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  1. Then I'm damned if I know but you should update your drivers anyway...
  2. Update your graphics card drivers. That might help.
  3. Wild guess is because Costa Rica is a lot easier to pronounce than Cote D'Ivoire...why isn't Rio de Janeiro called "River of January" by the English?
  4. Extremly dissapointed with patch

    He wouldn't be able to spot a major problem, even if he tried. His main worry is that goal flashing thingy on the commantry!
  5. Extremly dissapointed with patch

    Your mommy must have helped you with that one...
  6. Extremly dissapointed with patch

    LOL ... dissloud ... oh yeah that iPod, again....
  7. Extremly dissapointed with patch

    Why do you need to see the word goal flashing in the commentary, anyway? Don't you watch the game? Do you also need to see the word GOAL!!!! flashing on the big screen, when you go watch a live game, IRL, in order to realise a goal has been scored?
  8. This game cheats!

    Human players cheat all the time in various ways, but you don't see the AI coming on these forums complaining that human players are cheaters, do you? Work on your tactics properly, as said, and you will be OK. The AI may be very smart and persistant, but it ain't a cheater, believe you me.
  9. Extremly dissapointed with patch

    And is this why the patch is so bad? And what's a commantry??:confused:
  10. I don't think loading a league that starts in February/March and using that start date for your game is a solution since all leagues in Europe would have started in July/August'09 as per usual, but, with the January'10 transferred players already in their new clubs, i.e. Sol Campbell would be at Arsenal from the start of the season.Maybe some of you guys didn't quite understand what I meant. I wasn't looking for advice or suggestions. I KNOW I can start a Patch 10.3 save using either the default DB, the DB2 or the DB3. I definitely couldn't do without DB2 (at least) because that fixed a serious bug that prevented the South African Leagues from loading in 2010/11 season. I basically wanted to know how many of you FM'ers start new saves, now or in the past, using the January transfers updated database, eventhough the new game would not be realistic in terms of correct squads at the start of the season, and if that bothers you or not. And if not, why not?
  11. Eventhough I have started a new save using the latest database (DB3) update which includes the January'10 transfers, I feel the game will not be realistic because of the simple fact that the players that were transferred in January'10 were not available at their respective new clubs in July/August'09, in real life. Your views, please.
  12. wath do you do?

    Elephant hunter.
  13. Fun or realism?

    REAL Managers have FUN, don't they? Anyway, define fun...
  14. And what does that make you? A helicopter pilot?
  15. Statues.

    It's not in the game. Maybe next year. What you want a statue for, anyway? You think you C. Ronaldo?