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  1. The team talk changes are GARBAGE. Started a new game and can't win a single game cause my players aren't responding to my team talks. Terrible. EDIT: Anyone know how to revert to the other update on steam?
  2. For some reason when i go to player search there's a lot of lag. I have a lot of leagues loaded but my i'm 100% sure my PC can handle it (built it specifically for Battlefield 3). Is a way to fix this?
  3. Just beat Barcelona in the quarter finals of the CL in my first season! We dominated the first game from start to finish but they somehow managed to get 2 goals before the half. We scored 2 in the second half, the last goal 5 minutes into extra time. The second game we dominated again. Won 4-0. Barcelona scored 3 own goals in both games combined. Defensively we were amazing in both games. Here are the screenshots.
  4. Madrid have offered 30m for Hummels after my first season. Should i accept?
  5. Yaya Sanogo

    He's like Drogba but even better.
  6. FM11: Robin Van Persie

    I know this is off topic but what face packs are you using?
  7. @Kevmcc87 - I don't use the new tactics creator, i instead use the classic tactics. Just play around with the player instructions. Mentality, creative freedom etc. Anyways, Bayern Munich have denied me a second straight champions league trophy. They dominated me most the game. They scored 2 early goals and never looked back. I did manage to win the league and cup though. Game stats http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/victornyalita/Untitled-1-2.jpg
  8. In my first season season i won the champions league against inter in penalties and finished 3rd in the league. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/victornyalita/uefa.jpg I'm towards the end of my second season in charge, I'm 3 points ahead of Palermo with 3 games to play and I've reached the final of the champions league (again) and Italian cup. I played Barcelona in the quarter finals. The first leg finished 0-0. The second leg,(at the nou camp) was very one sided. They had more possession, shots, clear cut chances but i managed to draw 2-2 and advance on the away goals rule. I then beat man utd 4-3 on aggregate to advance to the final. Here are my players and their overall stats for the season. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/victornyalita/stats.jpg
  9. Its part of the transfer bug. The players controlled by the AI get unhappy a lot
  10. Hopefully they do release another. I haven't touched the game for a week and a half cause of the stupid transfers.
  11. Best regen I've ever signed. Insane physical attributes for a goalkeeper.
  12. Just sold a 29 yr old Van Persie to Liverpool for 41 Million(Liverpool got taken over by a rich Italian guy in the first season). The offer was just too big to turn down considering his age. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b342/victornyalita/vanpersiesold.png
  13. Converting sandro to DC has been nothing less than a success. He's getting a rating of 7 or more in virtually every game.
  14. I'm towards the end of my first season at milan. I signed Sandro as a replacement for gattuso in the first window and he has not dissapointed. I figured he's gotten too good to be a MC/DM. So i'm trying to change him into a central defender. Tutored him with gattuso raising his determination from 15 to 20.
  15. Anyone know any players in any position that have a low CA and PA and have stats close to olic's ? High Pace, acceleration determination, bravery, aggression and work rate.