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  1. sorry, i just noticed that someone else had made the comment bout the key passes, i appologise
  2. @Maldini35 first off, Kily Gonzales from above didnt get 1 key pass, his replacement, Arcuna only got 2 aswell im not after killer passes but just domination from passes, as my team are normally underdogs i think its good to have domination, ive recently shifted my tactics around seeing to have better passes. deep-lying playmaker - Box to box midfielder - Advanced playmaker (desired targetman ) now ive noticed he averages about 60 passes a game, also i dont quite know how to upload watchable PKMS so i can tell you that the DL/R do stay back but they offer the wide option, the recent game ive watched all they have done is got the ball, passed it either to a player in the centre more upfront, or just back to the guy who gave the pass, i think theyre being used to draw players in and make space im not too sure also my DM has short passing and ive just mimiked Cleons 'direct, short, mixed, short' tactic, but maybe i should have 'direct, short, short, direct' because the full backs then can have judgement on their own passing, with all of them having no to thru balls but thanks for all the advice too, much appreciated
  3. Hey guys, just the update im running out of ideas now this is my latest game http://img525.imageshack.us/f/passcomp.jpg/ Drazen is the GK, not Liam as you can see, Carl borg got the highest amount of passes with 61, but almost up his backside was the DR (liam Galea) and the DL (Gordon Formosa) who got 45 and 35 Now im thinking that is a pretty high number for the DL and DR also i dont think the DMs amount of posession can be helped coz its deep within the middle of the park but for the DL and DR i do need help, this is my setting for my DR (viewing) and my DL has the exact same slider options. http://img814.imageshack.us/f/drtactics.jpg/ and these are the tactics that are used with it http://img804.imageshack.us/f/tactics.jpg/ i know im probably getting on all your nerves about keeping on asking and i do very much apologise for that, but im tryna get this spot on and from what ive read i cant get it right. from the DR and team settings above would anyone be able to tell me if ive set a setting wrong and what could be changed for the amount of passes that the DR and DL recieves may seem a bit silly but the more my DR and DL get the ball, then thats less balls then the playmaker in my team could have recieved, (being Borg with 61 from above) if it helps these are my teams passing styles Defenders: 1 Notch on Direct DM(anchor man): 1 Notch right on mixed MCL and MCR: one notch on short MCC playmaker: middle on mixed Thanks soo much for the help all you guys have already given me and i do appreciate the help
  4. Cheers for the up's on that one man, ive set it but the update from that is my DL gets just enough balls as my playmaker, my DR gets a little less, and also my DM gets near to playmakers too, ive done all the very defencive, wide play, run from deep rarely on the DL/R but i have no idea why my DM gets it if anyone has an idea that my DM wont get as many balls and maybe just stand by while a DC passes to my playmaker, coz when my DM gets another ball, my playmaker doesnt at the mo i have him just as an Defensive midfielder, and i may try him as an anchor man to see if that nulifies the effect Thanks for all the help dudes
  5. Hey again, ive noticed a little problem, that one where my playmaker got 80 odd passes was a one off it seems that my DR (peter Mizzi from above) is getting quite alot of balls and nothing i do will stop him from recieving and passing soo many times it seems that the deep lying playmaker isnt getting much of the ball either, gelling in with all the other team on passes, what can i do to make him stand out more? ive got him as my playmaker and targetman and still isnt shining out Thanks
  6. http://j.imagehost.org/view/0697/PAssing_completion was my first game with the alterations Carl borg was the designated deep lying playmaker oddly my DM, Caruana got more as a normal DM and peter mizzi kept up too, with a ball wining mid gunna try a few more games and let you know
  7. Hey guys for FM10 i seem to do alright but for FML its a diffo story, got maltese youth, youth can be bad, but maltese is an annogram for disaster Just treat it like its FM10 just so you dont have to put extra going 'but if it doesnt work in fml' coz at the end of the day ima test it either way and it seems to be good it may not work but the playmaker settings for passing seemed to work for one half of a game so im going to further it and hope it works my formation is: -----------------GK-------------- Control Strategy ----DR-----DC----DC-----DL-- More Fluid ----------------DM-------------- Narrow --------MC----MC----MC--------- Quick Tempo (in testing, slow suits better at the moment) ----------------------------------- Def line: normal -------------FC---FC----------- and my whole team was set on Direct passing, but now what ive done is DR/L on Direct, DC's on short, DM on mixed, MCC on direct, MCL/CR on varied, FC's on direct for the MC playmaker he is a advanced playmaker with the same settings as yours: mixed passing, thru balls sometimes, run with ball no, run from deep sometimes* long shots no *would it be better to have him set to rarely, that his arrow will then point to a DMC and also would he be better suited as a Deep-lying playmaker rather than a Advanced playmaker, from your experience? Thanks Luke