3. I can't lie I'm devastated to be sacked I was so emotionally invested in it but when it happens do you guys just jump into the first team that shows interest or do you wait for a certain type of job
  4. Goal Styles

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen someone round a keeper and score on FM
  5. Pathetic 4-3-3

    I'd try and have the IF on attack too
  6. FM18: Arsenal - Victoria Concordia Crescit

    Think the players suit 3-4-3 well although Wenger isn't the man to coach it irl, I'd still bin Theo no role for him in the system and possibly retrain Nelson to play attacking mid
  7. Planning to start a Milan save and I want to go 3 at the back due to their abundance of CB’s. One of the things I noticed is that they’ve got a lot of ball playing defenders so I was wondering how many BPD’s would you recommend in a 3 man defence. Their best 3 CB’s in my opinion are all best suited as a BPD
  8. I assume 18.1.0 is the latest patch
  9. Fallen Giant Save

    Keeping voting and giving your opinions guys
  10. So Sunday League footballer, must spend that whole save in the lower leagues
  11. What do you put your past experience as
  12. Fallen Giant Save

    Maybe should have called it sleeping giant rather than fallen giant
  13. As the new FM comes upon us I really want to do a fallen giant save in a foreign league but I'm not sure who to go for, I need you guys help who do I go for and why ? What looks interesting to you lot ?
  14. New Saves

    With the full game coming out this Friday I was wondering if the majority of beta players will continue their save or start a fresh one ? Usually I use the beta save just to get use to the game and the changes then go with a new one upon release but this year I might continue with my beta save What about you lot ?
  15. What does everyone put as their past experience and why ? I usually go for pro footballer (national) just because its usually enough to command some respect but not too much that should I get sacked I'll walk into a top job