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  1. This file looks really interesting. Any idea when 2.4 will be released? I'm playing a decent save, but looking for something else to try.
  2. Great to see you doing another update on FM19!!! I know it's probably not the biggest priority, but I can't wait for you to update USA and Canada (which has a new league, the Canadian Premier League!) Merci!
  3. We've spoken on Twitter before. I think I tweeted you yesterday
  4. I was wondering if anyone was planning on creating a database that activates the Canadian Premier League and USL in North America. They would be good additions to MLS. Thanks!
  5. Do this mean you plan on recreating something similar?
  6. Kenco, your 2012 league was the first editor file I ever played. It was great!
  7. What are your plans for Canada? There is a new league starting in 2019, the Canadian Premier League. Some people have created files for it. Merci!
  8. I just saw this tweet: https://twitter.com/fmscout/status/933327526545502209/photo/1 Do players playing in view-only leagues develop normally as a player would in a playable league? If I loan a player to a team in a view-only league will he develop at the same rate as he would in a playable league? I would like to know because making every league view-only would allow a greater number of players to be available. Thanks! Shawn Montreal, Canada
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