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  1. Strootman is doing ok but when u have Fletcher and Carrick (and i also bough Fellaini) .. he is not a must buy !
  2. If i read the posts correct , i can start a new (long term) save now and after the beta patch and full game release, it will be save game compatibel and i can continue playing (and the 'bugs will be solved ) ? Can someone confirm this please ? (posted this also in another topic but i think this is the right thread)..
  3. If i read the posts correct , i can start a new (long term) save now and after the beta patch and full game release, it will be save game compatibel and i can continue playing (and the 'bugs will be solved ) ? Can someone confirm this please ?
  4. I had no problem to sign a fitness coach... , make sure u fire the one u have if u don't have one.. talk with the board room
  5. I reported the fact youth players are selected for a reserves/youth fixture while they are on tour . Si will solve this.
  6. That are idd weird results , and i'm reading a lot of those things, will test it with a few more teams in different nations before i start a long term save
  7. my defending looks ok , and the opposing strikers are not doing that much .. potato potato i'll wait for the full game to judge it
  8. what i used a lot was watching the stats(goalscorers and ratings) from my reserve and youth team , i had the same problem when clicking on the score(generating match report) but saw now that when u go to 'reserves' - fixtures - and click on the line of the match , u can see the stats on the right , who played, scored etc.. it is not the same, but it is something
  9. Won 4-1 against Chelsea with this team and formation (still working on it since my 4-3-3 from fm11 and 12 isn't working anymore) GK De Gea DL Evra (full back - support) DC Rio (central defender - defending) DC Vidic(ball playing defender - defending) DR Jones (full back - support) ML Kagawa ( wide midfielder - attacking) MCL Fellaini ( ball winning mid - defending) MCR Götze ( deep lying playmaker - support) MR Valencia ( wide midfielder - attacking) AMC Rooney ( Trequartista - Attacking) SC Hernandez ( Poacher - attacking) Rafael and Van persie unavailable (normaly Jones plays DC , Rio on the bench and Van persie SC .
  10. Ok thank u , then i wait and see(only played ten games so far, it wasn't regular on fm12 so it won't be on this one)
  11. On FM12 when selected 'director camera' we could see footage from behind the players when they were about to take a free kick.. is this gona in FM13 ? i have director camera on and the only thing i see is footage from high point ?
  12. Really good player and i like the tittle And it is true.. after a fine production of player coming to the EPL this and last year, the next one's are coming.. Bakkali, Schrijvers(genk), Benito Raman, Massimo Bruno, Bosschaerts, Perreira etc.. they all have a good chance of getting into a good team.
  13. Am I the only one who has problems with the scouting screen overview : 'scouting unknown talents , 'scouting known talents ' etc.. i prefered the old system as I find it difficult to see who is assigned where , in one overview screen.
  14. i'm using my man utd game idd to test tax, get used to the interface and try to find out the new staff ,training , scouting system etc.. i don't think there is going to be a patch after the full game release (not before the new year)
  15. I agree, so it is beter to get a cheap TOD in stead of an expensive one( baldini or Peters)
  16. Yesterday i had a shot againt the post, after a few seconds , a player from my team took the ball and show @ the goalkeeper. i replayed it a few times because i couldn't find the bal.. He got stuck against the post, was invincable and then a player found it and tried to score.. i'll try to send it to the bugs forum so it can be solved.
  17. I understand it Fabio, but fellaini was the key in FM12 for my Man utd succes (and he would be IRL ) and the lack of 'young' AMC's in the squad is also a problem. Kagawa is good but should be playing behind the striker of AML position, Scholes and giggs are great but not the youngest and Cleverly is underrated on FM. Anyway, i start a new save when the full game is released and a few bad bugs are solved, then i won't sign Strootman because Fletcher and Carrick could do the job .
  18. How is cantona doing , because his stats are average . I got Bernhard Peters as DOF , very expensive..
  19. Kagawa can play behind Rooney or VP and i use a MC , MC and AMC , so i needed Fellaini first choice ball winning midfielder(or box to box) and Götze as first choice MC They are not that expensive , so a good buy And IRL Ferguson also needs to find a new DMC and AMC .. MCL(ball winning) : Fellaini, Carrick, Fletcher MCR(dlplaymaker) : Götze , Scholes, Giggs AMC: Rooney, Cleverly(or Kagawa) ML: Kagawa, Young MR : Valencia , Nani SC: VP , Hernandez, Wellbeck
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