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  1. France defending in the final quarter when still 0-0?
  2. You can tell the game sucks when Nigeria's fans aren't even excited
  3. Seriously? They make more mistakes than in u15 championships,
  4. So i guess if Costa Rica-Greece was a disgrace to football then this cannot even be called football
  5. Did Japan or Ivory deserved to top Greece? If your answer is no then Greece did well to qualify. What's with all the hate?
  6. Darren don't worry. England managed to snatch a draw from costa rica's reserve team. It's a great achievement
  7. Greece had 15 shots this game and hit the post 3 times. Greece also had 14 shots the first game. Second game only was dire due to 30min red
  8. Match 23 - Japan vs Greece - 23:00 BST - BBC1

    Well they had 14 shots (6 or 7 on target) last game and didn't score once. We Greeks have slow squad so slow tempo and deep defending is default. Not our fault Japan tried crosses on our good center backs.
  9. Match 23 - Japan vs Greece - 23:00 BST - BBC1

    Greece was playing with 10 since 30 mins. What did you expect?
  10. Match 23 - Japan vs Greece - 23:00 BST - BBC1

    What a crap ref again...
  11. Consistency

    Well consistency improves with age and match experience, but i am not sure how much. Tutoring always helps young players.
  12. Players who hasn't even signed a professional contact most of the time reject offers from other clubs. It's been the same for ever in every fm before.
  13. He is called ass. man for a reason !' Anyway, thins look pretty decent although you should promote this season.
  14. Unlucky there. Kostakis haven't played as well as he should too.