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  1. Once out and complete I recommend you put either create or put your paypal account in the first post, I believe myself and a number of others would quiet happily donate for the staggering amount of effort you've put it
  2. Stand Closed

    My stand opened in January, its already closed (april) due to "health and safety", absoulute b/s.
  3. Stand Closed

    My stand opened in January, its already closed (april) due to "health and safety", absoulute b/s.
  4. Lower League Cup Run?

    On FM2010 taking AFC Kempston to the 3rd round while in BSN. Lost 2-1 at home.
  5. Daz Forbes database

    This is great keep it up! BTW Crawley have released Michael Malcolm, Lewis Killeen, Nick Carter, Danny Forrest, Simon Rayner and Jefferson Louis
  6. [WIP] Politics League

    Don't forget Monster Raving Looney Party!
  7. Game Status's

    What are the different game status's? The first one is 'Lacks match practise' Im currently on 'Real football managers don't need food' after four days ten hours. Whats the highest game status you can acquire?
  8. CromScott's FM2010 update (new players added)

    Crawley Town: In: Danny Hall from Chesterfield Michael Kuipers from Brighton Steve Masterton from Greenock Morton Liam Enver-Marum from Eastbourne Darragh Ryan Out: Nick Carter Simon Rayner Michael Malcolm Lewis Killeen Danny Forrest Also, Eastbourne: In: Matt Langston from Histon
  9. Tycoon Takeovers

    Tycoon takeovers aren't always good. In one of my saves Tring got a tycoon takeover and a couple of seasons later that millionaire left, they fell into debt and are on there way back down. If you do ever get one don't go mad, control yourself and spend wisely preparing for the worst.
  10. Seven goals in one game

    http://i952.photobucket.com/albums/ae3/RandomRuler/BigLose.jpg The biggest result i've had against me. They won the league so that result doesn't seem so bad but it still is pretty shocking.
  11. CromScott's FM2010 update (new players added)

    Could someone post all the versions in order of upload please?
  12. Megapack 2.0

    Im having a problem with Megapack 2.0. I have downloaded the file and WinRar. I extract the file to graphics in my FM2010 folder. I can view the photos in the Megapack 2.0 folder but not on the game. I click the change box and megapack 2.0 doesn't appear, any help?
  13. How does Reputation work?

    Thanks for the help I think im a reputation pro now!
  14. Low League Finances

    how bad does your debt have to be for points deduction?
  15. How does Reputation work?

    Can your reputation ever decrease?