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  1. I was curious about what roles people have been using for our attacking midfielders. I've been struggling to find a good balance between defence, playmaking, and penetration
  2. Maybe you just need a break from it or another complex game to get into for a while. As good as it can get, I don't think it's reasonable to expect any game to satisfy you every day for years on end. Do you enjoy 4x or grand strategy type games?
  3. I think one way to fix this would be with abstraction. So for every press conference instead of clicking through every single question that you've answered a hundred times already, you chose a general tone (calm, aggressive, assertive, etc) or confidence level (low, medium, high, etc), and then you can maybe choose to answer one question on a topic of your choice if there's a specific issue you want to address. This would cut down on the tedium and make it easier to understand the consequences of your choices.
  4. I haven't seen any skins that work well with Zoom 125% enabled. The small text just hurts my eyes too much if I don't enable this. Anyone?
  5. Goals conceded from Set-Peices

    Are all players on zonal mark 6 yard box? What about CBs or players on posts or players staying forward? It'd be helpful if you posted your exact setup if you've had a lot of success defending
  6. Seems like you've already identified your problems, so it should be easy to fix. Issues are: - static midfield 3 being marked out of the game - wide players too wide to offer passing options Some solutions: - turn on roaming to create movement - switch AMC to Treq (A) to let him find free space away from his markers; make wide players more defensive to adjust accordingly - switch FB(A) to WB(A) or even CWB(A) to make him carry the ball forward and create space for the center when opposing team comes to press him - don't play with such direct wide player roles, both the IF and Winger will drive at the defense, frequently running into dead ends if play is too direct; try Advanced Playmaker(S) out wide on the side with your FB(A) to offer an extra passing option and win the midfield battle There are more things you can do, but I think you get the point. When you're not able to play on the break, you have to make sure there's movement between the lines when you're in possession.
  7. Look for Overlap shout makes the wingers and fullbacks have closer mentality and has the wingers hold up the ball more. problem solved
  8. Too much stars players

    You're gonna have to play 4231 narrow to even fit those players together, but I doubt the team is going to be very balanced. Your entire midfield is going to be an unbalanced group of technical weak midgets, kind of like Arsenal in real life... Something like RB: Fullback Support CB: Cover CB: Defend LB: Wingback Attack Verrati MC-R: Deep Lying Playmaker Support Romero MC-L: Central Midfielder Defend Sanchez AMC-R: Shadow Striker Attack Ramsey AMC: Attacking Midfielder Support Wilshere AMC-L: Advanced Playmaker Support Falcao STR: Complete Forward Attack I would play either Standard or Counter and give individual instructions to the front 4 to make them Close Down More and have the other 6 keep their shape more. This should be a good enough starting point. Check the stickied guides to make further adjustments.
  9. Use Overlaps, make the pitch as large as possible by playing wider and dropping deeper. Set tempo lower and try to be patient in possession. Ideally, this will draw the defence or at least midfield out and create gaps. Something like a Counter mentality but with lower tempo and retain possession along with the drop deep + width instructions. If they are clattering you and trying to bully you, try to take that into account when selecting your team and avoid picking wussies if possible
  10. I've been thinking about making a similar thread. The straw that broke the camels back for me was a 4-3 loss I just experienced where 6 of the 7 goals scored were from set piece situations or followed directly from set piece situations. It'd like to upload the match along with my post so people can take a look and see what i can do to change my set piece instructions. What's the easiest way to do this as I've never done this before? Upload the goals to youtube?
  11. Distribute to playmaker works really well if you have a playmaker in the DMC strata such as DLP, Regista, or Roaming Playmaker. You will get the Half Back behavior on GK distribution without playing a Half Back
  12. I'm wondering if anyone has worked out good set piece routines or has any advice regarding set pieces. Specifically, I'm playing as Chelsea, and my only tall players on the pitch are generally my Striker, 2 Centerbacks, and a DM. The rest of my players are generally small. Defensive Corners: I tell the 2 CBs to mark tall players, the 2 FBs to stand on near/far posts, a playmaker to stay on the edge of the area, and a winger (hazard) to stay forward. Everyone else is told to go back. This works reasonably well, as the high winger makes the opposing team stay honest and helps to relieve pressure. I do still concede on corners fairly often though given the size of my team. Attacking Corners: Here I have 2 CBs on near/far post, STR on challenge keeper, winger on offer short option, playmaker on lurk on edge of area, a long shot taker on attack ball from deep, DM and both fullbacks always stay back while the rest are told to go into the box. I don't score directly off corners that often, but I find that this setup gives possession back to me quickly more often than not, or sometimes someone will smack in a loose ball from range after a poor clearance.
  13. I have a suggestion for a feature in a patch or in next year's edition. The state of set pieces has bothered me for a while now. In most games you'll see your team repeat the same set piece tactic throughout the whole game, when in reality there should a lot more variety. And once you setup a good set piece tactic, you'll more often than not end up with the ball back in your possession in very dangerous areas repeatedly, leading to easy out balls out wide, leading to more set pieces, etc. In my experience having good set piece instructions leads to too much increased possession of the ball. The issue I think is that the AI doesn't adjust very well to different set piece tactics (and neither do you unless you go in and change your set piece instructions every 30 minutes). If my runner from deep is repeatedly never picked up, you'd be sure a real manager would address this. What I propose to fix this issue is this: Instead of specifying one set piece routine in your tactics screen, either have the ability to specify several and your players will cycle through your preferred routines or simply build in more randomness from the single preferred routine. Then, the Def and Atk set piece match training options would have more obvious effects. Def Set piece makes players mark better etc but also influences how well the defence adjusts to different routines.
  14. Of all people, you signed Townsend??? Yuck lol Looks very similar to the tactic I setup with in my chelsea game, except I have STR as Defensive Forward, AMR as Winger Attack, CM as AP Attack, and a Regista instead of Roaming Playmaker. Emelano picked up Sergi Samper for me in my second season who wasn't even on my radar, but he ended up being perfect for the Regista role. Costa and Schurlle are nuts as Defensive Forwards. Crazy work rate from the both of them.
  15. If this is true, does this mean that overusing shouts usually indicates that you wanted a different mentality to begin with? For example, my control tactic has push higher up, close down more, pass shorter, but lower tempo. Is this basically equivalent to attacking but only with much lower tempo shout?