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  1. Kane and Rashford are English playing in England with a bunch of other England players. Im in Greece, have ONE Argentinian, and bring another one. Im playing 4-4-2 and both players can play in 4 spots of my first eleven. ST, ST, ML, MR. And their best position is Striker for one and AML for the other. It makes no sense. On the other hand i bring a Norwegian player and journalists ask me if there is a chance i bring one more for companionship. The game has so much depth which is perfect, but on the other hand there are so many weird things happening that ruin that depth and realism
  2. Hey guys. I think we need more positive interactions with squad. For example, im on a Greek side, have one Argentinian and transfer another one. Instead of my old one being delighted that i bring a player of his nationality, he is dissapointed that i bring a player that can steal his position. Same thing goes for so many other aspects of interaction. Thanks.
  3. Dont get me wrong. I find topics like Lines n Diamonds for instance, EPIC. But they are to me like trying to graduate proficiency level in my first year of English lesson. I will quote something from this topic The d-line is where they will aim to position either by pushing up if they can or dropping to it. They may play higher or lower as required but will aim for that line. They will do pretty much what you want automatically, if you play a low mentality or drop the line deeper as they won't try to hold a high line and willingly drop deep. The deeper you get the more compact you get, width setting doesn't affect defensive width. You know what? I dont remember reading that simple thing, especially the one in bolds, in any of the guides. (Maybe i missed it because of tones of information in a non native language for me.) An most important and the actuall topic question? I (we) need a guide of the positions every role/duty moves in the pitch.
  4. This thread is Lines and Diamonds for people struggling with English language. So simple and to the point plus some downloadable base formations. Thanks man)
  5. Ö-zil to the Arsenal! i just wanted to thank you man, enjoying reading and implementing your ideas. Cant wait for more of your topics.
  6. Found this : http://pt.slideshare.net/raseslb/a-biblia-de-mourinho-no-fc-porto Baixar means Download. Its probably a book of his Porto tactics. Maybe a Portuguese friend could translate the most important parts
  7. Thats exactly my problem in the game. I dont know how to emulate specific styles. Its not that i want 100% emulation, even with (lets say) 30% i will be happy. The reason i buy this game is to emulate Porto's Mourinho and Markarian's Panathinaikos. Thats the styles i like. We need a guide to this How to translate tackles / pressure / width / passing / defensive line etc. I feel comfortable to distinguish roles and formations, but not team and individual instructions.
  8. Well Real didnt dominate so much, they had 15 shots 3 on target. 9 shots for Atletico 5 on target. They did dominate possesion though but who cares with those stats and result?
  9. My god, what a fantastic defending game for one more time from Simeone's Atletico. Wish i could emulate something like this. Beeing a rock behind, and winning games with lethal touch.
  10. I am not a tactics expert but with Defensive duties full backs and Inside forwards you cant expect from him to contribute more. Maybe you could change him in another support role that has enabled the hold up ball, his strenght is going to be very helpfull. DLFs maybe.
  11. I often have the same exapt problem when trying my own tactics. Thats how low my understanding to the tactics are (mostly because all those brilliant and in depth guides are not in my native language). I feel - without being completely sure its needed or will be more helpfull than the existing guides - that a "roles/duties and their movements" guide, or in generall a guide that focus on roles/duties and what every role/duty does in certain situations will be very helpfull.
  12. Some questions. 1) In a setup like this : -------------F9 IFs------------------------IFa ---------B2B--APa -------------A WBa----CD---CD---------WBs ...is it tactically correct to think that i should use this as my "Defensive/Control" tactic with (Highly) Structured philosophy and a Standard mentality, and use exactly the same formation with generic roles (same duties) for my Attacking one with (Very) Fluid and Control / Attacking mentality? 2) What difference Very Fluid and Very Structured will make in the above formation/roles/duties (same Mentality) in a few words? 3) Is Raumdeuter the most demanding role for a player to be good both foot?
  13. thomit, your formation / roles / instructions makes so many sense to me that i 've tryied it and i really love how it works. IT IS solid (and it makes sense with only one attack duty and two holding midfielders and IT IS a joy to watch (and it makes sense with attacking roles, roaming, no dribbling). I like having three ready formations and make any small alterations in between games, so in that case i want a slow control one and a counter one. Slow control : same formation and roles, lower tempo, retain possesion, play narrower. Counter : AMRLs back to MRLs position + Cut inside PI, WMs roles, Counter / Structured, Work Ball Into Box, Close Down More, Dribble Less, maybe Play Narrower? Are those alterations make sense to you the way i see your tactic makes?
  14. Is it possible somehow to have a 4 man defence and when one of the two full backs bombs forward, the other three make a -as close as possible- traditional back three? For example, WBa - CDx - CDc - FBd (who will be the CDx on the right, maybe with "CD" PIs).
  15. WayneRomney you are Mainz right? Did you change your Defenders? Because they are bad. Jara is slow, Bangert low strength, Balogun low anticipation and positioning, Bell low workrate, Bussman positioning and i dont see any good keeper. All those can be crucial when you look to soak pressure and counter. Except that, your morale should be on Okay and below which needs fixing. I struggled too, but counter WORKS exactly how people say in this topic. Start over, sell crap defenders and midfielders, buy new ones, Full backs which are like quick stoppers plus Wing back attributes, MCs that are Box2Box attribute-wise that can defend well, you should even have in mind that one of your MRLs should also be descent in defence, idealy both. You cant counter well with those players. Your opponent will have most of possesion and at least 7 players must defend very well.
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