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  1. atletico madrid is the 4th best team in the world. why do their world class players like godin, griezmann and koke have low attributes relative to other players in other leagues?
  2. for example, the picture above, i have to press continue 5 times just to get through all matches. i want to press continue just 1 time like it was in the old days. all the matches have different start time nowadays. its not practical to holiday every league round, cmon.
  3. youre absolutely right. nowadays games, music, movies etc. is to much BS.
  4. cant it be made so that one continue makes all matches play at the same time? its annoying to press continue many many times every league round.
  5. i have downloaded original base skin. and this file https://www.mediafire.com/?j2lo4yd67o6ygo6 only contains 1 file. where is the second one? i need tactics overview panel match guys....
  6. where do i find the tactics overview panel match file and where do i put it? i have only tactics overview panel in panels.
  7. the tactic screen during match is still the same. how do we fix this?
  8. can someone please release original dark 2016 skin with cm 01/02 tactic board or one of the other manager games cause the new one is HORRIBLE.
  9. it wont start when trying to install. can anyone give me the 5.05 data patch?
  10. my game runs very slow. will it run faster on the SSD?
  11. how do i make so serie a have 7 subs? when i go into editor --> competition --> serie a --> changes --> i get blank screen.
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