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  1. Chapter 37 - The End So I died...left for dead in a mob hit...two shots in the head end this save...who knows if we will be back from the dead in FM20? Thanks to all of you that followed this story!
  2. Chapter 36 - Ups and Downs It was too good to last...quickly the team fell below the pre-season quality and the start of the league was absolutely disastrous. We started with 3 losses and despite having scored in all games in the league this far, the last 20 minutes of most matches have been very hard to take with the team taking 2 or 3 goals in the last 10 minutes in more than one occasion. We managed to grab our first win against the team that was first in the league at that moment. Then we went and won againsta AVes, but when everything was going well again...damm another loss. All an all the spot at the moment is at our expectations and we need to keep it that way. Also some info on the cup: first time in the clubs history we manage to go thorugh in two games but the line will be over in the next game as we were tied with Benfica...I just hope we dont get completly trashed! Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  3. Chapter 35 - Season IX - Professionals Well...now we were in the second league and with the fresh money, the first thing that management decided to do was spending 220k euros on new grass. So that meant that we did not have so much to buy the much needed new players. We did not sell anyone (although we let go a few) and with the short budget, the best we could get was some better players from the lower divisions and a few youngsters loaned out by clubs in the first league. Playing LLM is very difficult to do much more than this, the budget for transfers, salary and even scouting is very very slim for the division we will compete at. Mostly due to the conditions mentioned above, I was not expecting the team to perform so well. In terms of friendlies we did do what we should (winning against the weaker opponents) and more (drawing against better opponents). In the first participation of the team in the league cup, we did almost reach the group stage. After a good win against Setubal, we did lose to Belenenses, although we were the best of the two sides. Maybe this team has enough to stay up... Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  4. Chapter 34 - Promotion without title After the good months, came a bad start of March...after those two loses against Alverca and Oriental, I almost believed that our race was over...but not quite, something happened to the players and we won the next 5 matches straight, putting us again in the title place. In the end we almost lost it with a draw and a loss against teams we should have done better against, but all in all that win against Vilafranquense, sealed the deal! 71 points, 1st place in the series and a playoff spot. So in the playoffs in order to secure promotion we need to pass through two adversaries. The first one was Pinhalnovense who ended up being very soft. We did win both games by the tightest of margins, but we were completly superior in every single aspect. Next came Cesarense and that was a tough one. In fact so tough that after a 0-3 defeat at home I was already preparing next season in this league, but a miracle came and we won away by 4-1, making the promotion a reality. The last game was to decide who won the league, but we were too drunk to play it...**** it we got what we came for: promotion, 4 players in the best eleven and manager of the season! Cant wait for next season! Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  5. Chapter 33 - In the right path! We knew we would not be able to keep up the pace and win every single game like we did in the beginning of the season, specially in a league where quality is very even between sides...and that loss by the end of October against Fatima, did take its toll. The next two games ended up again with losess against Casa Pia and Alverca, and despite a small recovery against Oriental and Benfica B, we finished the month of November with a new loss, this time against Vilafranquense, a team who is also battling to go up!. We ended up compensating a bit the bad month of November, with December and January... ...where we did not lose a single game, but did lose some points with draws against teams we should have done better against, like Cartaxo or Eletrico. I know there are still some games to ho till the end of the season, but even after a takeover that did not bring any financial advantage to the club, things look goo enough for a playoff challange right until last weekday. Lets see what the last strech brings. I am ready for the fight! Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  6. Chapter 32 - Thats the way! After a long season of friendlies, it would be hard to have a better start than the one we did. The team won the first 6 games of the league and only lost the 7th one because we were cheated by the ref against title contender Fatima. But almost as important as the amount of wins is the quality and the goals scored. Most of the time we did make at least 3 past the goal and only on one occasion did we fail to score. Also in the cup, it was by far the best season with the team reaching the third round only to lose againt a team higher in the league than us! Perfection does not last forever and from one moment to the other and while I was still searching for one or two players...boom embargo! At least I hope that the takover will result in some investment that the team really needs. Moving on and looking at the table, I know that we just started but I am sure that the team is already aware by now that we will challenge for the title and fight for one of those top 2 places...who knows...maybe we win this! Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  7. Chapter 31 - Season 25/26 - To do more than last year To be honest at the beginning of the season I looked at the team and saw no reason for anyone to leave. Some of the kids from the youth squad went home packing but those were not first team players anyhow. We ended up also only buying the necessary players to streghten the squad in the defensive and attacking positions, leaving midfield a bit more vulnerable in terms of quality. Anyway, with this 6 new joiners I thing the team has enough quality and depth to at least fight until the last weekday for a spot in the top 2. Before talking about the friendlies, I just want to point out with a certain joy that Benfica went back to his glorious european past...and as always they lose the finals... I think Benfica´s manager cannot see anymore british teams. In terms of friendlies, on average we were pretty good. We did lose against tougher opponests as the cases of Porto and Extremadura and the two loses against teams of our quality were games where I was testing a new tactical model...and that did not go so well. All of this just leaves me with more confidence to get the playoff spot this year! Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  8. Chapter 30 - All well in the end The end of the league was a mixture between what we did well in the second part of the season and what we did wrong in the first third... The thing didnt start that pretty but we ended up with 3 wins and a draw. Now I am just waiting that the next season will be more like how we finished it this one... Bad news come from the youth squad. The club is now owing close to 600k Euros, so there was a disinvestment in the youth squad in the last couple of years...the result is that an overperformer in the past, the youth team just got relegated. The senior team, ended the season with an 8th place in the table which was far from my personal objective in the beginning of the season, but still only 11 points away from playoffs...lets build on this and do better next season! Thanks to all of you that follow this story!6
  9. Chapter 29 - Much better! After a horrible start of the league, the team finally had a nice strech of games once teams of an easier level came into the schedule. The months of November to January were particularly good and saw the team, lead by Klismahn, managing to secure good results even against teams theoretically stronger than ours. On a note of interest, is the game against Vilafranquense, that saw a first half with 3 goals scored in min 45 and 5 goals in total, but a completly dull 0-0 result in the second half! Despite the much better results and knowing that mathematically anything is possible still, the hard reality is that with 11 games to go till the end of the season, we have a lot of fixtures against tougher opponents and crossing those 6 points difference we have to the second place, would mean that all the other teams in the upper part of the table had to lose a lot of points...I think this season we will just keep it mid table and wait for more next season! Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  10. Chapter 28 - What is going on? After a good performance in the friedlies and also of course mostly due to the good season we had last year, both me, the players and the supporters of Olivais, were waiting for the team to fight at least for a playoff place this season...But things did not start as planed...we lost the first game to Alverca by 2-3 and in the first game in our Branca Lucas stadium another defeat against Vilafranquense. The thing got even worse after we got eliminated right in the first cup game against a team that was inferior to us... We were slightly better after that and we did get positive outcomes against Sintrense and Sertanense, but soon we ended up losing again versus a team that was clearly at our reach. We ended up this first part of the season with a win against the fragile Alcobaca and a loss away to the biggest title contender Leiria away... The balance is not very good and now we really need to pull our **** together if we are to reach a proper mid-table finish...which is already lower than planned... Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  11. Well it wasnt close either...lets see when or if we reach the Segunda Liga that quickly...
  12. Chapter 27 - Epoca VII (24/25) - Keeping the position! Despite the concern that we might be going to fast, after last season, we could only hope that in this next season, we would at least try to get to playoff places. So we went to the market and we tried to get players with experience in the divisions above. The main transfers come from two teams in the division above, specially Real Massama, but we also secured free transfers and other good players, that might be enough (I hope) to get to a playoff place. In terms of friendlies, we could hardly be any better with the team scoring a lot of goals and no losing a single game, but despite the great results, including the wins against Leixoes, the last two games before the real fixtures start, were a bit of a let-down...two draws against teams that we should be winning is a worry...and makes me doubt if we can fight for the playoffs...but maybe we can... Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  13. Chapter 26 - Hard to ask for more... We finalized the season in good fashion, mostly taken the fact that in the last 8 games in the league, we only lost 2 points. In the end of this CNS return better than that was the fact that we finally were able to be a good defensive team and that in the attack Keita went already on another good spell... The 5th place is awsome when at the beginning of the season we were shooting for a place in the mid table (9th to 11th). I need to congratulate the players that ended up only 10 points away from a playoff spot. We this result for next year, I have to see if with another 2 or 3 good players, we can challenge for the playoff... Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  14. Chapter 25 - Tranquility We knew from the start that we would not be able to mantain the level of the start of the season. Mainly when we started to play against the the thougher opponents in this league, as it is the case of Casa Pia, Loures, Sacavenense or Oriental, we started to drop points. Of course we had our objectives clearly defined as a mid table finish and that helped when teh team started losing some games, to no get disappointed. We were still making a lot of goals... ...but defensively we were far from being a good team and that is what pisses me of at the moment. All and all we are already far from the promotion places, but more important than that, we are even further from the relegation zone. Now we just need to keep the pace for the remainder of the season and start preparing the next one, where a better place in the table is expected. For now, 5th place in the table is more than I had hopped for in the beginning of the season, so I am happy with my boys! Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  15. Chapter 24 - Now we are ready for CNS This time we did not start in such a bad fashion as in the first time we were in this division. Actually the first game was not perfect...we did draw but another 7 games were needed for us to taste defeat for the first time. I can say honestly that most of these wins were against teams that are far from being top contenders...well Torreense was actually the first candidate to promotion that we faced, but even against them and with a defeat we only lost by a goal and we were never the worst team in the game...the game could have fallen either way... So after 7 games we are in the first place in the league...and I know that the position is hardly sustainable and when we start playing against other good teams, I am sure that the amount of wins will fall. But one this I know, we will not be battling for relegation this season! In the cups we were able to win the supercup of Lisbon and in the Portugal cup, for the first time, we passed one of the games...we did not pass the second game against a better team like Vizela...but this is also not our fight! Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  16. hapter 23 - Epoca VI (23/24) - CNS second try! Ok so we were back in the third division of national football and the big objective of the season was exactly that we would not do the same we did 2 seasons ago, were if you remember well, we got relegated... For that and as I had already comented in the last post, due to the fact that mathematical promotion happened so early in the past season, the preparation for this one, started very early. Basically research was done in the months of March and April and given the fact that our relegation was still worst than most teams in our division, the solution was... Loans...lots of loans. I went out knocking on the doors of the teams in the first league and Real Massama mas the one that came through. Nothing less than 5 guys joining the team on loan, that together with another player from Vitoria de Setubal, create what for me is a team able to compete for a safe place in the division this season. We ended up also hiring some guys from Belenenses and some free transfers and we were able to keep all important players from last season... The friendlies were good although I do admit that besides Kaiserslautern, the other teams were far from superpowers... Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  17. Chapter 22 - Back to CNS It ended up being much easier than anyone had anticipated in the biginning of the season. We already had a big advantage over Belenenses and after a few games we were virtual champions...and that was probably the biggest problem this season. With the promotion in the bag, the team relaxed and in the Lisbon Cup against a team of Santa Iria that was growing, we end up having some lousy games and being eliminated one game away from the final.... The end of the season was hard to go through, but we still ended up winning the league with 13 points difference for Santa Iria, showing that contrary to the first time that we were in this division (and struggled until the last game to achieve promotion), this time the team was ready to go up. With time already in March I started preparing the team for the CNS and I am expecting a hectic transfer market. Once more I was elected Manager of the season and this time I also had the best scorer (Keita) and the best player (Diogo Godinho). Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  18. Chapter 21 - Saint Keita! After the good first third of the season where things were already looking good, the second third was probably the best sequence of games and football played that I have lived through since I began this adventure in Olivais. More than the positive results, the team is also playing extremly well and in most games is demolishing the other teams. I conceed that defensively, the team is far from being perfect, but the attack has been a complete joy to watch...mostly due to our star Saint Keita and friends! Only 8 games away from the end of the league, promotion is almost a reality. Belenenses after a good start, went completly downhill with a large series of bad results, so they are already 13 points away.... This means that at this point we are almost there and we need to concentrate now on getting new signings for next season and see if we can do something in the Lisbon cup, where afte a tight win in penalties on the round of 16 and a good win against our rivals in the quarter finals, we are close the final... Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  19. Chapter 20 - Again Belenenses! Back to the district league, we end up facing old friends of ours. The difference this time is basically that we will be fighting for the title instead of fighting for a place in the middle of the season. So as said, the biggest objective was to get to CNS again as fast as possible...but the first 4 games were far from perfect. Keita was not playing as I was expected and we ended up drawing 3 games against teams we should have won easily. But then against Santa Iria something changed, the team started playing well and the goals started to fall....so finally we were on track...but... Belenenses was again a challenge...out of all other games this was the one that we ended up losing points with... Specially bad was the fact that they were the ones in the first place in the league and now we are simply trailing... Well but there is still a lot of games to go this season and we are playing well, also in the lisbon cup we had a good start, although unconvincing we did win the first 2 games by a single goal. Of course this competition is not amazing and a big objective, but a nice to have! Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  20. Chapter 19 - Season V (22/23) - Welcome Keita, we need to go up again! Despite the relegation, we were able to keep most of our good players...exceptions were Babacar and Alexandre Serafim. We had to dive into the market and despite not having signed a lot of new players, we brough the most important thing: quality! From Sporting comes a young goalkeeper (Silva), from Vitoria de Setubal we secured 2 loans for the attacking midfield and on free transfers come the right defender Balde and the biggest signing this club has ever seen...the guinean international, Alhassane Keita, someone that is a blessing to have accepted a contract from our side! Meaning in the end we expect Keita to bring quality and goals to the team. He still was not able to demonstrate his skill yet, although he did score 3 goals in 6 games, but he is still adpating and there is still time to work and adapt. At least he already demonstrated the needed quality to score the goals we need to reach our objective this season...Promotion! Origado a todos os que acompanham e sobretudo a quem comenta!
  21. Chapter 18 - Relegated in the last day! Despite the relative success we had in the end of the last series, quickly the good work of those two months went away with the terrible results and performances we had against both the teams on the top of the table as well as in the ones fighting for relagation in this last part of the leagues... The gods threw the dices and with two weekdays to go, the team was fighting with other two teams (Idanhense and Alcains) not to be in the last two relegations spots by the last weekday...and those two we would face in the last two games of the season! In the first game at home we ended up drawing unfairly against Idanhense and from then on, we were not only dependent on ourselves to stay up. We had some luck and Alcains did not manage to make a single point agains Casa Pia in their second to last game. So last weekday was easy, we had to win against Alcains away (hardest portion) and Idanhense could not win against Torreense home. So our team did the best and won by 3-0 but Idanhense against all odds won against Torreense and won the last spot in the league...we will go down to the 4th tier and face Belenenses again! Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  22. Chapter 17 - In trouble! You could see already in the last update that I shared, that the team started having some difficulties, despite the good place on the table. Well, from there things just went downhill and the next 6 games ended all in defeats. Some of them were clearlzy against teams that are better than ours, but others, specially when our attacker Nhaga was under performing, where within our reach. That is when I changed a few players and mixed it up a bit in the tactics and in the next 8 we only lost a single game... But after those 6 defeats it was unavoidable that the team would go down on the table and at the moment we are fighting the relagation battle. There are clearly 4 teams that will only be saved by a miracle and we are fighting with Idanhense, Benfica CB and Montijo to not get that last relegation place...There are still 14 games left till the end of the season, but I can see this only being a relagation battle right until the end. On a personal level, I am not able to get better as a coach, due to the financial situation of the club, which does not pay for my coching courses...but at least I am still recieving proposals from other clubs...this time it was Estoril from the second division that came knocking...and that I rejected, Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
  23. Chapter 16 - CNS level difficulty! Once we arrived in this 3rd tier we knew that the difficulties would be much bigger than what we were used to in the past. Actually the beginning of the competitive season might make it look easier than it is since we had 10 points in the first 4 games. But looking closer we can see that these games if we take out the first match against Vilafranquense, were far from being against top teams. Further down the series we had difficulties against Eletrico Ponte de Sor and despite good results against Oriental and Marinhense, the fact is that up to now if it wasnt for Daniel Nhaga goals (by far our best acquisition), we would not be so well placed in the table! So just to make it clear, at the moment after just 8 games we are doing quite well in the league. But lets not party already since there are still a lot of games to be played and we have not yet played against the best teams of the division (mainly Torreense and Sacavanense). In terms of cups, the things did not go so well. In the Lisbon cup for the fisrt time we were out in the first round in a game against an old adversary of ours, that we should have won without much problem...in the Portugal cup we were also not able to win against Casa Pia, a team in our division...well **** the cups then! Thanks to all of you that follow this story!
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