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  1. Can I play away? No the girlfriend would find out and kill me
  2. The idea is that the higher salary makes you more likely to not be sacked.
  3. God yes, I had 8 on my injury list at Everton at the same time, with 7 of them being midfielders. Right pain in the neck with a CL knock out game against napoli and 10 games to go in the PL with me fighting for the title... could have sworn blind the game was trying to stuff me.
  4. Don't know if I'll be told off for this, so apologies if I would be.. but you can still play a lot of the old games on this site: http://www.vizzed.com/playonlinegames/
  5. It does. The ref should only be adding time for actual stoppages though, not just because one team's attacking.
  6. Game should end once the time's up regardless sc503. Not a referee's job to add time on because there's an attack on. The only exception in the laws is for a penalty where time should be added on.
  7. United wouldn't though, especially under the Glazers. They need the cash.
  8. Didn't that happen in a major World Cup game Kriss? English referee I think in Brazil v Italy or something?
  9. Just lost an FA cup final with Championship Middlesbrough after my keeper decided to return the ball to the opposition for a free kick on the half way line. Of course he was then somewhere near the D when they took the direct free kick straight over his head for a 50 yarder. Yeh that was nice...
  10. God no it's not dead. Battered Barcelona 4-0 with a 4-4-2 in the CL QF, then next season smacked Chelsea for 6 and Newcastle for 5. That's as Man Utd with a balanced and standard set up. You just need someone set to win the ball in the midfield and another to link midfield to attack as an advanced playmaker. Job done.
  11. Silly thing is, I'm playing as Man United (my default to get to grips with each version) and a basic 4-4-2 had me in the first season win the league and League Cup, and get to the final in the CL and FA cup. That involved a 4-0 win over Barcelona in the QF. Nothing fancy, only purchases were Baines and Barkley and I didn't touch the sliders at all. In fact I defaulted to a standard (rather than control/attacking) and balanced (rather than fluid/rigid) style too. I actually think people are tending to over-think the engine and trying to do too much.
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