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    I am a person who is interested in things. I also find it hilarious that where I live is a censored word.

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    **** Kok, Hong Kong


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    Football, Video Games, Creative Writing, D&D

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    Man U/Cardiff/Fiorentina
  1. I'm in the exact same boat. Last year I ended up having to get the boxed copy shipped to me from UK. =(
  2. When Fergie Retires...

    Mike Phelan for me.
  3. I meant in this game. It says he has one.
  4. Didn't Lawrex win an Int MoM in season 3?
  5. Edoardo Lorenzo - Italy
  6. First Name: Edoardo Second Name: Lorenzo Nationality: Italian Position: ML 2nd Position: MC 2 PPM: Arrives Late in Area, Tries First Time Shots 3 Attributes at 20: Creativity, Crossing, Long Shots Height: 5' 10 Weight: 14 stone Preferred Foot: Left
  7. Ooh, new formation. Judging by my Lorenzo's assits he has become playmaker extraordinaire.
  8. That Canadian, Lumley, looks pretty good on the flight flank. Looks like Tromsdalen are turning into the Man Utd of Norway with their wing play.
  9. woo. Flying high in 3rd!
  10. Not cool. =( I don't have enough time to play FM, that's why I like these sign-ups, and personally TM, I think yours are some of the best around.
  11. Lorenzo seems to be developing nicely. Any idea which flank he tends to play on?
  12. Relegation. ;_; At least I'm getting personal glory, but I'd rather the team do well.
  13. Aw. Lorenzo still hoping for a move to Fiorentina.
  14. Wow... Important Matches of 2? Lorenzo is screwed. ._.