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  1. Steam.....AGAIN

    Youre entitled to a refund under UK law if they alter the T&C which means you are worse off. Good luck getting it though. I will never buy a digital copy because of the DRM and the complete lack of control you have over something you paid for.
  2. Fm 12 no striker

    Exactly, we played Swansea and just got 10 men behind the ball and didnt press at all, they just passed it around their back 4 and goalie while getting loads of possession but not getting anywhere. It was incredibly boring but we nicked a goal on HT and then hammered them as they had to push forward. The way to beat that type of tactic is to not get drawn forward and it makes for a very dull game unless the tippy tappy side goes a goal down.
  3. Fm 12 no striker

    Spain are incredibly boring, the final was the exception when for once they didnt try to win every game 1-0. Still, they arent as bad as Swansea though taking 15 mins to cross the halfway line.
  4. PLEASE improve shooting accuracy

    They dont, its just a standard fanboi answer when they have nothing else to offer.
  5. PLEASE improve shooting accuracy

    Theres way too many shots in FM, which means most have to miss or every game would be 8-6. I think the problem is that they make way too many easy chances miss while 30 yarders seem to po in every game. Id rather see a game of 5-6 chances and see them have a decent chance of going in than one with 30 chances every week where theres no excitement because you know they have to miss to keep the score realistic.
  6. Sacked a player mid-game

    Ive done it and terminated a loan mid game too.
  7. Record for most woodwork hits?

    I regularly get 3 every few games but the most Ive noticed is 4. No doubt some idiot will come along soon and tell everyone its their tactics.
  8. Worst miss I have seen on FM

    Ive had a player round the keeper, have the ball under control in the 6 yard box with an open goal and then head off to the corner flag (there was 35mins left in the game) where he was tackled, they punted up the left wing and crossed to score the winning goal 10 seconds later. I was not pleased.
  9. Forest fans

    Im a QPR fan and there were problems here, he refused to help out with shooting practice before a game when he was on the bench, he never spoke to the other goalie who was the ultimate professional (Cerny) and his dad would often go to the press complaining about lack of playing time. Hes a badge kisser but will be out of the club right away once he has to sit on the bench.
  10. My first big arguement (

    I only fine them if they get under 5 and they never complain then, if he got a 5.5 then its not low enough to fine him.
  11. Nothing to do with 2 point out of 24 and losing the dressing room then?
  12. Forest fans

    Thats what you get by having flappy Camp in goal. A terrible goalie.
  13. An option to offer a new contract and a break in the proceeding of the game would be the best thing to happen in that case.
  14. Sadly its worthless to be as it ignore stories that you give a reply but arent needed. eg a player asking for a transfer, you might want to agree to it but it will be missed with the timeout.
  15. Warn your players for 2 yellows, 1 weeks fine for a straight red, 2 weeks for violent conduct and everything will be fine.