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    Veteran of CM2 and versions up to FM04 - rediscovered FM10 and happy making the missus a FM widow :)

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    Darts and triathlon (no, really!!)

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  1. Don't think City qualified this season - Everton, Fulham and Villa did. Man City were in it last year
  2. :DWalsall - 2nd Season Championship GK- Nikolay Mihaylov (free) DL - Olivier Bernard (free) DC - Bobo Balde (free), James Chester (free) DC - Izzy Iriekpen (free), Manny Smith (youth) DR - Thomas Holbien (free), Mark Clamy (free) DMC - Irele Apo (free), Brynar Gunnarsson (free) MC - David Noble (free), Malaury Martin (loan) MC - Paul Wotton (£1k) FC - Fabien Brandy (free) FC - Nwankwo Kanu (free), Troy Deeney (youth) FC - Marek Saganowski (free), Alex Nicholls (youth) As you can see, went a bit mental and blew a grand on Wotton. Otherwise not spent a penny...
  3. That's good dedication B2KZ - think I'd have moved on by now. Further update on my first season as Walsall manager (see above - if anyone is listening ) - played the final three games and won them all!! Clinched promotion away at Carlisle - was 2-1 down with 10 mins left, but won 3-2. Last day was party time at the Bescot, and we beat second placed MK who also got promoted to clinch the title. 27 unbeaten!! Sobered up when all the loanees went home leaving a VERY thin squad. I will have to start a career thread now (so promise no more updates here!!)
  4. A slightly defensive 4-3-3 has seen my Walsall team go on a 24 game unbeaten run (midfield is dmc and two mc). What I have found is that I'm far more tight at the back playing this formation.
  5. Update - now 24 games unbeaten (incl Leeds away 1-1, Huddersfield were top and beat them 3-1 without breaking sweat). Three games to go, one point behind the top two (Hudd and MK) - got MK last game at the Bescot. Hmmm - this is turning into a career description. Good job I'm not on the LLM forum...
  6. Currently with Walsall (started again) - 1st season about fifth with ten games to go. Currently on 17 game unbeaten run having switched to 4-3-3. Not sure I'll catch the top two, but a shoe in for the playoffs
  7. The Miner

    help- team crisis talk

    Frustrating isn't it - had it on a Colchester save. Half the squad kept moaning cos the club was underacheiving and I'd just taken over as the previous manager got the sack - I;m thinking 'give me a chance, I've barely sat down in the job' and then 'well if you all pulled your fingers out, we wouldn't be underacheiving would we??' Luckily went on a run and they all cheered up (till we lost the playoffs). Get new players or a new challenge, or get them back up to second.
  8. The guy on the PC world/Who wants to be a Millionaire ad break sponsorship bit seems to be able to sort anything. My laptop has 2.0ghz dual core processor and 3.0gb RAM, plus 256mb graphics. Would run at 4 - 5 stars for a couple of leagues and have not really noticed any slowdown for 6 leagues on medium database Cst me £450 18 months ago
  9. IIRC (and just to confuse matters) people born in the Channel Isles could play for any of the home nations (England, Wales, NI or Scots) plus France.
  10. The Miner

    % of transfer revenue made available

    I dream of 35% - you get 20% at the Mighty Saddlers Then again no-one I've got is worth anything, and no-one worth anything wants to come, so it never really bothers me....
  11. Just wondering what he asked for - did you knock him down from say, a fiver?? If you ever saw Paul Parker play, you'll know what a small guy with 20 jumping looks like (he was 5'6'', but was amazing in the air)
  12. Cm97/98 time - anybody ever buy Ralph Brand from Brechin for peanuts - think I ended up selling him to Man U for £7M ish a few times? Don't think he ever made it out of the lower leagues Others have been mentioned, I always started with Walsall so had Dean Keates to begin with then - he was very useful tho
  13. Done it with Walsall a few times - but always get frustrated at lack of funds and move on. Best one was when they won it after I left with the squad I'd built (CM 04 I think) - but they needed to beat my Bolton team on the last day to do it otherwise ManUre would take it. Nil nil at 85 mins (despite me playing a surprising number of reserves - don;t think the FA would have been happy), I had to put my keeper up front to allow them to score.... (ahem) Walker Stadium - oh dear?? Sounds too much like a Leicester Ground!!! Surely O'connor Park would have been better...
  14. Can't seem to stop conceding away. Have let in three in every game so far!! Grrr Last one was 3-1 defeat v Liverpool, despite 6 on target vs 4 for them. Think I need to blow my transfer wedge on a decent keeper...