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  1. I am from Maldives.
  2. Blackwolves

    FM15: Rate My Regen Thread

    A beast at 17 Years old.
  3. Blackwolves

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Intel Core i5-4200U Processor 8 GB RAM 1 TB HDD 1792MB Total Approx Graphics memory Will it run fm smoothly ?
  4. Blackwolves

    [FM14] The Tetradecagon Challenge

    Giving it a go now. Not employed yet though. Will let you guys know how it goes.
  5. Blackwolves

    PC Performance Star Rating

    It might be down to the processors but my new PC has a 4GB RAM while the previous one had only 2. Surely the memory would play a part in that too right. I don't have the full specifications for the previous one.
  6. So I got a new computer. It has a better processor (2.8Ghz), more RAM (4GB) and includes a dedicated graphic card too and the PC Performance rating is 3 stars when I load England with Premier Division Only. The precious PC I ran football manager had a slower processor (2.3GHz) less RAM (2GB) but the PC performance rating was 4.5 stars when I loaded England with Primer Division Only. Is my new PC slower or is the Star Rating showing incorrect information ?
  7. Started a game with United today. First window transfer budget off. Playing a 4-2-3-1 and it's been working as I sit on top of the table with 5 wins in a row from the 5 that have been played. De Gea - Goalkeeper ( Defend ) Rafael / Jones - Full Back ( Automatic ) Evans / Ferdinand - Central Defender ( Defend ) Vidic / Smalling - Central Defender ( Defend ) Evra / Buttner - Full Back ( Automatic ) Carrick / Giggs - Deep lying playmaker ( Support ) Fellaini / Cleverly - Ball Winning Midfielder ( Defend ) Valencia / Januzaj - Winger ( Attack ) Rooney / Kagawa - Attacking Midfielder ( Attack ) Mata / Welbeck - Advanced Playmaker ( Attack ) RVP / Hernandez - Advanced Forward ( Attack ) Would be getting the transfer budget in November and my main focus would be to sign a midfielder. Can't get rooney to perform though. Any advices ?
  8. Blackwolves

    Second Season Syndrome

    Oh well, didn't think of that before. Thanks.
  9. The infamous SSS. Got struck by it now thrice. Any way to overcome it ?
  10. Blackwolves

    FM13's One Man Team Game

    Player Chosen : Ramires Goalkeeper Chosen : Courtouis Team Kits (Home and Away) : Red and Black (Home) Red and White (Away)
  11. Already managed Man Shi*ty It's just a game.
  12. Blackwolves

    The Championship Sign up

    Name: Danny Jones Manager Name: Lee Clark Team: Huddersfield 5 Players: Alex Smithies, Jordan Rhodes, Luciano Becchio, Robert Snodgrass, Danny Pugh
  13. Blackwolves

    FA Academy Game Thread

    5 Goals from 3 games.
  14. Name: Danny Jones Date of birth: 14.10.92 Place of birth: Manchester Preferred Squad Number: 7 Position(s): ST, AMLR Four strong attributes: Pace, Acceleration, Composure, Finishing A preferred move: Places shots, tries killer ball often. Four weak attributes: Aggression, Marking, Long throws, Corners, Balance Favourite clubs: Manchester United Disliked clubs: Barcelona, Manchester City Favourite people: Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes Disliked people: Carlos Tevez, Joey Barton