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  1. I have downloaded the demo with the intention of seeing if FM15 is as good as I hoped. So far so good, except for one major problem which is stopping me from buying the full version. No matter how low I take the graphics level, or which details I untick, the match engine is jerky and pretty much unwatchable. The last game I had was FM12 which I played for 3 years, the match engine on this worked fine on my pc. I purposely did not buy FM13 or 14 cos I was happy with FM12. I admit my pc is a few years old, but it ran FM12 ok so why shouldn't it run the new game? There was no frame rate option in FM12. Please can someone, especially someone from SI, please advise me on this? I've been playing since Championship Manager Italia came out in the 90's, and I don't want to stop now! Thanks.
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