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  1. Not if it doesn't work. Didnd't I mention that the game DOESN'T BLOODY WORK?
  2. another annoyance is the fact I don't find out when shortlisted players are available. Another bug. So I always end up having to pay over the odds for players. I liked the fact before if a player you coveted became available, you could just sneak in and secure the signature. Now you have to pay over the odds or constantly check their avilability.
  3. happy to desist from insulting other posters but I shall continue to tel the truth about SI and its deceptive ways. You can't hurt the feelings of a corporation, you can only damage its reputation. In this case, SI deserves such a fate. Cheers.
  4. Happy or Unhappy with FM 2010?

    You're right. 5-10 secs is about what it sometimes takes. However, it's the fact you don't know if it's clicked that's irritating. Sometimes you leave it and 10 secs later it moves onwards and upwards. Yet other times, you look away for a while and when you return, it didn't click. So you end up staring at the screen, wondering if it's actually worked each time. Or you end up banging on your mouse, tearing your hair out. It's a real fun-killer. Along with the sluggishness of loading up profiles and the jerky match viewer. Those aspects are really things you have to learn to accept to enjoy the game. My biggest gripe with the actual programming is the fact playing a season takes 2 full days, paying for 10-15 h a day. That's twice as long as it needs to be purely due to the sluggishness of the game. It processes matches quite quickly but - for some reason - the computer always seems to be distracted, busily working away at something and that slows it down.
  5. Yeah! I'm happy that club captain steven taylor remains in the side though. I have noticed there's a general lack of quality, affordable Emglish players on fm 2010. That's the excuse Wenger always uses isn't it? Still, it is true! The English regens appear substandard to me.
  6. took me 4 seasons to build that side and won it in season 5. I've son 2 league cups back to back, the premiership and reached the champions' league semis. Not bad for a team who were in the coca cola when i took over. The hardest season by far was the first prem season. Only three of my players were prem quality - yobo, almedia and taylor.
  7. Happy or Unhappy with FM 2010?

    deeply disappointed. bug-ridden, half-finished, slow as hell to play, the unresponsive continue key gives me a headache, crashes constantly. How can anyone be satisfied with a game like this? Sure it has potential but that's meaningless if the game is so irritating and unreliable to play.
  8. I had a similar moment of genius from my regen brazilian striker tony, who has 20 determination and flair. A pplayer passed the ball to him from an indirect free kick 35 yards out and he whacked it in off the underside of the bar with a curling effort. On another occasion we were losing with 5 mins left and he scored 2 to win us the game, one of them involved dribbling past 2 defenders, then - surrounded by 3 defenders - lobbing the keeper from an acute angle to win the game. His form tailed off a little as the season progressed but I only paid 170 k for him, aged 20, now he's worth 7 million at 21 after 15 senior games for newcastle and 17 goals in our championship winning season
  9. I do hope my players are no longer going to voice their disquiet at having a 'manager of your stature!' Took newcastle up from division 1 to the prem and won the league, reaching euro champs league semis in same season. I have also been put on the 'favoured personel' part of the club info screen. Anyone know if it's possible to become an icon or legend? here's my side anyway for those who care: Tony (regen) Zigoni Jo Defederico Zucilini Cattermole Holmes (regen) Taylor © Mathellis Lichev (regen) Ochoa subs: Almeida, Akinfeev, Defour, Yobo, Drenthe, Fleck, Van Der Meulen (regen)
  10. Barry, I'm glad you got the ironic tone! However, I am annoyed. Hence my presence here at 4.27am! I just won the premiership with newcastle after 6 seasons. Took them up to the prem in season 1 and now I'm the champion and made the champions' league semis too! Finally my rating has gone up to world class... let's see if this affects how the team performs for me. By the way, I shall be consulting my lawyer this morning re: trade descriptions act and will seek to petition parliament re: the behaviour of SI, who have demonstrated themselves to be absolute cowards and charlatans.
  11. "A tiny minority of the number of people who own and play the game are complaining" Can you back that up? No, I thought not. I don't believe my experience of FM2010 on a very modern, reasonably high-spec machine is unique, Far from it. You have no idea how many people have such problems. More hot air. Re: legal position. We'll soon find out because if I don't get a refund, I will consider taking matters further. The consumer is to some degree protected under the trade descriptions act from being sold computer software that does not function properly. There is no doubt that there is a good chance of demonstrating a failure on the part of SI, which could then lead on to legal case for compensation for my £29.99 of wasted money. You are a bit of an oddball aren't you? Why are you so defensive of SI? Are you paid by them or just a useful idiot? Cheers mate.
  12. No, I work for myself.
  13. Really upset and fed up

    You're obviously not very bright. That's why you write like a moron. By the way, this would be libel rather than slander because posting on the internet is a form of publishing. Regardless of your inability to use the terms appropriately, I think I'm pretty safe from a libel perspective for pointing out that the game doesn't work. It's something SI have themselves admitted! Do the posters on this forum live under rocks or something? I've never met such a bunch of greasy, obnoxious cretins. Most have been ripped off and all they care about it not hurting SI's feelings - the corporation that has ripped everyone off!
  14. What's with all the haters? What on Earth are you talking about? No one hates anybody, I'm just hacked off that the game is rubbish. I'm packed it back in the box and shall get my refund tomorrow. By season 6, I was waiting 40 secs to load up a profile, the 3d match engine was unwatchable and it took longer to process a day than to play a match in key moments mode. Life is too short. And no, that is not 'awesome' you utter plonker. By the way, why not learn to type like an adult rather than a silly kid spouting Americanisms?