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  1. So far, I haven't had any issues on any of the versions. All the work you've put into this has been terrific!
  2. I'm trying the latest version now. I went ahead and added Victoria University of Wellington as a playable team, so I can manage my uni's football club.
  3. That's odd. I'm using version 2.66 and it's working just fine on my end, so I don't think it's a problem with the file.
  4. It's definitely a fantastic project, much better than the New Zealand databases I used in the past. I've settled on a serious save on the previous version, since it added the Central Premier League featuring my beloved Wellington United and it's perfectly playable already. This year will be the first time I'll have two serious saves going on at the same time, since I still fully intend to manage a bottom tier New Zealand side once it's all done.
  5. Comprehensive in 3D. I can't detect tactical flaws quickly enough to be able to rely on Extended, so I need to watch more of my games in order to identify patterns and make adjustments. If I don't get to see much of the action, I tend to have no idea what is going on, since my tactical mind isn't sharp enough to draw conclusions from just a couple of highlights.
  6. I really like the way it's coming along! Managing these amateur/semi-pro clubs in New Zealand is a blast, and the more, the merrier. I'm giving the current version a go now. By the way, I was having too much fun and I kind of forgot to mention it, but finances looked fine in my previous save, now I'm testing this one and I'll let you know if any issues arise. In the meantime, what happened to the Central Premier League clubs such as Wellington United? All the Wellington based squads seem to be gone. Is this intentional, or a bug?
  7. I'm having a great time managing in the second tier right now! I messed around a bit in the Handa Premiership when the first version was released, now I'm managing Wellington United in a semi-serious save I'll probably abandon and restart as future versions come out. I'm still in my first season, but I haven't had any problems yet.
  8. I always start out in New Zealand in my saves, so I'm definitely looking forward to this! I'm gonna have some fun managing in the Premiership until it's all done and I can start a proper save further down the pyramid.
  9. Offering them a new contract every single time another team approaches them works, even if you're just offering another non-contract deal. The kicker is that if a player has been playing well, he won't hesitate to ask for a big contract the next time you try to retain him, and then jump ship if you don't have enough left in your tiny wage budget. So, you don't even get a chance to sell him. It's definitely annoying when you're managing a semi-pro club.
  10. You should report this, as it definitely sounds like a bug.
  11. I've fixed it! Apparently, it's the JFL in Japan that is causing trouble. The game must really not like the JFL in general, seeing as this issue isn't exclusive to claassen's league files. It also happens with Foss' Japanese Football Pyramid, as multiple people have reported in his thread in the Editors Hideaway Download Forum. The crash happens right as its new season begins (or the ongoing season ends), precisely on January 20. Disabling this league allowed me to finally proceed through the date without any crashes.
  12. In an attempt to reproduce the crash, I started a new save with the exact same leagues and the exact same set-up as my main save (well, other than the fact I wasn't managing any team while I skipped ahead to the problem date on holiday), but unfortunately, I was able to make it past the date without having the game crash, so I couldn't reproduce it. Should I upload both saves somewhere? I could also do as you suggested, start a vanilla save, holiday past the problem date and perhaps upload that one, too, if necessary. However, I'm really not sure there is an issue with the league files, since I wasn't able to reproduce the crash in the new save. That said, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that there is indeed something wonky in the league files that simply didn't trigger in the new save and will only cause an issue when certain conditions are met, rather than a specific date. That would make it hard to confirm or dismiss a possible issue with the league files, at least on the user's end. Hm...so tricky! I even momentarily got rid of all the logos and tried again, as I thought maybe the game was crashing while trying to load some errant funky logo files that may have gone overlooked by the creator, but that didn't work, either. I still got the same crash.
  13. I have two saves stored and neither passes the date, unfortunately.
  14. The game crashes at the exact same point, on the exact same day (19 Jan 2018 in-game), no matter what I do. I've tried clearing the cache within the game, deleting the Preferences folder and verifying integrity on Steam, to no avail. I've tried performing different actions leading up to the crash and going on holiday just before the crash happens, but that hasn't worked, either. For reference, I'm using claassen's league files and managing in New Zealand, but I personally haven't used the editor and I'm using the default database aside from claassen's files. As for graphics, I'm using FMScout's standard logo pack. I've attached my DxDiag file as well as the latest crash dump. The saved game is too large to be attached, but I will upload it somewhere if necessary. I hope you can help me fix the issue so I can continue to play this save, seeing as I've put some time and effort into it already and I'm halfway through a season. Thank you in advance! FM 2018 v18.1.3.1045020 (2017.12.01 23.11.00).dmp DxDiag.txt
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