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  1. but there is no tactics folder and I had to make one I tried it and then it didn't work
  2. i can't get the Instant Result button to work?, it's odd..
  3. someone explain how tycoons work and what they do to the game?
  4. Hi guys, love the tactics, used them loads in FM14 just a quick question, I'm having problems with tactics from this year, they don't load into the game when i put them into the tactics folder. they have fmf, but usually load into a older fm and don't appear on 15
  5. Can i launch the game without the disc using steam? or would i always need the disc
  6. They have always just had league games shown in every title of FM i have played!
  7. I went into HMV yesterday (Friday 11th July) and they said they couldn't pre-order Football Manager 2015 yet!. I knoim a bit keen, but would of been nice to!. Anyone else pre-ordering this early?
  8. Apologies if in wrong section. Hi, I download tactics, and when i double click them, they load straight into FM2010 and not FM2014. Its a very odd glitch. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it, Thank you!
  9. for some reason whenever i boot this up, it loads into FM2010 and not 14.. Anyone else having that problem?
  10. Good to see the 8-0 against Aldershot.. It's a very good result.. Looking forward to the rest and seeing Newcastle maybe in the League, but really that youngster looks amazing!!
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