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  1. Multi-monitor support?

    Its just a few lines of code Jpr to add it into the game without having to jump through hoops like I did. Bother SI games so they know you want it
  2. Multi monitor skin, is it possible?

    Bother SI games until they add like 9 lines of code to make it do it. I use Oracle Virtual Box to run a windows XP computer inside of my win7 computer, seems to work fairly well (the game crashes in 3D mode on the VM tho, doesnt support oracles flavor of 3D card). (still stuck with using two separate users tho). Basically you click the button to broadcast your single player game to multiplayer then log in the other computer (or virtual machine).
  3. Multi-monitor support?

    This is what you guys are missing, and what SI Games makes me jump through many many hoops to get, like running a virtual machine. The game works quite well with two monitors, and there is little that would need to be changed to allow multi monitor, single computer, single user access. By the way, I'm Tootin. I can get multiple camera angles, and tactical pages up at the same time, no switching back and forth.
  4. Multi monitor skin, is it possible?

    This is what you guys are missing, and what SI Games makes me jump through many many hoops to get, like running a virtual machine. The game works quite well with two monitors, and there is little that would need to be changed to allow multi monitor, single computer, single user access. By the way, I'm Tootin.
  5. Multi monitor skin, is it possible?

    I am a network engineer and a C/C++ programmer, this would be incredibly easy to implement. Its already in the game. They just don't have settings to allow it to happen. (setting one allowing two FM2012s running on the same OS at once, setting two allowing two networked games to log into the same user.) easy as pie to fix. The only things that would have to be implemented ontop of removing restrictions would be to make them send simple instructions back and forth to determine which game will take the match engine and its tv view, and which would take the tactical screen. Or actually that could be foregone for an even easier implementation of having the first started client always the host/match-engine.
  6. Multi monitor skin, is it possible?

    I run two games inside of virtual machines using virtualized 3d cards, not a problem at all. both 1920x1200. Network game one is a manager that i started a while back who has brought up a low league dutch team to eridivise, and the other is working on the pentagon challenge. However I would still like to log two screens into the same user. Also, I would really really really like to load two games on the same operating system. That would really be nice. Running two games networked together really doesnt slow anything down. Only one of them is doing the number crunching.
  7. Multi-monitor support?

    I agree mbarbaric, it is possible, but you have to jump through hoops to make it work, you need two machines, or virtual machines to override the multi client restrictions, also SI games wont let you log into the same manager from two computers. If they fix these two things, multiscreening will be very doable.
  8. Multi monitor skin, is it possible?

    Would not take long at all to implement, this game already has netcode, two seperate processes, (individual games) on the same computer using network game both logged in as the same user by default. Could be implemented in a number of hours by a single programmer.
  9. Multi-monitor support either natively or through multi-login of the same user through netcode.
  10. Multi monitor skin, is it possible?

    The current gui is quite sufficient. I would think that the entirety of the code necessary to implement a partially working solution should be very very small, could release a hack/patch which is unsupported then use that as a testbed to see what works and what doesnt. Let the players find the problems then fix them as they are reported. Netcode... The frameworks are already there. The small number of users who would like to do this wouldn't be picky about having it perfect or feature rich or catered to.
  11. Multi monitor skin, is it possible?

    Not at all. Id be fine with two seperate screens, even with two seperate executables running mabye leveraging current netcode to allow multiple logins to the same user. just make it to where when you start a match one of them goes to TV view the other to tactical edit segment. link the buttons like continue and pause between the two instances, and done.
  12. Multi-monitor support?

    The netcode is already there, just allow someone to log into the same user twice from the local computer.
  13. Multi-monitor support?

    Dual monitor would not require a rework of the gui. just have two seperate guis, two running exe's or two running viewports to the same exe, with certain buttons linked like continue while all other buttons are local to that viewport only.
  14. Multi-monitor support?

    Imagine comparing two players side by side, in their normal information pages. Does this seem too useful to you? It does to me. Comparing your whole team to another team? This also sounds good. Would a real manager compare each player side by side on paper or a computer? I think so. No, it is not possible. Someday some big-shot at SI games will implement the 50 lines of code to do this. Then his boss will fire him. Then they will make sure that code never makes it into the game. This is how software "design" works. Make sure one guy picks how everything in the world works. Creativity is Satan, unless it is the designer's own.
  15. Dual Displays Problem

    Yes there is a great solution for your problem, Nirsoft WinExplorer. Open it, find football manager in the list (make sure the football manager is the size and shape you want it). If you want to do away with all of the junk around the window like the border and the taskbar -> click style, then unclick WS_THICKFRAME, WS_SYSMENU, WS_DLGFRAME and WS_BORDER. Then click the football manager item in the taskbar and minimize it. Then click it again to bring it back up. If the size or position is currently not exactly what you want click the size and position tab and edit the numbers