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  1. Hoping this will be the full PC game and let me play it everywhere, I didn't get 19 because my laptop won't do it justice and 18 was too slow. Last one I really enjoyed was 16 so hope a break and the new platform will reignite my FM passion.
  2. Licensing makes it so hard to buy something you supported for 15 years just because you moved country.
  3. Hi, Since moving from UK to Germany my Google account is now locked to German region so I cannot buy FM17 for Mobile. Does anyone have a workaround for this? It was easy enough for the desktop version but I cannot get anything to work on mobile...i,e, VPN change location doesn't work as it still tied to Google account.
  4. Pogba is often down to 50% in matches but is the one seemingly impervious to injury... Just wonder why all the injuries seem to come in short time span and for most of the season it ticks along with 2-3 short term injuries and maybe 1 long term. Not saying it's a bug at any point but trying to understand it more to minimise future injuries. Alot of these injuries happen during training session's or on the recent international break I'll try tweaking the training and turning off the rest days (I actually added these to see if it would help reduce injuries after last season).
  5. This is just crazy, another injury list building up. If someone can help me to understand this and how to avoid it I would love it. My training is on light with rest day before and after games. I have full staff of physio's, sports scientists etc but continually get ravaged by injuries. Look at the 2nd shot, I am highest in injury league with 10 players out vs 5 for 2nd placed team in injury league. In all my years since CM01/02 I never had so many injury challenges as on FM17 so would love to know more about whatever logic is driving this. Cheers to anyone who can help shed some light.
  6. I am playing as Man Utd and I keep getting beat nearly every game no matter what tactics and formation I use. Really struggling at the moment, never had such problems in the past games.
  7. I found the same issue with 2d being really bad but 3d is perfect. Found it strange but glad to hear it is an issue being worked and not me.
  8. Just had a search for this very topic. I use Tapatalk to view and comment on several forums, it is so much easier than having to use websites on desktop or phones. Having all your forum feeds in one place is amazing and such a time saver and in general more user friendly. Reason I don't participate in forums so much is because it is a pain but since using Tapatalk it is much easier and more efficient. I hope SI bring this at some point.
  9. Hi, is it possible to move save game location? I don't see anything obvious in the settings and I only use Steam for FM so not very experienced with tweaking it. I want to have my save games in my Onedrive so that I can continue my game from either my work laptop or personal laptop. Cheers for any info.
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