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  1. How to add tactics

    but there is no tactics folder and I had to make one I tried it and then it didn't work
  2. How do I add tactics to my game this year
  3. i can't get the Instant Result button to work?, it's odd..
  4. FM15: Tycoon Saves

    someone explain how tycoons work and what they do to the game?
  5. Hi guys, love the tactics, used them loads in FM14 just a quick question, I'm having problems with tactics from this year, they don't load into the game when i put them into the tactics folder. they have fmf, but usually load into a older fm and don't appear on 15
  6. Can i launch the game without the disc using steam? or would i always need the disc
  7. Player history - only league games

    They have always just had league games shown in every title of FM i have played!
  8. I went into HMV yesterday (Friday 11th July) and they said they couldn't pre-order Football Manager 2015 yet!. I knoim a bit keen, but would of been nice to!. Anyone else pre-ordering this early?
  9. Apologies if in wrong section. Hi, I download tactics, and when i double click them, they load straight into FM2010 and not FM2014. Its a very odd glitch. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it, Thank you!
  10. for some reason whenever i boot this up, it loads into FM2010 and not 14.. Anyone else having that problem?
  11. Good to see the 8-0 against Aldershot.. It's a very good result.. Looking forward to the rest and seeing Newcastle maybe in the League, but really that youngster looks amazing!!
  12. Bit of a random world cup.. i've never seen scotland go through in a game!
  13. [FM11] start in the Big Leagues!!

    I started the game with a massive budget but did'nt really spend it... Buying in Michael Owen, Sebastien Bassong for 3.3 Million and 5 Million, also Peter Crouch on loan... Crouch did'nt play great and i let him go back to Tottenham.. I managed to make a decent impact on the league finishing 3rd and also winning the spanish cup... I eventually decided to resign and move on to other things.. it was'nt till later in the season when i got approached by Cardiff, i went to them. played half the season then decided to move on again.. at time of writing i have just declared interest in heading back to Real Madrid, we'll see ... See you laterrrrrrr
  14. OK, So here's my SECOND try at one of these threads.... i tried one before and got some bad comments, so please no bad comments on this one please ... I decided to start this game up in the big league, with REAL MADRID. It's much harder than it looks, with the board expecting me to win the league :O... OK, On with the posts....