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  1. Has this happened to anyone else you're doing poor then you get called in for a board meeting then all of a sudden your form picks up and you exceed the point target you were set. I was wondering if this was deliberate from my side did they decide to rally around and help me was it simply coincidence ?
  2. Adama Traore

    Has anyone ever managed to get a consistent tune out of him ? He's actually a beast when it comes to taking players on, whenever he gets the ball I know he's skinning the left back the problem is what follows after. I've got him working on his composure to see if that helps but I was wondering if anyone managed to get him playing well consistently
  3. FM17: Southampton FC - #WeMarchOn

    Not a Southampton fan but if I was to take a guess it'll be play good football, sell high buy young and cheap and develop, if not through buying through the youth team
  4. FM17: Southampton FC - #WeMarchOn

    Has anyone managed to get a consistent tune from any of Long, Austin and Gabbiadini ? find them all consistently inconsistent
  5. I've never used my fullbacks in this role but what are the benefits of it ? what type of tactic would be most suitable to include inverted wing backs and who are your real life examples of those who play the role ? Thanks
  6. Bad Habbits

    I do this one a lot, also I sometimes holiday during international break to speed things up but I end up missing some crucial news
  7. Leaving the EU

    cheers guys I'm a premierleague side, good thing I always ask for youth and training facilities to be improved right away
  8. Can someone tell me the ramifications of leaving the EU on my save have I got a soft brexit hard brexit or somewhere inbetween? Sorry in advance for the white writing no idea why that's the case or how to change it Thanks
  9. This definitely seems to be the formation at the moment I've given it a try on FM just to see if I can make a success of it and in terms of conceding goals I've been good but the main problem comes in scoring, granted in Calleri I haven't got the best of strikers but it's still the main worry in what I think is a pretty solid set up Mentality: Standard Team Shape: Very Fluid TI's: Play Out Of Defence, Play Wider, Drop Deeper, Close Down More, Prevent Short GK Distribution ----------------GK-------------- BPD(d)-----CB(c)--------BPD(d) CWB(a)----------------------CWB(s) ------------DLP(d)--BBM(s)------ -------------T(a)------AP(a)--------- ------------------DLF(s)-------------
  10. FM17: Arsenal

    Anyone had success with the 3-4-2-1 ?
  11. FM17: Arsenal

    Anyone else tried that 3-4-2-1 formation for Arsenal ?
  12. Was looking for a sleeping giant save and I may have found one with Marseille should be fun with Cabella Payet and Thauvin
  13. Kylian Mbappe

    Has anyone managed to prize him away from Monaco ? He starts the game as a winger but has anyone trained him to become a striker if so what role in particular and how did that go ?
  14. Firstly sorry for no screenshots I'm still unsure how to do them but the main point of this thread is for opinions on what formation I should play with this city squad I've just been employed for, this squad have a number of good wingers but also some top quality strikers and some solid CM depth Keepers: Hart, Rulli Defenders: Azpilicueta, Michael Keane, John Stones, Joshua Kimmich, Otamendi, Mangala, Kompany, Gaya Midfielers: Lemina, Weigl, Goretzka, Kovacic, Patrick Roberts, Vitolo, Ousmane Dembele, Sane, Sterling Strikers: Gabriel Jesus, Aguero, Iheanacho, Lukaku, Kane A lot of depth in the squad surprised they were 18th when I took over, at the moment I've gone with a 4-4-2 diamond but with Dembele and Sane coming back from injury I have some decisions to make
  15. I've read a lot of threads on here about developing youngsters which have all been helpful but one thing that seems to happen a fair bit is the amount of people who are against loaning out youngsters I just want to know why ? Ok I see the logic in giving youngster mins when possible but surely playing every week on loan is better than the odd cameo at times, also for some promising youngsters surely it's better to be playing for a decent championship side than to play for the under 23's Also does anyone keep promising youngsters in the first team squad but make them available for their respective age groups so they can train with the first team once in a while ? Does that help ?