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  1. Because you still haven't qualified yet, you and AM have a game, if you lose and AM wins then they will get the second spot. If you draw and AM wins with and make a bigger margin of GD (let's say 7) then they also qualify. It's not a bug.
  2. I don't think you can stop them being sold, moreover if they are in clubs you don't control. The only thing that probably can somehow stop that (players being sold) is to make the league's reputation and the clubs' reputation higher than those that pretend your players.
  3. Only "Players", the staff, player/staff, and officials weren't touched. DB - Empty Database.fmf
  4. Try this trick, if those appears, when ticking realistic transfers do a search (like a filter), then back to the page of the players, tick again realistic transfer, until you get what you want. That sometimes happens to me when searching staff.
  5. When starting the game (FM20), and after placing the files in the editor data (the ones you downloaded), you need to start a new career game, then just under "Database", select the database you want. After that click in "advance setup", and when the game load the databases you used (can be more than one at the same time), you will go to select Poland, and then in the last window before loading entirely the game, you will select the leagues you want to see. I'm using the Poland file by Bigpole (here in this forum)
  6. In all the countries I have created I always restrict the sign of foreign players in the lowest division, with one of two simple rules: a) Match rules: 0 foreign players in match squad, or b) Squad rules: Maximum foreign players in squad is 0. Edit: Just to note, this are made in "basic rules", as in "advance rules" I can't help, as that is another monster :P
  7. You have three ways. a) The most fascinating, and with being so true to the nation, playing a team and raising the coefficients of the club you are going to manage, and hoping the rest of the qualified teams do well, so the nations qualifiers rise to the top 6, more or less. b) Raising the coefficients of the nation in the editor, so they can be in the top 6, but IF, and a big IF, the clubs playing in the three euro competitons are not doing well, the country will fall from it. c) deducting the coefficients of all the countries that are higher than yours, but as they possesses better teams and leagues with better reputations, they will rise again in a matter of years in your save.
  8. Just a question, Excel 2007 is supported? as I have an error running the app: "runtime error 9 subscript out of range"
  9. Thanks for your response. It worth note that is no matter if the first round is a group stage, league or knockout, if the next round is set to enter "new teams" in that stage, it takes teams that lost in previous rounds, sadly I don't have that save, but I saw a team entered in four different rounds in a larger cup (the international one) and teams that suppose to enter in later stages didn't enter the competition.
  10. Hi, did you check your graphic settings in "preference"? It must be set on "medium" or higher in order to show fans in the stands.
  11. You need to check two dates (don't know if you are changing rules in basic or advance rules). The main season dates, and the leagues date, the latter must be shorter than the former, so if you have playoffs is played in those days in between. Let me explain: Main date (for the nation) 01-Aug-2020 to 31-May-2021 League date: 01-Aug-2020 to 31-May-2021 <-- If you have like this, then you must change this particular date lowering the final date, like ending in 15-May-2021; so you are giving some space to those playoffs.
  12. Summary: When selecting Hall of Fame (by nationality) then Dominican's Republic list, the game crashs. When leaving the game fulfill two seasons, and repeating the process I can see the HoF from that nation. Description of Issue: I bought FM since the BETA release and have been testing the game, and waiting for some database that is still in process to start a long-term save. So one of the managers created in BETA won a tittle and thus entered in DR's Hall of Fame list. Now the problem is, after deleting all files, "\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020", the ones in "C:\Users\USUARIO\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020" and all the files in the docs where the saves and other files are (like databases, graphics, etc), thus resetting the game, and downloading the game again (two times), that manager created still appears in the DR's Hall of Fame, when someone is added to that list from any save I'm playing. If by any chance I want to see that particular nationality in the Hall of Fame (DR), the game crashes if I do it in the first two seasons, if I do it after the second season start, then I can see it: Also, the Hall of Fame doesn't appear to be any place in my computer. Edit: I tried to open a new career without any custom database at all, and the game crashed when selecting the DR's Hall of Fame, but if I tried to open another nationality I can see it. Steps to Reproduce: Open a new career. Look at Hall of Fame, nationality, Dominican Republic Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: 1) Save that crash when checking DR's Hall of Fame (Before July 2021 any date): asd df - Unemployed.fm 2) Crash Dump file: FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.06.11 15.28.58).dmp 3) Working Hall of Fame save (after July 2021): asd df - Unemployed 2.fm
  13. Can I reform your suggestion? What instead of deleting the "Hall of Fame", the file is linked to a single save? So, if you have different saves, each one of them has their HoF, if you delete the save, that HoF is deleted too. It's like the league histories, player histories, etc, that are restarted with every new save.
  14. Summary: When creating a club in "basic rules", and using custom rules, then teams that are already knocked out plays again and teams that should play doesn't. Description of Issue: Several teams that took part in any round and are knocked out, then are again grabbed by the competition in later rounds if teams are added in it, this issue is only when selected the "custom rounds", instead of the predefined by the editor: Example: 32 teams are taking part in the cup competition. Round a: 16 teams enters in a knock out round, 8 teams pass to round b Round b: 8 teams from previous round and 8 "new" teams goes to whatever round is, group stage, knockout round, etc. 8 winners pass to round c: In any round that is set to enter new teams, already knocked out teams took a new place in said competition. The first time I saw this was when creating an international friendly competition. 32 teams from 8 nations, and the rounds were like this: Round 1 - KO: 96 teams Round 2 - KO: 48 from previous round, plus 48 new teams. Round 3 - KO: 48 from previous round, plus 48 new teams. Round 4 - KO: 48 from previous round, plus 48 new teams. Round 5 - GP: 48 from previous round, plus 16 new teams, to 16 groups of 4 - two of each qualify to next round Round 4 - KO: 32 teams. Round 4 - KO: 16 teams. Round 4 - KO: 8 teams. Round 4 - KO: 4 teams. Round 4 - KO: 2 teams. When I noticed that several teams from countries that didn't enter the competition, and teams repeating even they lost games in previous rounds (not different season, in the same season) I thought that I made mistakes in the database, so I redone it to include all teams in the first round, and from that then all teams from all countries were selected to take part in it. (I don't have neither the file with this problem or a save test to provide) Then I tried to modify several cups in my fantasy rule database from my country, then decided that the lower cups (not the main) would have different settings (mostly for me to test the editor), then came with the same. A cup with 16 teams: Round 1 - Group Stage: 12 teams in 2 groups of 6, 4 teams advance to next round. Round 2 - KO stage - Quarterfinal: 8 teams, 4 teams from previous round, 4 teams directly to this round. Round 3 - KO stage - Semifinal: 4 teams from previous round. Round 4 - KO stage - Final: 2 teams from previous round. Round 1: Round 2: (with an arrow the teams that shouldn't be there) An example of the team still awaiting for his inclusion (it won't happen this season) Steps to Reproduce: Add Nation Rules. Create a cup rule, (can be also with a continental cup rules) and for the stages use "custom" rounds. Set number of teams to enters in different rounds. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Custom Cup BUG DR League.fmf asd df - Unemployed.fm
  15. Make sure that the second database loads in second place, naming it "1112" or whatever combination of number and letters that will be following that, remember that is not the name of the file in windows, but the name of the database when saving it.
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