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  1. Interesting idea, but does it not unbalance the game? Without money from Europe, clubs might not be able to sustain themselves in the long run.
  2. More details? From the screenshot it looks like the weakest national teams are playing a qualifying round of sorts (although having Greenland play Micronesia is pure fantasy).
  3. I would like to see Germany using the following structure (mirroring the years 1963-1974, with some modifications): Bundesliga - 16 teams (18 from second season onwards if possible) 5 Regionalligen (Süd, Südwest, West, Nord, Nordost) with clubs from the respective regions (Nordost is East German states + Berlin). 2 best from each go into playoff in two groups, winners promoted 21 Verbandsligen - basically the current structure. 2 best from each also go into playoffs, structure varies depending on region Reserve teams cannot be promoted to Regionalliga, otherwise they need to be 2 levels lower than the first team The cup is a mixture of old and new format, regional qualifiers in autumn are used to select 16 (14) teams who are paired with Bundesliga clubs (seeded) for the round of 32 in February.
  4. Looks like a signed integer wrapping around. In layman's terms: use smaller figures.
  5. Good luck! This seems an interesting idea, but breaking the game rules in so many ways, I don't think you can manage to produce an actual playable file... you didn't last time, did you?
  6. I don't think this can be avoided entirely, as some male coaches need to remain in the game and their first names will be used for regens too. Oh well...
  7. Maybe, if it only adds new players, but not when it makes considerable squad changes.
  8. If the Royal League is supposed to be for Nordic countries, Poland is out of place, and should be substituted by Denmark. Alternately, since Finland is sometimes not considered a Nordic country, then the setup is 3 from Sweden and Denmark, 2 from Norway, Iceland and Faroes. Tournaments with fixed number of places per country have the disadvantage of not reflecting the changes in football over time. It is well known that countries with active leagues fare better than those without, so given enough seasons (100-200) it is entirely possible to turn Iceland into a superpower with 100,000 seat stadiums, but their Royal League status would be as lowly as ever.
  9. The UEFA Regions Cup is not played by amateur teams, but amateur regional selections, and they do not exist in the database, nor is there any possibility of them being called up like national teams. National B teams are hardly used anymore, at least in Europe. As above, there is no code in the game to handle callups.
  10. I think this means "in each of the 26 matches". So 45 * 26 = 1170 minutes over the course of a season. Then the point deduction makes sense.
  11. Playing in someone's original world appears rather unattractive, there is no point of reference. I prefer databases that offer new, interesting arrangements of existing nations (like grouping several into one, or splitting a nation into regions).
  12. This can be done simply using the edt files, no need to launch the editor.
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