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  1. In this folder, if it's not created you must do it, but normally the game creates it. \Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data After that you can select which data you want to affect your new save
  2. I have uploaded a file with the same club for another reason (another bug, or maybe is related) Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Kieran Sonter - London Titans.fm
  3. 07-Mar-2019 Mayhem, Titan's home, would be the scenario for the first match of the month, 2,000 has confirmed their presence in the 2,000 capacity stadium, a full house. Hamton & Richmond is the team that was visiting us in this day, and they were sitting in 21 position, they are trying to get out of the relegation position, that in this year are only two teams. A loss would damage a lot, a win would take them out of it... reveal the picture to see the stats of the match The rest of matches: Reveal the picture to see the top three teams with chances to the tittle Table: Reveal to see the updated table of positions:
  4. 2020-02 Is the VNLS championship is getting closer? In February we got the same trend, tie the first game then won the rest in the league. With the latest results we earned a position in the Playoff, and real options to the championship, as we are just 10 points to get it, that's mean three wins and a draw in the next eight games. And for second month we earned the VNLS HCoM award: Even though our fiances are plummeting down... But even so the Board is satisfied with our progress... The VNLS table as stand now: This is our next schedule for the last 8 games... We still have several hard games against the top of the league, including Bath City, Wealdstone and Braintree... from now the updates will be game by game.
  5. Dominican Republic with at least two running leagues? Will be appreciated
  6. 2020-01 It's a marathon, not a sprint January saw as our unbeaten streak (both club and league) ended as HHT beat us in our own home Adding that we lose in the FA Trophy to Maidenhead United: We got four wins and two loses in this month, and still maintain our distance to the championship hunting pack Sorry, didn't take a screen of the table, but after 31 games we are 13 points ahead Bath City, and five points (combining a win from us and a lose from the 7th position) to classify to the Playoff. Even with the loss we captured the VNLS HCoM award: This month was bad to the finances, we lost money, and now that we are only getting the gate receipts we are going to struggle a little in the rest of the season, that will mean no upgrades, no increase of payroll, no increase of transfer market, no increase of scout budget, anything. But we got a new sponsor that will pay 46.5K for a year, let's see if that improves a little next season. The Board is pleased and still give us an A+ in their monthly performance review And they are happy that we achieve a goal ahead of time, two year earlier, and maybe, maybe they will have to scratch that and make a new one, if, and a big if, we promote to the VNL, and that seems the case: The Curiosity Corner We are going to open a new section, "The Curiosity Corner", this month we are going to show you the twitter post of the month: Are they family??? I know that Alex and Christian are, but Callam???
  7. Then if playing in the IL would get promotion to the premier league? (Gibraltar)
  8. 2019-12 Can we stay in the top? In December continue with our form increasing our new unbeaten streak to 9. And we continue on top, now ahead of Bath by 6 points. Still close, but they failed to get all the points too. But with all of that we just got a second place in the VNLS HCoM award: The finances are looking promising but still low to get any upgrade in the facilities or salaries. The Board is pleased and still give us an A+ The sneak peak of the Youth Intake for next year is not promising at all... we need to start funding the academy if we are going to develop the future of the Titans. As Titans are born, not bought. And lastly but not the least, a news we didn't expect.
  9. Following this... there will be the continental club cup competitions for the Caribbean and North America? Caribbean Club Championship CONCACAF Champions League CONCACAF League Etc.
  10. 2019-11 Back on track. In November we had four official games, three league's and one in the FA Trophy, and we got an unbeaten month again, starting with a draw in the league, then bouncing with three straight wins. But we are still being followed by Bath City, as they got the same run than us and stay only three points down. There was no awards for the manager or any of the players this month... but we received a good news (or bad), the takeover was just a fuss, no real offers on the table, so the president took away the rumor. The finances took a toll as we have more expenses (salaries) than the income (gate receipts). But even with that, the Board renew my contract, extending it for another year.
  11. 2019-10 We are failing October was not a good month to us, first we received the news that one of our starter will miss the following five to six weeks due to an injury. Then we ended our unbeaten season, first with the league, then the FA Cup. And the rumors for the takeover continues... nothing official yet, but we want to put this to an end. We got a good run in our finances due to the FA Cup... but this was the last thing we gonna see of them. We may struggle. And the Board is still giving us the high five with an A+, despise the loses and some bad performances of several players. Almost at the end of the month we received this news: Atributes - Stats He was not a starter, but was our third choice in the front line of attack. We will miss him, or not. But even with our bad month, we climbed to the first spot, with Bath in our tail.
  12. Summary: Created three kits for the club, but they aren't selected in away games Description of Issue: The secondary and third kits are not selected in any games, nor the league away or the cups away games. The only kit selected is the primary kit. Steps to Reproduce: a) Create-a-club b) Edit the kits, adding or not a third one. c) Play the game Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Kieran Sonter - London Titans.fm
  13. 2019-09 Road to the top? September we have mixed results, but we are still unbeaten. We did lost the top spot in the league, and now we are down to third position in the table. As you can see we won our first FA Cup match, and we fulfilled the minimal Board's expectation regarding this competition. In the next round we will face Cheshunt. One of our players got the VNLS Payer of the month, go Neale, go. We earned 82 Euros last month... ... we need monezz But we are in good stance withing the Board, just three concerns, but I don't know why... they wanted me to fight for relegation, and we only draw against other teams. And those two players are being subpar, probably a change to the U23 would benefit them.
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