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  1. Lamour 2 No. low vision jumping and acceleration means his not ideal as a provider, goal scorer or target man. Iturraspe 3 Yes. No obvious weakness. Schuster 2 No. terrible offensively. Kitoko 3 No. Tiny Coward who cant finish. La Rosa 2 Yes. Could be retrained into a good defensive wide mid. Inglese 2 No. Poor with the ball and a bit slow. Rober 1 No. Very poor physically. Geyer 3 No. does nothing defensively and has poor finishing. Alinovi 4 No. Marking 3 and Poor attacking mental stats. Desideri 2 No. Only useful as an AM and his a coward who cant dribble. Grinsven 2 No. Price is too high. Durand 3 Yes. looks like he could become a good poacher or advanced forward. Schmid 0 No. Horrible Marking and Positioning for a defensive player. Harrer 0 No. Poor all round and a coward. Augustin 1 No. Horrible defensively. Barth 3 No. Horrible defensively.
  2. Players age much more naturally now in FM07 they fell off a cliff aged thirty and if they missed a few games it got even worse.
  3. Here are three of the bug report I logged RM\LM low finnishing RB\LB low Crossing and or Dribbling All players low Bravery and or Aggression Two of them were acknowledged issues but there are still clearly problems with all three in the final version of FM14 so are they fixed in FM15 or not?
  4. Only played the demo so don't know if its there already. When setting up a game would it be possible to warn the user if their choice of leagues and database size is going to cause problems with the transfer market. In FM14 you can flood the market with too many players for the leagues you have chosen and never get warned that you're about to do that. It would be nice if you chose the leagues you wanted and then the game suggested a database size for you and explained why it was appropriate.
  5. While you can micro manage training to smooth out odd attribute values you can't rely on the AI to do that for the tens of thousands of players it is controlling. So if regens are being consistently allocated low values for vital attributes it certainly does effect the player. Making it harder to find first team ready players in the transfer market and making the game easier in the long run as AI controlled teams start players the gamer would reject.
  6. I bought FM14 early and did a lot of bug reporting, including odd attribute values of regen players. only now have I finally got a save far enough to see the FM14 regens taking over and I'm a bit disappointed to see that the old problem of unnatural looking players replacing the real ones. It's almost impossible to find at championship level the kind of midfield destroyer who stops the other team playing, although there are plenty of real players like that in 2013/2014 they're all in their thirties now. Has FM 15 improved this area? I haven't seen any threads complaining about the regens does that mean it's finally fixed?
  7. Kwesi Appiah my top scorer four season in row just ended his 23 match goal drought. Hopefully his back to normal and I will pull away from the relegation battle im in.
  8. Just played my first match. Much more realistic looking football being played. Players are now a lot quicker to get tight and put a challenge in and likewise players with the ball are quicker to get rid of it when being closed down. New feigns and step over animations make a stopped and marked player with the ball and his marker look much more realistic instead of walking parallel to one another they now look as if they're both waiting for the other to commit before making their play. There's still no off the ball collisions or jockeying and pushing which leads to players floating through one another which might be the last really weird looking thing in the 3D.
  9. In FM14 there was bug where once the season started all the options "nearby teams, teams of similar size" would become greyed out has that been fixed? it's a real game breaker for me.
  10. I'm going to wait. I have not enjoyed FM14 because a pretty big bug in FMC was not patched. On starting a game reserve teams would be created with no fixtures and once the season started all the create fixture by size or location options would become greyed out leaving you to trail through every team in the country only to be told they were too far away. With out reserve matches it's impossible to get players fit making an already hard game virtually impossible.
  11. Will there be contact between players in FM15 ? The lack of jockeying, pushing and shoving was the most obvious omission from the FM14 ME to my eyes.
  12. As I see it there are four things wrong here that leads to such frustration for users. One that both Gamer and AI can be so certain that a young player will become a top player. This I think is the most important problem users are willing to pay vast sums for youngsters because they don't fear that they will fail to develop. Two AI clubs over value their youth prospects they treat them like they were the finished article. No one wants to go back to clubs selling their youth cheap and allowing the user to hover up all the best wonder kids at the end of the season but clubs shouldn't value a seventeen year old reserve like a twenty seven year old squad player with hundreds of appearances. Thirdly the AI can't structure good deals for it's self. If a smaller club have a youngster with potential they should be looking to strike a deal that gets them his value or more now and some part of his expected value if he does develop into a top player. Something like 4-5 times current value plus clauses so they get 75% of expected value if he makes it. Fourthly AI boards don't veto it when users try to bid ludicrous amounts for youth players with little or no first team football.
  13. I got FM14 near launch in the knowledge that I could give something back by bug reporting, but when the last patch rolled round and I found that FMC was still affected by random bugs making reserve teams unusable I lost heart. This time I'm going to wait until I read that FMC works.
  14. I think its just the value for each foot, one foot has to be 20 the other can be between 1 and 20. 20 and 1 is right only. 20-20 is either. Where the cut off values are I don't know but you could easily find out with the editor. Personally I would like all the PPMs related to being one footed were generated automatically for players whose weaker foot has a value of 6 or less. It would look a lot more realistic if one footed players lost possession or slowed down attacks trying to get the ball onto there stronger foot rather than loosing it by giving it away with terrible passes or shoots off their weaker foot.
  15. Great and now after uninstalling and reinstalling FM I still have the same problem except now I can't create first team friendlys at all the buttons there but it does nothing.
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