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  1. How is there still no update on this? It's been a known issue since November, I purchased in December and it's basically unplayable since every time I get an email, notification or something overlaps the game or the screen times out, I can't press any buttons, lose my progress and have to restart the game. It's mad. I might as well have left £20 on the street for someone to pick up. How do I get a refund please? I'm sure 5-6wks without a response or fix is a reasonable period to wait before requesting my money back.
  2. To add to this, this also happens if you switch apps on the tab A 10.5 - so I can't even check an email or look up a player on the internet without having to restart the whole game. Really frustrating.
  3. Any update on this? Bought this version today and it's a game breaker for me. Spent £20 on top of the full game as being a new parent i don't have as much time to play the full PC version as I'd like...so to not be able to leave my device for a minute because if the screen times out or I have to lock it for a second results in me having to reload the entire game, is mad. I too have a Tab A 10.5, sometimes freezes, sometimes every button is about an inch off but no mention of this when I checked the device was compatible with you when I purchased it...but it's a pretty big issue for a mobi
  4. Purchased this today, unaware of the issue since launch. Steam have taken my £3.99 but as like many others, the in-game editor hasn't appeared in the game - even though when I go to Downloads, it says I have purchased it. Reading back through the forums, if SI knew this was an issue from launch, why are you still letting people purchase it as it sucks to pay for something only to not receive it and find you are joining a queue with many others. How do I report this/get my money back if there is no fix?
  5. Norwich's record transfer received is incorrectly listed as Jacob Murphy to Leicester (see below) this should be James Maddison.
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