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  1. Great season @Thebaker. You're now in the top tier right? @Muggert well done. Have fun next year in europe. I could play with my Palermo save a little further. Hope I can update the next days!
  2. Thanks @rlipscombe . Have fun with your Sheffield save. I'm in preparation for the new season and could renew some of the contracts for the key players. Corinthians wanted Matheus Pereira but he is happy to stay at Palermo. Have the chance to get Calo back but 1 mio transfer fee is too much for me. Maybe i sell some players to get him. Was my best player season before and I have still issues for the position and role. @Muggert good luck in the 2nd spain division. My main save is in spain and the most diffeculty is the promotion in the the 2nd division.
  3. Palermo SSD Season 3 - 2021/ 2022 Review Won the league in my 3rd year. Struggeld at the begin with only one win, one loss and seven draws but I could manage to finish 1st. Calo was gone but Radovanovic, Pereira, Tulissi & my youth prospect Aglieri were great. Aglieri was the best goalscorer in the league and Radovanovic was the best player with 15 assists (best in the league). | Stats | Squad | Transfers | Finances |
  4. Calo is gone. 1 mio release clause was too low. I'm confident that my team is still strong enough for the promotion.
  5. Palermo SSD Season 2 - 2021/ 2022 Review I had a great season. With 89 points I would be champion in the other two 3rd divisions but in my division Bari was too good. They had a loss and a draw against me but the rest of the league couldn't beat Bari so I played again the playoffs and lost both games versus Foggia 1-3. I'm very upset because I had 29 games without a loss until the quarter finals but hope for promotion next year. I hope Calo stays at Palermo but i fear somebody activates the release clause of 1 mio. He had a great season and was the best player in the league wit
  6. Palermo SSD Season 1 - 2020/ 2021 Review The season was okay because I had so many new players. I had a small squad and needed some transfers. 4th in the regular season and then a loss against Triestina in the semi finals of the playoffs. Misuraca was my best transfer. | Stats | Squad [1][2] | Transfers [1][2] | Finances |
  7. Hey guys, I started yesterday with Palermo the challenge. They lost three of their best players to first tier team and had at the begin no CB, no LB, no LM, one striker and one goalie. You get the next days a little update. My last try with this challenge was FM 17 with BFC (3th in the Bundesliga) and in FM 14 I finished the challenge with Essen. regards gb2003
  8. @fabreth congrats. Perfect time to finish the challenge. Hope, I can update my save this week. Want to finish the challenge before FM 18 starts.
  9. Okay after Sterling was 5 months without a contract, I could sign him on a free transfer.
  10. Maybe somebody asked this question already but which league has the lowest age restrictions? regards gb2003
  11. I can sign Raheem Sterling on a free transfer . Okay, he demands still a little too much for me but it's only matter of time when he reduce his demands. I'm in october and still no one wants him.
  12. A big update. Hope i don't wait so long to post the next seasons. I still can't believe how good my team was last season with only 15 mio wage budget. Some teams in the 2.Bundesliga pay a lot more then me in 1.Bundesliga but next year i have a 35 mio wage budget and 20 mio transfer budget. I think i can buy some good players with the big budget.
  13. BFC Dynamo Season 6 - 2022/ 2023 Review What should i say? Overachiever! Again a great season from my team. At the end "only" the 7th place. I battled very long for the 4th place. Was most of the time on my way to the Champions League but i had some draws and lost at the end of the season so i was 5 points behind the 4th place. 4th best attack & defense speak for themselves. And the attack & defense was also the main reason why i could win the DFB-Pokal! Yes, i won my first title in this save. A great success for my team and i don't know how i could win the title
  14. BFC Dynamo Season 5 - 2021/ 2022 Review Yes, we won the 2.Bundesliga title and the 5th time the overachiever. My attack was so good and the best in the league with 72 goals. In the DFB-Pokal i only reach the 2nd round but maybe at the end a "good" thing so i could manage to stay at top and win the league. I had some good transfers like my new striker with the record signing of 300k Ernis Qerimi, managed to score 11 goals in 11 games but he was a lot injured so he couldn't score more or my new winger Guervin Tomin with 8 goals, 13 assists and a note of 7,49! Also my "old" player
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