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  1. OK seeing as there has been no post since my last I am not optimistic for an answer but here goes.... Trying to make a bid for a specific player and it won't allow me to exchange players. The transfer listed section is greyed out and when I go to rest of the squad the option to exchange players is not there. This has to be a specific issue with this player as the options are available with anyone else. So does anyone know the reason why exchanging players is not always possible?
  2. Thanks for the feedback so far. While I am trying to replicate the tactic in general I am not focussed too much on the Chelsea game specifically, I agree with DerKopite that the left was exploited due to the opposition rather than an ongoing plan. Played three league games prior to catching up with the thread with mixed results. After thumping Man U 4-0 first off have then lost away to Sunderland 1-0 and beat Crystal Palace 1-0. First thing of note is that I have had a rough start with injuries this save which have hampered things and exposed that when Rose is injured Davies is not good enough at WB to be effective in attack. Against Man U I was dominating until a couple of defensive injuries forced me to revert back to 4-2-3-1, still managed to add the last goal after this but possession dropped a little. In the loss an errant back pass cost us (FM proving a point on two BPD's?) and despite 26 shots could not break through. The Palace game was played 4-2-3-1 so nothing to focus on. Things I am going to tinker with following the feedback: Change the roles of the three defenders, agree with DBurns on this one. Dembele, CM SU with the dribble more instruction is definitely the way to go. However he is serving a big suspension following last seasons Chelsea game so the instruction will wait. Eriksen more direct with the passing is also a must. Dele Alli, Taking the Watford game into account as well I am still not sure shadow striker is the one to go for. plus he scored, set up two and got MotM for the Man U game so will stick as is for now : )
  3. Thanks for that, I had already changed Kane to complete forward as I feel that best suits his role. The overlap was more down to me not fully understanding the instruction. I always assumed the full backs would be looking to get forward ahead of the midfield, no matter how narrow. Have amended it thanks.
  4. Hi guys Looking to create a tactic based around the 3-4-2-1* tactic Spurs have employed over the last couple of games. I love the style of play Spurs have at the moment and have used their 4-2-3-1 formation previously to good effect. In all my CM / FM saves I have tended to stick with 4 at the back so this is a new one for me. Debatable whether you would call this a 3 or 5 at the back tactic, however the full backs spend so much time in the opposition half they should be looked at as midfielders. So below are my thoughts on how it should be deployed, however I do have some queries so any input would. I have only just started this save so will add updates for those (if any) are interested. GK - DE - Lloris BPD - DE - Alderweireld CD - DE - Dier BPD - DE - Vertonghen CWB - AT - Walker CWB - AT - Rose BWM - DE - Wanyama BBM - SU - Dembele AP - SU - Eriksen AM - AT - Alli CF - AT - Kane Team Instructions: Control mentality, Fluid Closing down more Play out of defence Exploit the flanks So my initial points to ponder: Debated between having Walker and Rose as Defensive wingers (SU) due to their average positions in game they are pretty much midfielders however purely based on the descriptions of each role the complete wing backs (AT) seem more realistic. Also has anyone had any success retraining these two as wing backs? Centre backs - having never tried three at the back this is one I am not sure on. IRL all three are ball playing defenders (each even supported attacks further afield at points of the game against Chelsea!) however I am bot sure this would work well in the game. Does FM respond well to two BPD's? Any thoughts on if this can be improved? Hugo Lloris - The defence will pass the ball back to him often (irl) in order to draw the opposition further upfield and start periods of possession. In this sense I would see him more as a sweeper however he rarely leaves his area so this doesn't translate well to the game. So my thoughts are to have him as GK-DE All comments / input greatly received. Thanks Darren
  5. promises are a bit silly this year I agree. Playing as Spurs Harry Kane was promised I would strengthen the squad in attack. He was unhappy prior to the Jan transfer window (first one for me!!) and even though I signed two more strikers he was still unhappy right up until we were guaranteed 2nd place.
  6. For those who are waiting to upgrade to FM17 Amazon are now selling this for £18 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01KLVIPVS?tag=eurgam-jdpost-21
  7. Hi guys. Having a bit of an issue with contracts and cannot see anything related in the bugs section so likely something I am doing wrong. Finished my first season with Spurs and both goalkeeping coaches and a few scouts have retired. I have approached a few to sign and all options are greyed out with the exception of walking away. I have also tried to sign players to new contracts with the same result. At present staff responsibility for these is set to me but I have also tried giving it to DoF. I have now been 2 weeks with a GK coach! ** EDIT: Seems a bit of IT magic was needed. Turned it off and on again and all is working fine, still miffed about Wembley mind : ) Also Spurs have just moved into their new home of... Wembley!!!!! What is all that about eh, been building the new stadium for long enough for this to be in the game, poor show SI.
  8. Evening all. I rarely move away from my beloved Tottenham saves but getting a little frustrated with dealing with stroppy players wanting to go to Man City Got a few friends who support Pompey so have a soft spot for them and fancy challenging myself to get a British only team to the Prem. Really looking forward to it and reading (ok skim reading after first page) your successes I think there is enough talent to get to the Prem, whether I could stay there however. Just started the save and have disabled first window transfers. Any must have freebies and staff you can recommend would be appreciated.
  9. ..... and Ben Davies has just done his cruciate ligaments and will be out for 9 months! Good news is Rose seems to be getting on with his recovery without too much fuss
  10. Build up to the second season and defence of the title has not been easy so far. Bit of squad disharmony as I wouldn't accept a £7m bid for Wimmer! Eventually I managed to get £14m from PSG and repair the damage. Trippier has also left after complaining that he didn't feel he was good enough, going to Liverpool for £9m. I have got Stones in and feel I have enough quality over the back until... Danny Rose has just picked up a hamstring injury and will be out for 3 weeks. Nothing bad there and having played 30 games last year relatively injury free you would think there would be no issue. However he is considering retiring from the game as he is convinced he will never be completely injury free! The game is giving me no option to discuss this with him, any advice? I have no money left in the pot (despite the big tv windfall the board offered no additional cash) so will be stuck with Davies and KWP or forced to sell. Liverpool have also bid for Kane which I rejected. He then asked for a new contract despite signing a new £120kpw deal just two months ago. He has sacked his agent at my request and hopefully that will be the end of it. Still plenty of big clubs circling and hoping they will start looking elsewhere. Man City seem to be interested in everyone despite already spending £120m after finishing 9th in the league. Surely the FFP will have an effect on them at some point and they will have to stop.
  11. I play a CM/DLP rather than DM and al of those are not rated as highly in that position. In your experience are they easy to retrain? Crisetig is not showing on my game, assume he is a bit obscure and I need to load different leagues to get him. Oh and Alli's goal today, wow wow wow
  12. Harsh, how long until Ronaldo retires? Failing that buy them OK I have decided to invest my transfer pot on a central midfielder, specifically a DLP. Any recommendations? Looking at up to £40m and interested in Spurs won season in, albeit as champions. Man City have bid for Alli and he got upset and asked for more money. Negotiations broke down as the agent would only accept max of £42m release fee and there is no way I am agreeing to that. Doesn't give me the option to ask for him to sack the agent yet. Failing that if I upped the agent fee next time do you think that could sway them to accept? I don't want any less than £50m release fee if there has to be one in there.
  13. Still available on a free, can't believe I missed that. TBF I am happy with Donarumma, looks pretty good.
  14. Laporte has signed for Man Utd already. Although it doesn't look it from the transfers so far I do have a preference towards British players hence my leaning towards Stones. Will wait and see what happens with Wimmer first. Also got all the big boys sniffing around Dier, Walker, Alli, Bentaleb, Kane and Trippier. Hopefully all will be happy staying after the league win. If not may have to do a complete squad overhaul
  15. On the lookout for a back up keeper to Lloris as Vorm got disgruntled and has been sold. What are your thoughts on Gianluigi Donnarumma from AC Milan? I have had a bid of £14m accepted and at 17 I am assuming he will be happy to play domestic cup games and warm the bench in others. Fair bit of cash but he is highly rated by the scouts and at such a young age should be good resale value. First season finished and won the league and Europa (beating Monaco 3-0 in the final), got to the semi final of the FA Cup (lost on pens to eventual winners Stoke) and out the of the league cup in the 4th round to Arsenal (who also won that cup, as well as the Champions league). Was taken to replays in the 3rd and 4th rounds of the FA Cup which caused a massive fixture pile up towards the end of the season. I played my final 7 games over a 15 day period!! In the league I lost two games with the first of those coming 28th Feb at home to Chelsea, the second also at home to Villa a few weeks later. Scored 75 goals and only conceded 27, helped massively by the fact I had no injuries to defenders all season. Fans player of the season was Dembele who averaged 7.68 in all comps playing mainly as a bbm, Kane finished top scorer with 28 then Eriksen netting (and assisting) 16. Had some surprisingly good performances out of Townsend, Njie, Pritchard, Winks. The latter playing 4 games towards the end of the season as CM/DLP and getting a 7.8 avg. Transfers were all in Jan as I always play with first window disabled. in: Jonathon Calleri £3.8m (7 goals in 7 starts / 12 sub app) Breel Embolo £10m - loaned back to Basel until end of season Youri Tielemans £13m - 21 games avg 7.18 playing either CM/DLP or CM/RMP Kristoffer Ajer £875k - loaned to Derby Gabriel Barbosa £21m - injured fir 9 months in first game out: Erik Lamela - £35m Was gutted to sell Lamela but he wanted to go and I managed to get £35m up front from Real Madrid. I was planning to sell Chadli that window but he was superb second half of the season so no complaints. Only other disappointment is Kevin Wimmer who wanted more playing time which I assured him he would get. In total he played 28 games in all comps (avg 7.34) yet was still unhappy that this wasn't enough. All the top teams are sniffing around him despite a £25m price tag, could I get more? So where to go from here in the market? I honestly don't know where to invest. I will need another CD when Wimmer leaves and will look to get Stones. I should probably look at strengthening the AMR position but Son and Townsend performed very well and Barbosa will be back in October. Thoughts?
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