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  1. This really happened (to me) when using miscellaneous rounds in basic rules. If you do the automatic rounds then this doesn't happen. To solve this you need to change it to advance rules, and modify several steps in order to the proper clubs enter in their proper round. But to help you more I need more info, like if the cup is national/international.
  2. You need to go to rules, if it is in basic is easy... it's harder in advance, as you need to verify all names in each stage.
  3. If you downloaded it now, and haven't loaded it to your game, the answer is yes, you need to create a new save to apply this weather changes.
  4. I just copy one working "on the month" award and make the changes to the league I want the new award. That's always works. if I try to make one (the monthly award) from scratch putting the same options it never works.
  5. No, sadly, you need to change the club's color in the pre-game editor, kits, home and visitor, (only those you want), then start a new save.
  6. 43? Yes, you can make a cup with that number: 1st round: Enter 22 teams, 11 winners 2nd round: 11 teams from previous round, 5 new teams, 3rd round: 8 teams from previous round, 8 new teams, 4th round: 8 teams from previous round, 8 new teams, 5th round: 8 teams from previous round, 6th round: 4 teams from previous round, 7th round: 2 teams from previous round, (winner) Cup with 143: 1st round: Enter 30 teams, 15 winners 2nd round: 15 teams from previous round, 49 new teams, 3rd round: 32 teams from previous round, 32 new teams,
  7. Yes, it does. Even you can have the two original databases running also, I got three databases like that, and they are running fine.
  8. You can create your own competition, and set that the winners of the national cups, or whatever competition you have in mind compete in there.
  9. Can you check the UEFA Revival thread in the download section? Your idea may be there.
  10. There is not a problem at all, the skin you are using uses the federation logo as the nation logo, so instead of a nation flag is the federation flag... if you wanna change it, you need to go to the config.xlm of the graphics, and do your thing.
  11. Maybe I need to rephrase what I said, the number of extra teams doesn't matter, what matter is the setting in both the league (database) and rules. This is where you need to check if the amount of teams in any division are equal as the setting. But as you are doing a three phase rules, where somewhere there will be lower teams in the division in a set number of years, for example: 2019 - 20 (two promotions, no demotion) 2020 - 18 (two promotions, no demotion) 2021 - 16 (two promotions, two demotions) So, in the competition you must set two numbers, the lower teams that
  12. You just need to make a copy of your new country database, strip the nation rules and create the continental rules (in the new database)
  13. It doesn't matter the number of extra teams, what matters is that you set how many will be promoted in the rules, and the iteration on them. And as you are doing three set of them you need to check everything. Also, as your rules are varying, I do believe you need to set different numbers on the field "lower team for division" (or something like that), in order to prevent the "there is not enough teams for division (X)" when verifying.
  14. No you can't. Regens are "generated" after a save. They are "new" players generated for the game, and are not replicable.
  15. Is because I wanted to make my Invitational a true worldwide cup, but I was refrained to only include european, now I will try to see if I can get more teams from America, Africa and Asia into it
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