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  1. FM15 Editor and In-Game Editor Details

    Is possible to edit the starting year? (e.g. beginning in 1970 instead of 2014-15)
  2. Blank database?

    I wish to know if there's any guy/gal with some kind of empty database. For the records: I have FM 14.
  3. Will be available the next?: - Addition / deletion of teams on real-time editor - Creation of fictional universes on pre-game editor, even with custom start date
  4. Custom start year

    How could I?
  5. Custom start year

    Can I change the start year/midyear for an in-game universe, starting in (to say) 1975? And if, how?
  6. Custom starting year?

    Hi, I wish to know if I can edit the starting universe year (apart of date and month for every tournament). If yea, I wish to buy FM12. Thnx!
  7. Oh, and also the feature for editing these universes and also the realistic universes.
  8. That doesn't matters, in the so-named baseball sim, the world is always the same (with African nations, for example, taking account that these nations ara colonized by European nations in the 1800s and the 1st half of 20th century).
  9. Yes, I have a baseball sim named Out of ther Park Baseball, where apart of sim past and present Major League Baseball seasons, it's possible simming fictional leagues @ any contry(ies) in any year from 1871-. And yes, I want for FM 2012 the ability for simming fictional leagues from the 1890s (starting professional football decade) to present and so makin' an alternate football history (ficitonal cups, leagues, international tournaments, clubs, national teams, etc.
  10. I wanna make a fictional universe (starting in late 19th century and ending in contemporary days) for FM 2012, for example. This is an example of the fictional universe which I desire for FM 2012.
  11. I'd like to know how to adjust the year (apart of date) for fictional football universes. And if not possible, why not put fictional universes for FM 2012? (with season choice and another things)
  12. I wish a feature where I can edit the game file, incluiding clubs, leagues, cups, league systems, etc.