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  1. every time i am taken to the headlines screen my eyes bleed...far too many and too bright colors
  2. when getting a team report on an opponent i am unable to find the squad depth report, has this feature been removed?
  3. So far my thoughts: - Match engine and player animation looking really improved - UI looks good in general but the sidebar has too much blank space to my liking and the biggest let down is the tactics screen with the player roles on the left side rather than on the pitch. Hope SI can make some changes before the full game goes live.
  4. I have checked the FM11 manual and THE ANSWER was exactly the same back then and it turned out it didn't ring true when actually tested. Why should we believe that now it is? Really, should we all understand what the Physios do with just a couple vague lines of text? As the OP says, do the other attributes like Determination, Man Management or even Reputation affect the Physio in any way? What about part-time teams, do we still need those 3 physios?
  5. Well, i don't see how that confirms points 3,4,5. This http://www.thedugout.net/content/articles/item,101,9,1,The_Physiotherapist.html is from FM11 which suggests that at least back then it didn't really matter how many physios you employed.
  6. Has this been confirmed by SI or by any kind of empirical evidence?
  7. assitant coach is worried about match preparation...so repetitive and pointless until your tactics are fully trained
  8. that's the perfect excuse i needed to purchase the game thanks Ackter!
  9. have the corners and free kicks issues been fixed/tuned for fm13? it is a bit unrealistic how many goals are scored from corners and indirect fk and how few come from direct fk imo
  10. you go to the Australian league, right click on it and select Subscribe
  11. If I leave my PC on with the Steam program running will it update automatically when it is out or will I need to click play in order to get the update?
  12. Following the scouting thematic I'd like to see a thread about how to use the Next Opposition scout report effectively.
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