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  1. Anyone able to tell me what skin is being used here, and how I can get it? Massive improvement on what I currently have, Thanks
  2. he's actually doing quite well, but still would take 30mil in a hearbeat. MODS PLEASE CLEAR THIS UP!!!
  3. yeah sorry if i got it mixed up, I'm selling him and he wont leave. When i sell a player to AI, the option arises to sub their wages if needs be. In this case I am selling to another human, and want to know if the option is there, as i have never came across it.
  4. It's frustrating as I got rid of Paolo Ferriera, and was given the option of paying 13k a week until the end of his contract. Which i was only too happy to do to get rid of that farce! Can any mods help, are you only given that option when selling to AI? I can potentially get 30mil for Torres, so need this sorted ASAP.
  5. Currently playing a network game, still in pre-season. My friend who is spurs has bid for Torres, i have accepted, placed Torres on the transfer list, had a word with him and told him he has no future, and also placed him in the reserves. His demands are too high when negotiating with Spurs, is there anyway around this? And is it only when selling to AI teams that the option of paying a percentage of his wages comes up? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated
  6. > a manager ranking table on percentage of games won > a nice feature in a career game would be a table of players who have scored the most goals against you as a manager, regardless of its against your current or previous team > maybe more obscure injuries to players, eg. fight in nightclub etc by the way what happened to the horrific injuries in previous fm's, spinal n skull etc > a bit more of an insight into players lives, hes happy at getting married, cant play a match cause his wife is in labour kinda thing > more pre-season friendly cups, with legitimate names instead of just friendly cup > a chief scout, who you could appoint to oversee your scouts, make his own links with clubs, assign the specific tasks and locations and report on if your scout is up to scratch > being able to agree to keep a transfer bid private, maybe even the fee undisclosed. > also being able to keep your application for another job hush hush > an allowance from the board expectation, if you are knocked out of a cup comp, before you're expected to be but by a team far better than you
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