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  1. H2ONeon

    How to add tactics

    but there is no tactics folder and I had to make one I tried it and then it didn't work
  2. How do I add tactics to my game this year
  3. i can't get the Instant Result button to work?, it's odd..
  4. H2ONeon

    A thread where we discuss films

    top ten of 2014 some films may be from 2013 as i saw them when 2014 started. here they are Boyhood Gone Girl Interstellar Guardians of The Galaxy Nymphomaniac Vol 1 & 2 Tracks Lone Survivor Fury Maps to the Stars The Imitation Game
  5. H2ONeon

    FM15: Tycoon Saves

    someone explain how tycoons work and what they do to the game?
  6. Paddy Power have Derby to beat Forest 5-0 at 90-1 if anyone is interested.
  7. Hi guys, love the tactics, used them loads in FM14 just a quick question, I'm having problems with tactics from this year, they don't load into the game when i put them into the tactics folder. they have fmf, but usually load into a older fm and don't appear on 15
  8. Can i launch the game without the disc using steam? or would i always need the disc
  9. H2ONeon

    Player history - only league games

    They have always just had league games shown in every title of FM i have played!
  10. H2ONeon

    2014 Commonwealth Games

    went to the rhythmic gymnastics yesterday and that was strange.. now going to see Two Sessions of Athletics on Sunday and Monday. Exciting times!.
  11. Just thought i'd bring to the attention of fans of other simulators/Manager games, that "Humble Bundle" a company who makes bundles of games for a certain price then donates all the proceeds to Charity (American Red Cross and the Electronic Frontier Foundation this week) have got an offer on "Out of the Park Baseball" which is as you can tell, basically a Football Manager of Baseball. There are a few other games as well. But for "Name Your Price" you get two other games and OOTPB. But also available for more money is the wonderful "Euro Truck Simulator". If you donate at least a Dollar then you'll get a Steam Key so you can stick it on steam. Considering the new version of this game is selling on Steam for £30 this is a steal!!. Thought i'd throw that out there for all the manager/simulator game fans. I have nothing to do with this company, just saw in a Youtube video and downloaded it myself and thought i'd put it here for the benefit of you guys!. Humble Bundle
  12. H2ONeon

    2014 Commonwealth Games

    I'm going to Rythmic Gymnastics and Two Sessions of Athletics. A good friend of mine is competing so that should be good
  13. I went into HMV yesterday (Friday 11th July) and they said they couldn't pre-order Football Manager 2015 yet!. I knoim a bit keen, but would of been nice to!. Anyone else pre-ordering this early?
  14. i've never been to Ibiza, but i'd say 100% spend a day in Barca. Barcelona have their football museum and a tour of the stadium is well worth it. Just having a wonder round and looking at the architecture is worth it too!. Have fun!