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  1. I quite agree. I won 7 leagues and 3 european cups with a team and was 'world class.' After 2 seasons midtable in german second division with dynamo dresden, my rep was down to national! I think it's fair that if someone has ONLY been midtable with a second tier side, they are not considered a legend but once you are a world class manager, your status should remain legendary forever and it should take much longer for your 'career rating' to fall too. I would suggest ratings obscure, local, regional, national, continental, world class and legendary as they have now, with legendary the permanent rating of anyone who has been world class before as player or manager. The legendary status should stick forever and should give you some team talk advantages and advantages in terms of signing players and getting good jobs. Nonetheless, your overall career rating could fall over a 10 year period, so that repeated failures do eventually have an impact while not completely ruining your reputation that was carefully built up! I also think it's absurd that a world class manager can spend a couple of years out of the top flight and become national! my other suggestions would be: 1 team talks should be more quantitative rather than qualitative so the overall effect of the teamtalk is easily understood. 2 for long-term playability, they need to sort out the regens and ensure the quality of players after 15 years is the same as it is in 2009, regardless of how many leagues you run and database size. Otherwise, it's not a viable long-term game. 3 sort out the bugs BEFORE releasing the game. SI will soon lose their cred and lose their market share unless they heed this advice. 4 I think the manager's interaction with fans could be more fun - as you say, after unparalelled success, you should be a legend or icon... the club might offer you a testimonial after 10 years, the club build a statue of you if you've been successful over 20 years and some more fan compliments of the job you are doing - eg providing attacking, pretty football or creating a fanclub for the manager after several league titles or promotions. little touches like that would be fun and certainly more enjoyable than the half-baked press conferences
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