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  1. I have a question Devloping 17-23 age? 1st choise 24-29 age? veteran 30-....? what would be the schedule for fabregas (22 age), Aguero (21 Age) ?
  2. goalsstorm

    What is the version that you are using?Can u re-upload for me?Thank http://www.filefront.com/16827125/goalstorm-tactic-V3-Everton-Dec-2010.tac/
  3. goalsstorm

    I prefer to play Fabregas CM
  4. goalsstorm

    Fabregas play center mid
  5. goalsstorm

    Fantatics results
  6. goalsstorm

    Great tactic (v3) Champions: FA Cup, Cup League, Premier League and Champions League Final Champions league
  7. upload please sorry my English the google