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  1. I know the game is about 4-5 months away from being released, but when do we start hearing official word on what sort of new features/advances are in the game?
  2. I'd like to set up a custom league where both the FA and League Cup of a country sends their champion to Europe...is this possible to set up in any way? If its not possible, what pitfalls would I face if I swaped all the teams from one nation with teams from France? I know league reps and TV money would have to be changed...anything else needed to change, or is the idea totally in feasible to begin with? Thanks...
  3. Thanks guys... Sounds like 6GB Ram is plenty...what kind of processor am I looking at if I want to be able to run 8-10 nations versus 15-20 versus 30-35? Thanks again...
  4. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot... As the thread title says, I'm buying a new computer for FM (and OOTP) in the next month... I have heard and seen disputed, that there is a point of diminishing returns for things like RAM and processing speed/cores...is this the case? If getting 16GB of RAM is worth it, I'll do it, but would hate to find out that anything past 6GB is pointless after the fact...same with dual vs quad core...Or anything else that impacts game speed... Thanks for the help, and again, sorry if this is in the wrong spot...
  5. I think anyone who plays this is well aware that there's going to be downtime playing it...and to lift a team from those depths will be well worth it...I'm sort of surprised the games even going that fast to holliday...
  6. This sounds epic...can't wait for it...anyone have any idea the minimum specs for a computer to handle this?
  7. Hi, First off, is it possible to make it so league cups have a Europa League spot granted to it? I'd like to give 2 Europa spots to cup winners... Second, is it possible to make a playoff where 3 plays 4, the winner plays 2 and that winner plays the first seed for the playoffs? Additionally, can this work for cups? Have a few knockout rounds and then do that with the last x number of teams and have that seeded? Third, I know in years past Andorra and San Marino were locked into one Europa spot but could get additionall CL spots...assuming this is still the case, is the only workaround to swap them into other nations like Luxembourg and Farroe Islands?