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    Football, FM,Xbox

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    Chelsea FC
  1. Your best signing?

    for my tottenham team i got benzema for free in 2015
  2. Who have/do you manage in the game?

    i started at chelsea and in 3 years i had won everything with them got the england job and won the world cup with them now im at bayern munich in 2014
  3. Your Free Tranfer Players?

    i got ribery for free in 2012:)
  4. every fm game i always start with chelsea
  5. how do you start a network game
  6. me and my friend r trying to set up a network game but we dont know how to set it up does anyone know how to many thanks
  7. Your Best Bargain

    got ribery on a free transfer in the 3rd season
  8. FM 11: who will you be

    chelsea as i support them
  9. FM10 : What Team Should I Be Thread

    I want to start a new game but i dont know who with anyone got an idea
  10. have you only been them 2 teams
  11. Most embarrassing result

    i lost 6-2 with chelsea against wolves but i had most of my reserves on as it was the league cup
  12. have u only just bought the game recently
  13. i never get far enough with a not so good team as i always get bored after 1 or 2 seasons