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  1. Brexit and FM17

    Interesting to see what people think of this. I'm planning on managing San Marino so I don't expect it to affect me either way. I do do wonder for people who think a hard brexit will ruin their game, what they will do if it occurs IRL? As a long save player I am equally excited to see how a hard brexit (which as I alluded to won't affect me and as such is the outcome I will hope for) effects the EPL in terms of the AI squad building etc
  2. Good luck in Gibraltar Jimbo!
  3. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    I had the exact same thing in my second season. After the YC match, they appear in green on your u18 screen
  4. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    Good to see some activity in the thread again, Ive just completed my second season but Ive not got round to writing the updates yet. I have been thoroughly enjoying the Serie D, especially having to have at least one u18 in the starting 11. Thats a great goal amosbastian, the only one Ive seen has been against me
  5. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    I cant speak for the youth only but for the NT, the problem exists whenever you take charge, although if you are consistently qualifying, eg. when you are producing high quality players, then you could well keep the job past the 4 campaigns.
  6. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    I have no idea, nor does the member of the SI staff who I was speaking to on the matter. I would assume not and it may be a case that a 3rd or 4th place finish would be acceptable.
  7. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    On the NT front I believe you get 4 full qualifying campaigns, whether you can reapply much later on, Im not sure. I couldn't 4 years after my sacking
  8. Players for National Team

    You can't speak to them, you have to wait for them to decide to play for your NT. Just keep trying to call them up at every squad selection
  9. Seria B Prelim

    Did you finish higher than your opponent? Did you have the (h) next to your name on the post match result screen? Eg. 'You h2-2 Opponent' I think the rules are incorrectly stated on the rules page looking at it If you check the rules for the semi finals it states that the 2nd leg will go to extra time and penalties if the scores are still level, but it also states that the higher seeded side goes through if the scores are still level. I was always under the impression that the higher seeded team went through at a draw in all playoff rounds
  10. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    Yes, Parma have such a high reputation, they are promoted 99% of the time EDIT: I have just restarted the challenge, but downloaded the bottom 2 divisions of the ITA structure, so I have taken over in the Serie D in the first season
  11. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    Ooh, I've just remembered that there is a Serie D file somewhere. So Im off to the unknown!
  12. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    So the 16.3 update was released today. Unfortunately there has been no change on the NT front. The member of the testing team who looked into it has said that the issue will remain under review so it can be addressed in future versions. They are also not entirely sure what the player could do in the qualifying campaigns to keep the job, so the best thing to do will be hold out untill you have a few stars and hope you can carve out some really solid campaigns. I'm holidaying from the start again for the 2 seasons so I should be back up and running again tonight!
  13. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate that this is not a high priority case. Out of interest, is it a case of only getting 4 qualifying campaigns, regardless of relative success (ie, not losing every game) or is there anything that the player or AI could do to not get sacked after the 4th campaign? I would assume that qualifying would be one, but would you then get sacked for failing to qualify for the next tournament? Again thanks for your time, Dan
  14. Hi guys, I posted a thread in the bug forum about the San Marino national team http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/451969-San-Marino-national-team-FA-too-trigger-happy Has there been any changes made in regards to this? Thank you Dan
  15. FM16 The Sammarinese Challenge.

    Did Iceland qualify through the Euro qualifying group stage?