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  1. This can be done simply using the edt files, no need to launch the editor.
  2. Is this for FM 18 or what? Because you posted in the older section.
  3. Not exactly an "incredible addition". There's been a project like that for every FM edition that supports custom leagues.
  4. Piłudski never wanted to include the Balkans in his plans, let alone Greece.
  5. External editors for FM 2005-2009 did exist, didn't they? So the format has been decoded, it's only a matter of reverse engineering.
  6. Indeed the screenshots are slightly different now. Might have been an older version.
  7. You might consider remaking the World Cup to be less random: Gold and Silver teams qualify automatically (24 teams), Bronze and League 1 teams play two playoff rounds to determine the remaining 8 out of 32 entrants (would be better with groups but there are no dates available). Any team below League 1 has only a remote chance of qualifying to the normal World Cup, so their absence is not much felt. Just noticed that promotion/relegation between FIFA leagues does not work in my save. Uruguay won the Championship and is still stuck there in the 2018-2020 cycle.
  8. As you can see, group A has 11 teams and so do the other groups except H (the last). The fixtures run until March 2020 just like with the other levels. For some weird reason, I cannot see the previous edition of this tournament (the save is advanced to December 2018 and a new edition has begun). This may have something to do with not all fixtures being completed.
  9. This seems to be the most complicated league setup ever created for FM yet. If I understand correctly, the number of teams in each division except the 4 national ones may change depending on European cup performance? For example if Croatia gains one extra place at the expense of another country (say Switzerland), the Balkan division will grow to 13 and the division Swiss clubs are in shrink to 11 teams? What about the top level of national leagues? Is it variable too? On the screenshots above, Kazachstan league has 11 teams because Astana is playing in the UEFA division. If Kazachstan gains another place, will the league be reduced to 10 teams? I thought that dynamically changing league size was impossible to do in FM.
  10. In FIFA Fourth Division, all groups but one have 11 teams. But there are only 18 dates for matches (as in the other leagues), which means that teams are unable to complete their fixtures. The World Cup is quite crazy with all those elimination rounds (no seeding seems to be used). In one simulation, Comoros (in FIFA Fourth Division, thus a very weak team) were lucky to defeat French Polynesia, Nicaragua and Egypt (on penalties) en route to the finals. Of course they got trashed in their group but not that much (1-10 in 3 matches). On the other hand, Brasil lost to Haiti (!) which advanced to round of 16 losing to eventual winners Colombia.
  11. http://3gb.pl/plik-76557-3654-polska-liga-update-1_0-zip.html (need to log in) http://thefmformation.com/files/file/372-poland-to-iii-liga-4tier/ (same here)
  12. Suppose you didn't find that copy after all?
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