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  1. Is because I wanted to make my Invitational a true worldwide cup, but I was refrained to only include european, now I will try to see if I can get more teams from America, Africa and Asia into it
  2. Can you post a screen of at least two or three leagues of L2 and L3, with the rules page too? Better at the end of the season.
  3. I saw that you may have problems with the dates: Season End Date (general) 10/11/2019 Season End Date (1st) 3/11/2019 (too close) Season End Date (Tomengi Ligasy) 10/11/19; same date as the general, should be earlier for some fixtures reassignments. And as I see that you have 18 teams that qualify for a promotion play off to set 3 up, then that's your issue, you aren't giving enough time for the end of season, the rest of matches, and the season change. It's odd the rules are being verified, but those short time between the season end (the general) and each division seas
  4. Can you shed up more light in what you want? As far as I know attendance increase slowly depending on your results. Because is also tied to your yearly season tickets, the more you sell, the more people will come to your stadium. Away fans is only those that come with the visitor teams, 40% means they are very popular and yours not, but if you are selling out, you don't need to worry where the fans are coming. If you want to enlarge the stadium based on your attendance, you need to fill out the stadium several times in the year, and also have a positive income/balance so the board star
  5. You need to rebuild the UEFA championships completely: the Champions League, the UEFA League, the UEFA CUP II and the youth leagues.
  6. The Youth Academy level is an England only feature, for all clubs (including English ones) you need to increase also the youth facilities, the training facilities, the youth recruitment and the junior coaching. And if you want to increase any of them you need to ask the board in the Club Vision option. But if you can't improve it or they refuse to ask, it's mean you need to raise more the reputation of your club. Be aware that some club doesn't like (with their vision) to rise up too much the youth, and rely more in buying players. Youth Academy Level will increase the training and you
  7. I made a test, turned back the competition to Basic Rules, the stadium selection works, when set neutral it picks neutral stadiums. When selected the specific one, it selects the specific. The only problem is the teams, the bug hits hard, losing teams are being picked again in later rounds when new teams should, even stating the seeds level. So, I'm back to square one. a) If I use the Basic Rules, I have to set that all teams enter in the first round or some will never take part even in their page shows that they are. The competition picks the stadiums as I wish, when I pick neutr
  8. Not a really "copy" so you select a set of rules and then bum put them in another nation. What you can is mirror (a) any competition league format/rules and create/modify other nation's rule with that. But be aware that some nations' rules are hardcoded, so you can't modify a lot (and I don't know the extension of those hardcoded rules/nations). a) How to mirror a competition's rule: If the nation's rule is the standard, you must see the rules in the game: Open a save with the nations you intend to copy, go to rules, and try to set those rules in the editor with the nation you
  9. For that question you must ask the one who created the database in his/her thread, maybe is a database but (not a game bug), and he/she would look into to see what's the problem.
  10. If you leave it blank then the game will adjust it automatically depending on the CA/PA and the status of your team.
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