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  1. @Smurf PC I have now is way too old to run FM18 now and just got back into playing the game, do you think something like this (https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/desktop-pcs/desktop-pcs/acer-aspire-xc-230-desktop-pc-10164210-pdt.html) would be ok to run FM? I've always played in 2D and don't play any other games on PC so not sure how good it has to be to run a simulator game.
  2. Will probably jailbreak at some point then, all it is is that occasionally get prank called and people ringing the wrong number, and this one person just keeps ringing back and it's getting annoying having to decline the call all the time after telling the person enough times already they have the wrong number.
  3. If I jailbreak my phone, is there an app that i can download that will just automatically allow me to block a certain number if it calls me ??
  4. Is the new software out tomorrow ?? Does anyone know around what time as well ??
  5. My diet is pretty bad so im going to change that, im skinny, just turned 18, about 5 foot 7 and weigh 9 stone 8. I was looking into getting protein as i dont really have the time to eat regular meals instead of the protein and would be much more convenient, at college most of the day so dont get home to eat at regular times.
  6. Just started going to the gym, so need to get some protein powder now, been reccomended to get Maximuscle Cyclone as I want to bulk up then chop away at the body fat percentage, so does anyone know if this is good protein powder or abit crap ?
  7. @ham - On Revista De La Liga Cristiano Ronaldo claimed to do 3000 crunches of some kind every day...
  8. Just signed up for the gym for the first time ever . 17 years (18 on Sunday) and currently weigh 136 pounds and have a body fat of about 11%, although im not sure whether the test i did is accurate so will have to do another test. 5 foot 7 as well. Going to have to change my diet quite a bit, introduce much more protein and devise a training programme.
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