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  1. I use every month the trainingreport and praise the players with good performances and warn the ones with concerning performances in an individual conversation. It may be coincidence, but I notice improvements in workrate for these players, even if they are on a training schedule which does not include workrate.
  2. There is nothing you can do, because it is not a minimum fee release clause in Morata's contract. It is because Real Madrid have a player buy back clause
  3. Ah, didn't know this. Thank you for the clear answer, Alex
  4. Hello I have set up my scouts to scout all regions available (each scout has one region, to be precise), each assignment without any filters, no age or potential or whatever, NO roaming, but six months later some of them seem to do just nothing. Maybe some vacations, i dont know, but at least they dont scout. As you can see in the screenshot, most of them startet their assignment in August 2015 (now i'm in February 2016) but have 0 reports. Maybe they cant find any players good enough to sign, whitch i can understand, but what makes me think they are trolling me is the fact that the scouting-costs for these assignments are at 0 Euro. And where are they? All of these 0-report-scouts are nowhere, no location. Even the scoutingknowledge is decreasing, from 53% to 47 % now. And the only reason i scout all regions is my ain for a worldknowledge as high as possible. I have tried to cancel and set the assignment new for some of these scouts, but nothing changed. Anyone has an idea what my mistake is there, or what i can do to make them scout their region? Or is the reason for this the fact that i dont have any leagues from these regions loaded? For every help, hint or tipp: Thank you in advance. Saesch
  5. I think you have to choose betwen "Exploit the Left Flank", "Exploit the Right Flank" OR "Exploit the Middle". The best would be "Go Route One", but this one is no longer available with your current instructions.
  6. I think FM is about beeing a manager, about the time a person spends at business, not about beeing a person as a whole. Mourinho buys a new house? Klopp switches form playing tennis to golf? Your local teams manager buys a new car? Is it really of interest? Does the team play better football, gains more money or attract better players? I dont think so. As someone said, FM doesn't want to be "Sims: Let's kick it!", and it dont need to be. The social part of the manager takes time from the developing-team, time that is better spent in the core elements of FM. That's my point of view
  7. I would like to see an option in the individual training section of each player to select a prefered position to be played, "use as [dropdown menu with positions]", similar to the option in loan-deals. From now on the Assistant-, U21- and/or U18-Manager tries to play such a player in this selected position. For me this is an option i really miss, even more since we are able to set this in loan-deal too.
  8. For a better understanding of Fluitity take a look here: How-to-Play-FM14-A-Twelve-Step-Guide "Step" 1 should be very helpfull, at least it helped me alot to get the idea.
  9. Just open the profile of the player who should be the tutor, then in the top right corner under "Overview" start a "Private Chat". Now you can find the tutoring-option under "Development", where you can choose the tutee. Hope this is what you are locking for. Saesch
  10. In my teams the player who marks the posts are always attacking players, if i have then the two wingers. So i can set up my FB's to man mark or mark small players. Normaly they are better at marking then my wingers, so i let them do this job. Standing at a post and make a clearance can every player (at least i hope they can... and the do it if they have to...). We still let some goals in on corners, but for me it's not an unrealistic amount. On the other side of the pitch we score a good amount of goals too (aiming near post, my best header attack near post)
  11. I have the same "problem" with the distribution from my keeper. In his instructions i have ticked and set "defender collect" AND specific a player, in my case the DCl. Now in the most situations he plays the ball to my left FB, sometimes my right FB, but only a few time to the DCl. I am not at home at the moment, so i can't post a screenshot, but most of the time the situation on the pitch is like this (in open play an goal kick): My team move a bit forward, as i told them per shout to "push higher up". The DCl stays deep, nearer to the GK, and is completly unmarked, so it's an easy pass for my GK. But still, he plays the ball direct to my left FB. It isn't realy what i want them to do, because now the ball ist wide left near the touchline, and my team is forced to play on the left side of the pitch. I have watched this now in 5 or 6 matches, all of them the whole 90', it's always the same pattern. Now my question is, does this happen because the team isn't familiar with the tactic (preseason) or maybe i do missunderstand the setting "defender collect" + specific player? Saesch PS: I hope it's understandable what i want to say, my english-writing-attribute is at most... well 7/20.
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