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  1. Anyone recommend good strikers for 30M Euros? Belotti was signed for Chelsea. Second season.
  2. I'm thinking about this too. He doesn't fit on my system.
  3. Someone playing with Milan managed Piatek play your best? I'm trying him as Poacher (no OIs), but his form is poor
  4. Sancho was too expensive, but he was my first choice. I brought Chiesa. First i tried him as Winger, but since I changed the role to IW-S he start to improve his performances
  5. Anyone getting the best of Martial? What role and PIs are you using? I'm trying play with him as IF-A
  6. What style of playing? I tried Gegenpress, but is not working very well
  7. How can i make my wingers play better? I play in a 4-1-2-2-1, gegenpress, and the LW and RW are inside forwards-support (no PIs). Obviously i know that this are related to the players (Martial, Sanchez, Sancho and Mata), but i want they participate more, make assists and finish too. What PIs you usually choose?
  8. Does anyone know a good substitute for Ozil? I want a playmaker, a creative genius like him (or even close) who can provide assists to my strikers
  9. What P.Is you are using to Lemar and Bernardo Silva. I think they could perform better with me. I'm playing with Silva in AMC (AP-A) and Lemar in AML (IF-A)
  10. I've tried Messi an an AP at AMR, but i think that PPM "comes deep to get ball" could make him get down in the pitch, and I want a Messi near the goal.
  11. And what about the PIs for Neymar? First I think in two: roam from position and dribble more. To Suarez, i don't want to put PIs because CF or False Nine are very specific roles
  12. I've tried Messi as IF, but doesn't work for me. I agree with you in an AMRC position, but I'm thinking in a Treq role, trying to maximize his creativity
  13. Hi guys, I Just wanted to know what role should the front three MSN (Messi, Suarez, Neymar) . Usually, we see Messi starting at AMR position but his average position in real life is close to Suarez. Meanwhile Neymar is a little bit far from the duo (I think he is definitely an Inside Forward). Suarez I believe that is a CF(S) or False Nine. But Messi to me is the hardest to decide, because I want to maximize his ability, of course. What do you think about MSN roles? And what about the PIs? Thanks!
  14. First of all, thanks for these sugestions. I want a player that can protect my defense and have a good pass too (but most important role is recover the ball). For example, Wanyama and Dier could be perfect, but unfortunately they are in Spurs.
  15. Anyone recommends a good BWM? I like Coquelin, but I try to sign a better player. I have Thiago Maia, but he is playing a lot as BBM for me then I need other guy.
  16. What are the best roles and position for Alexis and Ozil? I tried a lot of ways to make them play like I expect, but they really did very well in a few games. I play in a 4-2-3-1
  17. How can i improve my results against big teams? Home fixtures i win, but away my shape is very poor. This is my team and tactic:
  18. Hi guys, i'm a newbie in fm and i like tips to games against big teams. Even when I'm training big teams too, i have some troubles and my team doesn't play the same way. What changes could i do to improve my form?
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