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  1. Was sitting in French when I heard about this; really want the dutch to win this, I reckon the only truely massive rival is Argentina.
  2. Who should be a -10

    I just read about his international debut - fair enough, I'll take it back.
  3. Who should be a -10

    Has he got a cap? if so, I'll take that all back, cuz that'd be quite amazing.
  4. Who should be a -10

    I'm not denying that he's good, but he also needs to prove himself at the top to be considered truely a world beater; I don't think that's unreasonable.
  5. Who should be a -10

    Messi moved to Barca at 13, was playing at 16 Portugal is no slouch either, certainly do well in CL for example. Cristiano was known by the club as a great talent and broke the team equally early. You don't see Belgium as some of the best in europe do you? They're lucky to get a team a year into the CL, let alone get past the group stages. Lukaku hasn't played in a top class league, thats simply fact - at best 8th in Europe - Behind: England, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany, Portugal, and Scotland. These countries are all better, no? Turkey too are better, if you want to include them as well.
  6. Who should be a -10

    Portillo, first person on that list was certainly on the verge of something at Real until the manager at the time got sacked - the next one just gave up on him and he lost confidence. Really should have been the Next Raul
  7. Who should be a -10

    Lukaku has yet to prove himself in a top class league though, he'd probably still do well though
  8. Who should be a -10

    He'll just be another Freddy Adu imo All the superstars today were never taken too much notice of - Cristiano was a great talent, but iirc not much notice was taken, Messi was considered second fiddle to Dos santos while he was younger too, I think Messi got over it by spending alot of time improving his Physical side. @Zele Ismail post.
  9. Who should be a -10

    I forgot about sterling - sorta screwed up going to Liverpool though, benitez has NO record of bringing through players, should've gone to Arsenal or Man Utd. He's reputed to be the next Rooney Victor Moses is highly rated, I've never seen him play though, is he any good?
  10. Who should be a -10

    Bojan had a good debut year and seems to have fizzled out from what I have seen. Yes he does have alot of potential but I doubt he is worthy of -10.
  11. Who should be a -10

    Nordtveit could also prove to be a dark horse, he's been good for Koln (is it Koln? I can't remember, its someone in Germany) I reckon he could have a breakthrough year next year Could well be a world class DM/CB in the future.
  12. Who should be a -10

    I think Kjaer has shown a lot, I guess he is a bit old, but I reckon he's on the same sorta level as Sakho in the future for example (imo)
  13. Who should be a -10

    Neymar seems to be showing alot too, although its debatable. Hope he doesn't go to chelsea or Man City, they'll wreck him as a player.
  14. Who should be a -10

    Nah, Canales's only problems is his Physical weakness, otherwise he's technically one of the most proficient players in La Liga - obviously behind all the megastars, but the best of the rest.
  15. Who should be a -10

    I reckon the "definitely going to become world class" statement is off the mark, what has, for example, Eduardo Salvio proved? Yes, he got a cap, but Maradona makes weird decisions, Higuain is awesome but iirc he doesn't even have 5 caps. But anyway, Kjaer. imo best CB at his age shown more than Otamendi atleast imo