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  1. Why awful ? I'm very glad they have retained the traditional name personally. As long as it doesn't actually mean missing out on sponsorship money in the game !
  2. Only played about five games last night. Nothing to report really, he has been fairly quiet and not scored many goals at all, tbh. Again, I think it may be the formation I'm playing. Having said that, I have accidentally had CF on support, and only switched it to attack for my final game last night, so I'll see if that makes a difference going forward
  3. I have signed Aguero in the summer before season two and I'm about five games in to the season. He has been okay so far. I have him playing false nine or complete forward ( he has a ppm of dropping deep anyway ), with Lamela and Sigurdsson as IF's looking to feed off of him and score goals. It suits me having those guys grab a lot of the goals since Aguero has some big bonuses for goal scoring exploits ;-). I'll be playing a session tonight so I'll let you know how he is doing
  4. Obiang could struggle for a game at Juventus Thiago is struggling to find a way in at Bayern on my save, but is obviously a little more attack minded. Axel Witsel has all the necessary tools to suit the Prem Strootman Kondogbia is awesome Florenzi Imbula just some more names off top of my head
  5. Agree about Baines btw, hence why I took him at a lower price than what Shaw is going for. Vidal is obviously a beast. Banega a good cheaper option although he might be getting on a bit in your game now
  6. How about Illeramendi ? Is he getting a game at Madrid ? I'm keeping my eyes on him in my game. Played a lot first season, but not so much in this second season so I'm hoping I can maybe prize him away at a later date if his value drops a bit. He has at least been mildly interested in joining me since the start of the game for some reason.
  7. I've just been using Holtby as an adaptable fill in for Eriksen in the central AP position or Sigurdsson just to his left as an AM. Holtby to me is the kind of player that you keep and use for 3-4 seasons before he has to be naturally weeded out as your younger stars come through and your starting eleven's strength improves with some good signings. He's damn handy but not essential. I'd like to echo Enders early point about Capoue at RB. He's a very handy fill in there if Walker is injured or needs a rest, and Naughton is otherwise busy filling in at LB or being injured himself. A couple of times, Capoue at RB got me through a tough fixture, when the games were coming thick and fast.
  8. @ tbtower I honestly believe there is gelling problems with this squad in the first season. My advice would be to settle on a good tactic early and stick to it as much as possible, while giving a bit of preference to players that can speak English and have had PL experience. Personally, after a poor start I did those things and it all came together. I ended up 3rd and won the FA Cup against Chelsea. Chelsea ran away with the league and only lost 3 domestic games all season. Two of those losses were to me. First season I would..... - play Ade and ease Soldado in - play Sigurdsson who is settled in, has PL experience and is great for taking all your set pieces and corners. Ease in Chadli - play Dembele and Sandro, whilst easing in Paulinho and Capoue The only two signings I gave carte blanche to in terms of going straight in the league team were Lamela and Eriksen @ Enders - using the very similar 4-2-3-1 you have in your OP, Sigurdsson got me 17 assists from the AM (A) position. Nice return
  9. Depending on who else you plan on selling I might take that - will Holtby ever play 30 odd games for you in a season ? He's a very useful player to have, but it could be that he gets more games for you in season 1 than he does going forward and therefore his value may never get quite as high. I did the same with Paulinho - I have plans in place to play other younger players more next year in Paulinho's position so I decided to take the £19.25m from Monaco and run. For that reason I have rejected a similar offer for Holtby because I don't want to rip up my squad too much
  10. Summer transfer window end of season one. I have been very pro active in my dealings, looking to strengthen the starting eleven, drumming up money selling good players who aren't first choice. BUDGET 24M SOLD Paulinho - £19.25m to Monaco Chadli - £9.2m to Atletico Adebayor - £3.2m to Marseille Livermore - £4.4m to Everton Ekotto - £1.5m BOUGHT Baines - £17m Aguero !! - £37m Baines to solidify left back with Rose as his backup. I pushed for Shaw but in the end he was going to cost £25m odd, and Baines with his natural fitness 20 will be good for four + seasons and replaces some of the experience that I sold. Carroll and Bentelab will both be retained in the squad and receive games that were previously played by Paulinho who rotated with Dembele. Man City finished 8th so I was able to court Aguero and unsettle him. Spent my entire transfer budget which is very unlike me but Baines and Aguero is a massive upgrade to my starting team. Aguero to pal up with Lamela. Still awaiting Chadli money so that will comfortably replenish some transfer budget and leave me in the green. Trying to go English in this one so future targets will include the likes of Barkley, Ward Prowse, Ledson etc
  11. Yes I would keep Rose as well. Young, English, good going forward if you play with attacking wing backs. Starts off on a low wage so it'll be a good while before his wages get to a high level. Just finished season 1 with him as my first choice wing back and I plan on selling Ekotto. Long term plan is to buy Shaw and have Rose and Shaw as the options. Also, anybody else trained Naughton up on bullet throws ? Im finding Naughton to be far more useful than in real life. Has a high average rating, can cover either side and his bullet throws have been causing mayhem in the opposition box. After a nightmare run, I won 5 of my last 6 league games including back to back victories over Chelsea And Man Utd inside four days. Finished third
  12. I think a potential of 160 is fair. Of course, the advantage is that you know for sure what his PA is. Having talented youngster that you've bought and are pretty sure they are going to be great is all and well, but you have the little unknown factor that you never actually know their PA's. Bentelab's PA could be even higher than 160 arguably, but I think 160 is a decent level considering you have the advantage of knowing for sure how good hey can become. 96 out of 107 passes completed at the weekend there, 17 more passes then the next player in the PL and only 12 less than Xavi. Looks very promising
  13. Not sure how to turn it off sorry ! Well, my confusing season continues. Sitting comfortably in third and I go on to lose 4 out of 5 matches and am now 5th :-( Squad morale has been low for a while and I can't work out how to fix it..... - signed a new contract - lowered training schedule - praised players playing well - criticised players playing badly - held a team meeting where they all went green, then back to yellow a day later Totally dumbfounded by morale and the ridiculous drop off of form. Six games to play and if I don't win four of them my season will be thrown away with the possibility of my friend as Newcastle sneaking into the top four ahead of me. Gulp.
  14. Keepers never get injured in the past couple of years. Lat year and so far this year, I don't even take a keeper on my bench. Yes, it is a risk, but I have honestly not had an injured keeper during a game for the entirety of of FM13 and FM 14 so far. The chance to take seven options for outfield is obviously a big plus. I am waiting for the day that I will rue it of course, but it hasn't happened yet. Also, I tend to put a keeper in for finals just incase the AI decides to screw me. 26 games into first season, and after my horror start where I was almost sacked, I have gone on a massive run and am now sitting fourth, one point behind Arsenal and with a game in hand. 5th is six points further back. ...........................................Lloris................................................ WalkerCWB(A).....Kaboul CD(D)..VertonghenCD(D)............RoseCWB(A) .........................SandroBWM(D)...DembeleBTBM(S)......................... LamelaIF(S).......................EriksenAP(S)....SigurdssonAM(A)............. .......................................SoldadoP(A).......................................... Control/Fluid Push Up/Look For Overlap/Play Narrower/Retain Possession/Pass Into Space/Be More Expressive/Drill Crosses/Hassle Opponents and sometimes shorter passing depending on certain things. I find that I am using this tactic for every game and only really switching to counter or attack when need be during games, counter for the start of a hard game and just tinkering with a few of the instructions. Nothing major. If a team is scoring a lot of goals down one side when you look at the scout report then I will set the fullback on that side to being more defensive. Due to my bad struggles early on I decided to be very consistent with tactics and try build some momentum up and it worked. You also have a very good back up team that slots in to all these positions apart from one of the fullbacks.... Lloris Naughton Dawson Chiriches/Balanta Rose Capoue Paulinho Townsend/Lennon Holtby Chadli Adebayor is a very decent back up team for cup games. Obviously you can play about a bit from that with some signings or keeping some first teasers in, but the squad depth is absolutely brilliant for when the games come thick and fast. No idea why anyone would keep Defoe and sell Adebayor first season. Adebayor is great to have around as a back up to Soldado incase he is slow to settle, and Defoe is well he is Defoe - limited, small, fond of an offside etc etc. I immediately punted him for 3.5m to Stoke. Plan is to relieve myself of Ade's wages end of season 1 and see what I can get in leaving - Soldado, top level 20-25 year old, Barbosa joining. Surprisingly I am thinking of selling Paulinho end of season 1. He has a high value and there is great depth in his position. I don't have anything against him, and he has played okay for me, but if he can get me £20m + to go and play with I will do it because Sandro/Capoue/Holtby and a returning Carroll are all about. Lastly, I bought the in game editor and bumped up a few of the youngsters. I had the names of four youngsters ( Bentelab, Coulhirst, Winks and Onumah ) that are highly rated in real life put into a hat and a sliding scale - 1 player at 175 PA, 1 at 165, 1 at 150 and 1 at 145. My mate pulled them out of the hat one at a time and inputed one of each PA into each player without me knowing which ones are which. Also gave Carroll a small bump. I dont usually do things like this, but there is a definite issue with the rating of our youngsters and I could easily have done the usual thing of going around the world mining for highly rated kids from far flung corners of the globe, but I didn't want to do that in this game. My remit is to make the squad as English as possible.
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