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  1. Kanp, will you release a tactic for FM13 new patch this year?
  2. Anyone have any tactic to recommend now that the patch is out? A tactic which works for mid/weak teams.
  3. Weird it's so good for you AllInAll, because I did not find it very successful the new Home and Away tactic.
  4. First games I tried these two new ones, and got two draws, one at home and one away. But also won 4-1 away against Napoli i my CL-group for example. But I am to afraid to continue with them, so I am back to 4-1-1-2-2. But what if you change that to 4-1-3-2, which means moving offensive wingers to ML and MR. for away games? Do you think it would work MR. H ?
  5. To completely kill the lower league oponent in the first cup round is usually a good sign for a good upcoming season. Now that I'm planning to win the Champions League after 3 succesive Bundesliga titles in a row. 3 Years ago First CL-round after group stage we were defeated by Liverpool, 2 big losses. 2 Years ago in the same round by Real Madrid, but defeated them at home with 5-3. Last year we had 2 tough games with Lyon, but advanced to quarter finals where we in the first game advanced, since we won 5-1 against Milan at home. In the semifinal we was up against Manchester United, which we m
  6. He said a few more hours, so it should be today YBW4. Few hours usually means less than 24 hours.
  7. He might use Utorrent to share something he created to his friends, for example tactic files. As well as he might use Daemon Tools to mount up .iso files he created containing internal programmed programs or any other virtual stuff. So as above says, using those programs is not only for illegal file sharing as they're most common for. Some of us actually do know what they can be used for in a legal way and do use it in that way as well, what they were created for, those programs. Some of us actually do not abuse them to do illegal stuff.
  8. No one ever gets fully developed as a human. Even the best one can learn new ways how to be the best one.
  9. I'm good thank you, how are you? Mr. H. got all my respect and he knows that.
  10. Mr. H, testing it with that many teams is probably not needed I think. Use 3 teams, 1 big, 1 Middle and 1 Low. For example: Bayern Munich Middlesbrough Hearts Then test it for 2 seasons with those teams. Now you have tested it alot already, so you do not need to do this for this tactic. We users can test it for more than one season as well as national team testing. But for future tactics you will release, it's just a recommendation.
  11. I hope you test it for 2 or 3 seasons before you release, so we know if it works for more than 1 season.
  12. Do you mean one of the wingers here? You only use 1 striker. And, how have you been doing against teams with good wingers? Like Messi and Ronaldo for example.
  13. I am also conceding alot with the 4-4-2. where is your 4-5-1? I can only see the 4-4-2 one under the header "FM12 PATCH 12.2 TACTICS (Pre patch tactics in thread)"
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