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  1. Well done ajw10, you'll get the league next time. I didn't realise Walcott's contract expires in 2016. Went to negotiate with him and he's demanding £180K, 40K Appearance bonus, £20K unused sub fee and a £3.4M loyalty bonus. He performed well for me the year before, but I can't bring myself giving him really anything above his current contract. However, I have just sold Cazorla for £15M to PSG and would be light on the flanks. I've go Vitinho from CSKA coming in for £100K, but he's mainly back up. Anyone got any ideas what I should do and any potential replacements for him?
  2. Looks promising to me. I would personally have Khedira in a defence duty and Honda in support, but otherwise looks good, would be interesting to see how well this gets on. I assume Walcott will be playing up front when he's back from injury if you continue to use this system?
  3. Season 2014/15 Review. After stuttering at times during the season and not hitting our best, we came into a purple patch of form come March to have an even more sucessful season that the one before. Premiership Won the game with 5 games spare. Was a much tougher race than 13/14 though, City were really battling with me up until the end of march. F.A. Cup Was on paper an easier passage to the final, we just made it hard for ourselves, having replays against Millwall and Ipswich. However we got to Wembely and Captain Marvel won the cup for us. Champions League. Went past Spartak Moscow with ease, the same surprisingly with P.S.G, winning 8-4 on aggregate. Tough Semi against a very good Stuttgart side. This lead to Real Madrid in the final. I wanted to avenge the semi-final defeat from the year before, and we did exactly that. Bernard's goal was brilliant. I'm very happy to of won the 'treble'. Hopefully it's the first of many European Cups. Here's my squad at the end of the season. Everyone picked up their form when I changed to my 4-3-3. I'm really quite happy with the squad and any major transfers coming in will revolve around players departing. Rosicky has retired and become a coach. He actually had a man of the match performance in his last game at home, 2 goals and 2 assists. Jenkinson has been told he'd be sold at the end of the season. I'm tempted to sell Cazorla. Struggled to get into the 1st team on many occasion, plus I want to free up space for Zelalem when he returns. If a big offer comes in for Koscielny I may be tempted to sell as well. Transfers I am looking at are maybe a new young striker to play back up to Giroud and Mitrovic who will be on rotation next year as Mitrovic has developed a lot, and possibly a new young AML to compete with Bernard. I've eyed up some 18-19 year old regens in Argentina and Brazil who potentially look really good and not too expensive, but if anyone has any suggestions that would be great. Really enjoying his years edition of the game so far. Everything seems more refined.
  4. I would say Mitrovic, he's younger and potentially could be better, and should be cheaper. However, I am biased seeing as he is the only striker I've signed on the game so far and he's been great for me. Benteke destroyed me in games for Villa though and would probably make a more immediate impact.
  5. Hello I had the same problem on FM13. Basically, I'm in my second season. I just won the league, f.a. cup and champions league. However on the hall of fame it says I have only won the f.a. cup and champions league. The year before, I had won the League, F.A. Cup and League Cup. These haven't been noted by the hall of fame and it just says I have 1 major trophy and one minor trophy. I can guarantee that if i have a similar season again, the same thing will happen. The same exact thing happened on FM13 and I was never able to see how well I performed in the overall leaderboards in my long term saves. Even though I love the game, it dampens it that little bit that I can't necessarily compete in the hall of fame. I run the game on a Mac. IHaving done a google search, I've then searched my computer for a hall_of_fame.dat file but can't find it, and I remember i couldn't find it on FM13 either. Could someone please give me some help into resolving this issue and/or where I can get the file above if I need it. Thanks
  6. The league was all sewn up by beating Liverpool and City failing to win with 5 games left. Haven't won a league game since, 0-0 at Spurs, and lost 2-1 to both Stoke and Chelsea, all games were away though and did not play my strongest team in either of the games. Just beat a very good and tough Stuttgart team 2-0 on aggregate to reach the Champions League final. Now I've got Man City in the F.A. Cup final. The treble is still alive.
  7. CM, as a Advanced playmaker - Attack, next to B2B. Sometimes to accomodate Wilshere and Ramsey, I'll push Ozil out wide right as a Inside Forward attack, though I rather have him central. Have only just started to train him to CM an accomplished position for him.
  8. Lone CF-Attack. Performed much better in a 4-3-3 than he did in a 4-2-31. Gets a lot of goals from crosses from my RW/RB
  9. Was only able to beat City 2-0 after my game crashed. However, i did manage to pull this result off. Mitrovic is really performing for me now, which is great as Giroud is injured for a month. I have a feeling he could be unplayable in a season or two.
  10. I aim for at least 4.5*. So far I've been trying to get at least 5 in as early as possible, so I can develop them how I want. Though there are some on my shortlist that I'm going to wait to see how they develop elsewhere.
  11. Unfortunately, my game just decided to quit on me, meaning I've got to re play the City game AND the 2-1 win away at PSG I'm confident I can repeat near enough the same results.
  12. This just put me 11 points clear with 7 games to go. Next up Champions League Quarter Final tie against PSG with a F.A. Cup Semi-Final with Everton sandwiched between the games. The treble is on!!!
  13. That is true. Different players have different instructions for when they play eg Bernard is IF Attack, Cazorla Support, Campbell Winger attack. I also change between attacking and counter depending on opponents.
  14. Decided before my 4th round replay to Milwall to temporarily drop my 4-2-3-1, as I can only assume teams had cracked it. Changed my 4-3-3 that I hadn't used to often and everything for now has turned around. Giroud has gone from having only scored 9 goals all season up until February, to scoring 7 in 5. Mitrovic has got 5 in the 2 games he's played. Walcott, Chamberlain and Bernard have all started chipping in. I have been letting goals in though, Southampton 5-4, Fulham 4-3, Ipswich 5-3. I guess with the way I set my team out it is expected, but I like taking the I'll score than you approach .
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