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  1. Im gonna try it out:) have never done lower league management before, what patch do you recommend playing this on?
  2. Im in my second season with Man City, came 3rd last year because i got unlucky with results, sitting top at the moment with 8 games left. Carlos Tevez was a machine last year for me but he went through a period for about 10 games or more where he didnt produce. And the same thing is happening again. Ive tried talking to him and giving him rest but i just cant get him to perform as well as he did at the start of the season. Any advice would be great:)
  3. That was on lasts year version also, quite nice also because i when i get the chance i normally pick my favourite team and just loan them all my best youngsters xD
  4. im willing to try this tactic out for ya:) at the point where i need something different in my fm game.
  5. Sorry Yes it is the new update. It was a youth cup match and yeah i will continue don't want to waste all that time and effort because of one game.
  6. For the past 7 seasons i have managed Barcelona winning everything in sight. Over the years i have been signing younger players to replace the likes of Henry and Xavi. But recently i have decided to take more interest in my youth and took over as youth team manager. I recently had a Cup match in which it went to extra time and then to pens but after i chose my pen takers it went straight to barcelona have won the game. i then went to my Fixture screen and it said that i went on to win 3-1 in extra time. i know its only a minor bug but i hate having things go wrong in my game so what do you think i should do?
  7. Strange retirement

    Shane Supple his name was:) he has gone back home and is doing uni their
  8. International Coaches

    Ahh i see, thought so gutted that i cant train them, make them better
  9. Ive just took charge of my home nation England and i was thinking about replacing the Coaches with better ones but the thing is what do the coaches do for you when you give them a job at international level?
  10. Your First Decent Prodigy

    you take a screen shot of the image and save into paint or what ever as a jpeg. and then you upload it to a site like photobucket get the link and you need to put
  11. Your First Decent Prodigy

    Thank Ya looks well nice!
  12. Your First Decent Prodigy

    what skin its that please:)
  13. Mats Rits

    yeah i was in a rush and didnt look:P apologies. and how do i use the search function? im still new to this site:)
  14. FM10: Mats Rits

    With me being me i just started a theard about him i just saw him in my barcelona save want to know how good he becomes