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  1. I know this is a bit of a shot in the dark but i was wondering if anybody can remember a name of a tactic i am looking for. I believe it was a 2-4-1-3am or a 3-4-0cm--3am tactic, i am not 100 % what FM it was for. FM2013 on wards i guess, i experienced great success with it as it exploited a issue with the ME where the 3 am's would break forward and lop the keeper most of the time. The tactic only really worked for one version of the game before the ME was fixed with a patch. Sorry i couldn't be more specific, cheers
  2. darrylv2


    Tried that one with no luck, crashes FM before allowing me to select leagues :/
  3. darrylv2


    Looks like its for Fm 2013 and Fm 2014, will try holding a couple off season maybe.
  4. darrylv2


    No luck, i think the problem is because belarus are a default league no one has made a extension. Will keep searching i could try and create the league myself but i dont really have that much experiance adding leagues ect.
  5. darrylv2


    Thanks will have a look on there now
  6. darrylv2


    Sorry i wasnt clear i mean has anyone got a league extension for FM? Thanks for the info anyway the team sounds like a good save
  7. darrylv2


    Looking through the editor for a new challenge and found these guys, amazing youth academy will be a fun save. But there are in the belarusian lower league been searching google for a while and havent managed to find anything. Does anyone have a link to a Belaursian league stature that includes all league?
  8. Perfect thats great thanks :-) .. Hopefully they finally give me the job.
  9. Thats not too bad then i am just going into 2030 now When abouts in 2031 did you get the job?
  10. 2032 thats a pain, luckily the seasons go pretty quick so hopefully it will go quick. Cheers i guess its strange because they have no assistant either and plently off friendly's to play.
  11. I am managing in Gibraltar, currently in 2029 and have noticed that the Gibraltar national team job has become available so i try to apply i here they are intrested in me and i have not had a offer in months and no one has the job. I have decided to see if there was anyway to get the job using the In game editor?? Has anybody else had the same issue?
  12. I have just turned my Mons Calpe team professional .. I had 4-5 mill in the bank (had a few lucky champions league games) In last years game you would normally need more then 3 mill in the bank to turn pro in gibraltar
  13. darrylv2

    FM14: Tycoon Saves

    can you please upload?
  14. darrylv2


    Thats great thanks, i think i may have to start again using the official league which will be pants
  15. darrylv2


    Private message what you find please