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  1. A bit of stats from my game about Pato. He has 16 goals, 19 assists in 32 matches in the Serie A. Milan do play with one striker tactic though (4-2-3-1).
  2. How does this work?

    Counter attack means get the ball forward as soon as possible when retrieving possession. Whether it's effective when your opponent sit on the goal-line it's another question.
  3. Set Pieces?

    Well, set-pieces training improve set-piece attributes and crossing. Not the entire team set-pieces. If you want to score more from corners try this guide - http://fmtc.wordpress.com/2009/11/20/how-to-attack-from-corners/
  4. Why is it hard to sign an Ass Man?

    Next to the MOT column there is a TACT column in the mental attributes. Maybe your screen is too narrow or you play in window mode so you can't see it. It's there though.
  5. Do my stats affect player development?

    The answer is No. Those stats are irrelevant to training. They're simple representations of how you work. For example: If you constantly change formations from game to game your tactical consistency attribute will drop.
  6. Conceding penalties

    You're right. But then, it's a PNG. file and they usually weight a lot more than a JPEG. Then he uploads his image and users with low-speed connection have to wait like 10-20 seconds for the page to load.
  7. I only concede Free Kicks

    Maybe your goalkeeper shot-stopping ability is bad. 1) Add 1-2 players to the wall (if you concede from DFK) 2) Drop the tackling to easy when you see your team is making too many fouls. If it's a specific player, drop his tackling to easy or reduce his closing down 2-3 notches.
  8. Do you play those competitions in full details? Otherwise the game relies heavily on reputation.
  9. Conceding penalties

    Who's the player that making all the fuzz with the penalties? Btw, to take a screenshot in FM click on Print Screen - then go to a graphic editor, something simple like 'Paint' will do. Press CTRL+V (paste). Save the file - I recommend JPEG as a file type. Then upload it to image hosting service such as imageshack or paintbucket. They'll give you a URL which you can post between [img][/img] tags.
  10. leadership vital in 2010??

    How anyone measure leadership in FM10? Influence? Determination? Personality? Logically you're right though, in low levels where technique and skill are somewhat insignificant it's a question of team work under the right leadership. This requires further testing!
  11. How do I prevent players leaving my club?

    1. Don't reject offers - this will usually cause the player to be unhappy with the manager. Instead negotiate for a high selling price that even Real Madrid won't bother. i.e. if someone offers you 10M, don't reject, set the price to 50M + clauses. They'll withdraw the offer. 2. Loan the player for a fee - Ask clubs to pay for the loan a fee in addition to his salary. Make sure there is no future selling fee agreed. After a season or two he'll either rot on the bench of Man U and want to go back or his price will go up to the point Barcelona would beg for him.
  12. How to prevent counter attack ???

    I found that dropping your defensive line few notches to deep, and playing counter-attacking (even if you're better team) drastically drops opponent counter-attacking opportunities. Placing a DMC will also help. You can read here few more methods: http://fmtc.wordpress.com/2009/11/20/how-to-prevent-a-counter-attack/