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  1. Realistic appointments' filters still not working after patch...
  2. Minimum wage still the same across ALL spanish divisions
  3. Greek Superleague team PAOK has an individual tv deal of 2-year duration (according to pre-game editor) In-game the TV deal appears to be 1-year duration As a result, TV deal amount per season is doubled. I wonder if this happens elsewhere, too...
  4. Individual TV deal for PAOK has the wrong value... OR the wrong duration (editor says 2 years, ingame says 1 year)
  5. Happy New Year everyone ! Please share the updated version...excellent work btw
  6. I am not a skinner neither...but there is a light skin made by Priisek You can find it here Inside panels/widgets there is a file called "negotiation widget horizontal" Maybe if you take a look...you might understand ...I don't
  7. I am using "windowed option" normally but every day I load the game the setting has been resetted to Full Screen It seems that my settings are not "saved" Any help ?
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