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  1. Couldn't they use Blue Bull, or Red Gull to work around this though, however I don't see a need for it but yeah.
  2. I've wondered this for a while and now I've decided to see if it's only in my games where regen full backs (I'm currently in year 2022) cannot cross a ball very well and with David Alaba seemingly the only fullback who can cross a ball as a fullback in my game I'm wondering if this is a bug or a balance choice by Si?. Does anybody else have this in their games or is it just a rare occurrence?
  3. I've seen a couple but more than likely they score/we score.
  4. I had this quite a lot when I was at non league Lewes, it was a decision between a few seasons with a player I'd be lucky to keep around or selling for a cheap price regardless. I'm not sure what causes the agents to be such dicks but I do hate it.
  5. I told a back up player he will get game time through substitutions, it's going fine and he's one game away from the promise being kept so I start him against Liverpool at home as I have faith in his performance(I'm United). The next day he says that the promise wasn't kept, so that means he's programmed to think a sub appearance is more important than a start, what a silly game mechanic.
  6. I'd just love a fullback regen who has crossing over 10.
  7. I honestly can't say it bothers me enough to want it fixed.
  8. My player isn't injury prone at all but it'd be nice to see what stat actively effects this type of game behavior as I'll likely stay away from players with it.
  9. I'm obviously happy, it's better than 3-4 weeks during a crucial part of the season but I just don't really see the point of them when they happen a lot of the time. You don't really see it happen all that often in real football, well not at Everton anyway.
  10. What is the point in the ghost injuries in this game anyway? My South Korean star 'Im Dae-Ho' has a habit of getting an injury in the match but when the match finishes he's completely fine, would it not just be easier for him to not get injured rather than waste my time with a substitution? I know this can happen in real life but the amount of times it happens in FM is far beyond any realism argument that somebody might try to counter this with.
  11. I really hope Si reads this thread and actually does add things because these ideas are great.
  12. I'd love to be able to see how popular my team is in certain countries as in my current game I have the best South Korean player in the world and planning a tour to Korea who have 48m people, I'd love to see how many of them support Man United over say Chelsea/City. It'd definitely add a little extra to tour's and popularity in the game.
  13. I don't have this issue as I only watch key moments but if there is a red card the game takes about 30 seconds to do 'something'.
  14. I miss when we could interact with who ever we wanted, especially managers. Phil Brown is in charge of my old Lewes team in the Premiership (I left for United) and I'd love to give him words of encouragement, perhaps mention "If Brown is interested we could send some players on loan to Lewes as it's a great club and I for one wish them to stay in the top flight". However Si removed this feature for some reason.
  15. This is really annoying as why the hell would I be patronizing him, player interaction is so dumb in this game and needs a massive overhaul along with the media.
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